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Railroad tracks
Fayetteville, Nc 28311

County: Cumberland County
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There is this ghost that has been there since 1700's, .its called the Vander Light. Its a ghost that got killed when was on a train and he went out on the train to smoke a cigarette and the train slammed on brakes and he fell off and it cut his head off and ever since that every time you go down to the railroad tracks there is a lantern and its a ghost looking for his head and if you walk up the tracks and try to get close to it will disappear and when you turn around its behind you again.

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Not Fayettville, but Vander. Little Town about 20—30 mins away. My friend and i went out there one night, and much to our suprise, encountered quite a few drunk hillbillies that say to have lived by the tracks most of their lives. They told us of a light that moves down the tracks on (cliche coming...) mainly rainy nights(the kind of night the Vander Light Person died), and full moon nights...anywhere from midnight to 0200 in the morning. It`s actually a big story in their little community, to include a Cafe named "The Vander Light". Worth checking out in my opinion...even though the night we went nothing happened. Oh, and i happen to have some pics from the area! When my friend and i looked at them we see something wierd, like a bony outline. At first we believed it to be the real deal, but the more i look at it, the more it looks like it could be fauna reflecting the flash. But hey, cool pics none the less, check out my blog on my myspace, www.myspace.com/pfcwasted

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Yes, I remember someone I was going to school with about that, they were from Fayetteville and remember that situation, they also had cousins in the actual town it happened in

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The anonymous visitor posted after pfcwasted is mine I actually forget to log backin

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I live in Fayetteville and some friends of mine who are native here told our circle of friends about this some 6 years ago. We spent the better part of a night out there and as our group of 8 started to spread out farther apart some of us did claim to see a strange light back toward the road where we had parked (myself included). Not sure what it was (I am a skeptic.) but we did, in fact, see something. :) I had forgotten about that little adventure.




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