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Abandoned Elevator Shaft
First Street. Abandoned area behind their building facing Houston Street right at the north edge of the Lower East Side in Manhattan.
New York, NY 10001

County: Queens County
GPS: 40.7536854, -73.9991637
WebSite: evidenceofsuperheroes.wordpress.com/2009/08/27/sec...


secret hideout located, potential danger detected

Some curious citizens living on First Street called in to report strange noises coming from the abandoned area behind their building facing Houston Street right at the north edge of the Lower East Side in Manhattan. We sent someone along to investigate. The findings were inconclusive but the circumstances of the investigation were startling.

After several nights of watching and listening, our agent on the scene observed a figure draped in black descend through the doors, but never saw anyone leave. The entrance is this abandoned elevator shaft and the contents and details of what lies beneath are still unknown.

When our agent tried to pull out his camera as the figure appeared, he was immediately approached by a woman wearing a form-fitting gray suit with long braided hair who told him in a serious and, as he describes, terrifying tone unusually low and manly for her appearance, “Leave now and do not return.” He described her eyes as orange with catlike, elongated pupils and went with his instinct to retreat. He looked away for an instant and, without seeing where or how she went, he turned his eyes back and she was gone. Our operative has not returned to the scene and still refuses to leave headquarters after dark.

Disclosing this information was a hard decision in terms of his and our collective safety at EOS, but I felt the information needed to be posted. These pictures were taken the day before our agent was approached by the mysterious woman, before seeing the figure go through the doors. 

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