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Goshen Cemetery
Eustace, TX 75124


According to local legend, Goshen Cemetery was founded when a cowboy died working on a nearby ranch, and houses several unmarked graves before the first documented burial in 1869. I was told by a local that most of the unmarked graves were filled with men who died in war and women and children who died of an outbreak of some illness. A few years back, I went there with my family for my first 'grown up' Halloween, since the cemetery is rumored to be one of the most haunted sites in Texas. We were only there for a few minutes (my aunt's friend got scared and made us leave), but while there, I personally felt the presence of spirits, heard the voices of several different people (some children), and we saw several orbs. Since it was around midnight on Halloween night and unseasonably chilly (for Texas, anyway), I'm not sure if it really got colder or I was just cold anyway, but there is definitely some ghost activity there. 

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Last updated on : 6/12/2012

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