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Lincoln Academy
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Lincoln Academy used to be a all girls school one night a gang of boys took a girl who went to school there tied her up to a oak tree, then raped and disemboweled her. some say if you go there do not stop on the bridge because your car will turn off and not start. Plus reports of a presence felt late at night and smoke going in a left and right direction instead of a up motion.


UPDATE: The old Lincoln Academy has in fact been torn down. All that is left of the school is the foundation, how ever the tree in question is still there.

Here is an article about the true events involving the murder:

"According to historical newspaper accounts, the body of Kathleen Smiley was found tied to a tree near the abandoned Lincoln Academy, by a local citizen. The date was April 21, 1974 at approximately 7:00pm. Later after the body was removed Rural Police returned, (because of a report of a burning vehicle at the scene of the crime) and found Miss Smiley`s red Volkswagen burning 75 ft from where her body was found. I will not go into details of how Miss Smiley was killed because I believe that would somehow diminish her story.

The Gaston Rural Police reconstructed the events leading up to Miss Smiley`s death. They believe that after meeting with her father at a Denny`s Restaurant on I85 in Atlanta she called her mother and reported being low on gas, but would be home soon. That was around 10:00am on April 21,1974. At approximately 10:30am they believe her car ran out of gas. This is where the two male suspects enter the picture. It is stated that they offered to help her, and here is where the story gets into gray areas. Police believe that the two men rode with Miss Smiley to Gastonia approximately 200 miles from Atlanta whether by force at this point or not no one seems to know (in a later account it is stated that they were charged with interstate kidnapping as well as first degree murder). What is known is that the red Volkswagen was seen in Bessemer City NC at 6:25pm driven by two men. The young girl was not seen in the vehicle at that time."

The full story behind the events of the Lincoln Academy murder can be found at this web address: http://www.ncparanormal.com/pages/48/index.htm

Thank you to promageddon for the updates on this article.

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Last Seen: 10/17/2013 9:03:50 AM  
Last night, myself and two other people went looking for the school, and unless it's down a very dark dirt road off of the main road, I'm not sure it's still there unless we just went to the wrong place. If anyone knows the address or could tell me how to get there I would appreciate it greatly.

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my teacher taught one of the boys that killed the girl at lincoln academy and ive been there several times to see what it was all about. my teacher told us the REAL story of what all happened. it wasn't a gang of boys in was only two boys. one got the death penalty(william the one my teacher taught) and the other only got life in prison for ratting out william. the two boys were high one night and they stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom, so did smiley(the girl) and the two boys seen her and kidnapped her. she was on her way back to the school in which she did attend. the raped her than tied her to the tree raped her again and killed her. my teacher was there when william got gassed and died. he told her smileys parents told william they forgave him and no one else deserved to die, not even himself, but william told them that he couldnt forgive himself and he wanted to die, he was actually happy that he was going to die. my teacher prayed with him and talked with him before the gassing.my teacher told us that williams parents wouldnt even come to talk with him so he asked my teacher to. he told us that they tied william to the floor in a little room, and closed the door, letting the gas seek in throw the floor, william struggled to get up, than he took a deep breath and in 15 seconds.... he was gone.. he didnt blame being high on anything, he knew exactly what he was doing and he regretted it. 'his friend' should have got the death penalty too, that wasnt fair, they both raped smiley and killed her... thats the TRUE story of the whole lincoln academy thing... Now for the haunting, i believe in the haunting. It's true Lincoln Academy is haunted, but ONLY if you go there at 12am-3:00am... I've been there alot even when the school was still there.. when you start to walk down the little road leading to the grave yard to the corner you will see the tree that they tied Smiley too, and if  you look close enough on the tree, you will see marks from the barwired, and stains of blood.  alot of creep stuff happens around the tree, if you stay there long enough you can acually start to picture the rap and killing. the wind blows alot down there and it gets really chilly. when you walk through the grave yard more stuff happens, you can hear voices, and someone saying help. but what is a lie.. if you stop the car on the little bridge and take the keys out and then put them back in your car will start, they only BRIDGE that it doesnt start back on that is haunted that i know of is CRY BABY BRIDGE.

this is the true facts, now people get your facts straight. i know the teacher that taught william. yall dont know anything.





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Last Seen: 3/1/2011 4:15:59 PM  
yeah you went to the right place the school is gone and they was going to start building houses but they never finished doing idk if they really even started.

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I have to disagree on the comments on the Smiley case. I have lived in Gaston County My whole life She didnt go to lincoln Acadamy. She was traveling from a breakfast with her Father whn she lft him, she headed home and thats whn she ran into those to guys an anyone who followed the story knws that neither guy was named William. The things they did to her was cruel and Satanic. Animals arent treated that cruel anyway both guys died in prison one of AIDS the other or natural causes. I work right down the rd from where it all took place its not on a dirt rd its right on Lincoln Acadamy Rd. Let the Young Lady Rest In Peace. God Bless Her Family.

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Last Seen: 10/16/2012 9:36:36 PM  
 the school is gone,only thing that remains is the tree and the graveyard!!

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The real interesting stuff at Lincoln Academy is in a cemetary near the school across the road. NCCPO will be in the area Halloween Night and into the morning hours. For contact info, check my profile.

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Last Seen: 10/26/2008 7:13:24 PM  
Blast it. The AnonymousVisitor. Yeah, that`s NCCPOWeston. Check my profile for the stuff that you need, please. D: Sorry.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:07:45 PM  
Yes, The last time that fellow NCCPO member Weston and myself went, the cemetary is where some odd stuff went down. We`ll be checking into it more later on tonight. Weston, myself, or perhaps another member will post anything we find...images, audio, or whatever.


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We`ll be leaving out shortly, so if anyone`d like to attend or meet up with us, please call Weston.

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Last Seen: 10/14/2008 4:22:18 PM  
Okay, lame...I posted the above.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:07:45 PM  
I`ll let either Josh or Weston post the meat of the stuff that went down earlier on this morning(2AM-5AM, I`d say), but I will say when we first pulled up to Lincoln Academy, I had this really awkward, upset feeling wash over me. It wasn`t really near the tree where the girl was killed, but more so near the graveyard area that was mentioned in previous comments. As soon as we pulled off from the area, I still felt really weird, and strange, yes, but way less so. But yes, there is alot to say about our many stops tonight, but I`ll let NCCPO member`s Josh or Weston post their experiences.

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Some of the info about the Lincoln Academy is incorrect. It was a prominent historically black school in its time. It was closed down long before the killing of Mrs. Smiley there so she obviously wasn`t a student of the Lincoln Academy. Growing up in the area I have heard many stories surrounding the Lincoln academy, but I think it is important to separate fact from fiction. The murder that occurred there has caused a lot of people to forget that the Lincoln academy was a prominent black school during a time when many african americans were denied any formal education.

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yes i have been there when the school was still standing. Me two of my brothers and two friends come up the road to the academy and a tree fell in front of us. We got out to move the tree and it disapered. then proceeded up to the school and the yellow bus parked to the left of the building.We had seen a bodily figure appeared behind the steering wheel.Parked got out and walked to the school bus and the figure had disapered. Proceded to the school,came in the bottom floor walked around for 30 mins or so heard wicked voices talking. Went upto the second floor about fifty paces and my friend george fell through the floor that told me time to go.And he is right the school was closed down before the killing.

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That would be Cry baby bridge yall are talking about right?

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Last Seen: 10/26/2008 7:13:24 PM  
No, not crybaby bridge. Lincoln Academy. Take 29 74 and then turn like you're going to the golf course. There's a really narrow side road that goes along 29 74. Drive up a little ways and you'll see Lincoln Academy road on your right. However if you miss this, continue down the road towards the golf course, turn left and Lincoln Academy Road will be on your left. (Look for the golf course club house)


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 61822 ReplyTo# 14106     10/31/2010 5:44:00 PM     Edit          

Neither of these guys received the Death Penalty, since N.C did not reinstate it until 1976.  According to most reports both men died in prison while serving life sentences.

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am interested in paranormal activity is there an group or club that you have

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14240     6/19/2008 7:22:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i will keep checking your site for more details let me know....roger

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Last Seen: 10/14/2008 4:22:18 PM  
if any of you are interested, please goto nccpo.x10hosting.com and sign up for an account, post a welcome thread and whatnot. We'll be adding more stuff as we go on.

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I've been to the Lincoln Academy ruins. It's pretty creepy, especially at night. There's pentagrams spraypainted in the woods and whatnot. The cemetary wasn't really all that creepy; it's still used because the grass is cut out there.

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you cant miss the lincoln academy ruins, someone has put a bunch of tires and debris in front of the little trail that leads to the schools foundation recently. It's still just as creepy as ever tho, no doubt.

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I have been out to this place a few times, never exactly knowing where the ruins of the school were but I also wondered what that trail with the tires led to, so I'm glad I know now so I can go back out to see it. But, can anyone tell me EXACTLY which tree it is that she was tied to?? I've got orbs in lots of pictures around this one tree but I'm not sure it's the one.

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how do you get to this place from charlotte?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 19587     9/25/2008 8:53:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Nothing happened when my friends and I went. It was extremely uneventful and I have never heard anything about the bridge there.

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From Charlotte NC you will take I-85 South. You will get off on the Edgewood Rd Exit. take a left on Edgewood Rd. Go to the light which will bring you out to 29/74. At the light take a right. Continue on 29/74 until you come to Sparrow SPrings Rd. Take a left. You will need to pay attention because it will be hard to see from the side of the road you will be on. Continue on Sparrow Springs Rd until you get to the golf course. you will take a left. then take the next left at the golf course club which is lincoln academey rd. The building in no longer there. it looks like the golf course club maybe taking over the terriroty. Perhaps you should stop in and ask them if they have had any personal experiences. I've lived here all my life, I have been to lincoln academy several time. I have never seen or heard anything. But my family talks about the girl who was killed there years ago. It's horrible what they did to her.

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Last Seen: 7/26/2017 8:00:15 AM  
As some of the other people have already said... It's now completely cleared.. I did how ever stop by, and spoke with the Golf Course .. Funny enough that's the a place I golf at least once a month... I never relized it was right next to it... lol... Back the subject... They said they had nothing to do with the clearing... It was surposed to be a subdiviosn that went on hold once the housing crunch hit... So we will see... Just think.. If they finish it there might be a good chance you could buy a haunted house...

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 19860     9/30/2008 8:53:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 7/26/2017 8:00:15 AM  

There are some pics of the cleared area up now as well...


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Last Seen: 10/9/2008 9:19:46 AM  

Why did the people kill her? What did they do to her?


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I live near hear, all the stories are true. Even the bridge. But I don't seriously think your car will cut off, but you will hear a baby crying.

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I've lived here all my life and yes I know all the stories about the area. Back in my highschool days, a group of me and my friends would go up there and hangout, drink beer, other stuff....Hell, I was 'initiated' in high school by me walking the ruins alone, with no light. It scared the hell out of me. From the first moment I got out of the car the first visit until the last time I was there, I have always had a terrible feeling 'wash' over me like someone else said. I can't explain that. The bridge. I didn't know what it was called, but our car cut off only 1 time and wouldn't start until we pushed it off of the bridge. Yes, I even tried to start the car because I figured they were just trying to pull my leg. No other time did we have that problem. The graveyard, I remember something about 1 particular tombstone that supposedly glowed. I've not seen that, but it's one of the ones I heard. There's another graveyard not far from there, a couple of miles or so, really old and really big. I think it has been given a makeover of sorts. Looks maintiained anyway. Several rumors about some of the people buried there. I can't remember those stories or names. This was over 30 years ago. :) I had actually forgotten about some of the stories connected to the area until I found this thread. Good luck.

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mr. brek

Last Seen: 4/21/2009 10:01:34 AM  
Well.... lol. I have been to Lincoln Academy many times, as well as some friends of mine, and I can tell you that place is screwed up! There are definitely some happenings there, especially in the graveyard. The graveyard is actually behind where the school stood, down at the bottom of a small hill. We have seen and heard many things, from dark figures just standing there, to sounds of people running in the woods around you, from hearing numerous whispers around you but no one is there, to feeling as if someone is grabbing your arm, but clearly no one being there. We have had parties down there when I was younger, and we even set up a thing one night to where we were hiding in the woods and scared the hell out of some people with chainsaws and stuff. I know, pretty cheesy. That's where we heard the whispering, in the woods. But we were determined to scare our friends that night! The dark figures I spoke of gives me the chills just thinking about them, because one night I was within five feet from one, and I could see no face or nothing. I turned to tell my friend to go start the car, that we were getting the hell out of there, and when I turned back around, I bumped into it. Well, it startled me so much that I fell to the ground. As I was laying on my back, I looked down towards my feet to see where it was, then noticing that it was standing over my head. I immediately jumped up and ran.... but after about 20 feet or so, I turned to see if it was following me. That's when I really got scared. It wasn't following me, but I saw about 4 or 5 of them standing in the spot where I fell. Needless to say, I got the hell out of Dodge!! The fact that I have heard no one mention anything about the long time cult activity around Crowders Mtn. surprises me. Of course it is believed that this cult meets around the area of Lincoln Academy, as well as places up on Crowders Mtn. But I promise you, the cult does exist, and has for many years now. I have thought about the fact that it could have been cult members that I ran into that night, but with it being a moonlit night and the fact that my friend did shine a flashlight down towards it's face, and you couldn't see anything but black.... can't get past that one. It was a cold feeling also right before it showed up, and remained one until I got away. That is the only time I encountered the dark figures, although my younger brother has told me he encountered them too. I have never heard anything about a bridge, and the closest bridge is out at the golf course on Linwood Rd. I have driven across that bridge many times, and never anything happened. The last time I checked, I think I heard there are about 200 bridges in Gaston Co. that either a baby cries or your car won't start lol. The story about the woman being tied to the tree sadly is true. She was tied to the tree, raped and disemboweled. Yes, the tree is still there, out on the road itself. Yes, it was a prominent black school in it's day, never a girls school. There is a seperate building that was part of the school that is still standing. It is actually out on Sparrow Springs Rd right off of highway 74, and I believe it is now a church. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experiences and beliefs about the place. Anyone up for a trip there?? I am game....

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Last Seen: 6/28/2011 4:51:15 PM  
The scaring of the friends may sound cheesy but trust me it scared the crap out of us....I was one of the friends....lol

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I've been to lincoln academy i would say maybe 6 or 7 times in the past year. i even went on april 21st it was 34 years after the death of kathleen smiley. A group of friends and myself went to the grave yard and a couple of them said that they saw 2 dark figures at the top of the hill leading down to the grave yard and the others said that they say a white figure in the door way of this little of house thats about mid way up the hill on the right hand side away from the road. Until last night, after i found this site i realized that we have been going to the wrong place to locate the schools foundation. we were on the wrong side of the street. LOL. But we are gonna head up another exploration in the near future...We'll try and go on a full moon night. But i have a question....Where is the tree located? And what is the story on the 2 men that murdered kathleen? are they dead, alive, still in prison? Could someone let me know please!

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The 2 fellows that murdered Ms Smiley R Dead They died in prison 1 of AIDS the other of natural causes. thought Id share that.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 77151 ReplyTo# 23464     3/25/2012 10:49:00 PM     Edit          

Hello, I can help better explain the events I feel took place. I am a paranormal investigator and ghost hunter here in NC. I am just been to the area just recently and I will tell you that the tree Kathleen Smiley was tied to the big Oak tree by barbed wire which is on the left side of the road coming from 74. She was raped and "butchered" by two young men which have both died in prison (one of possible AIDS and the other by natural causes). Also, the small path where the 3 posts on the right side of the main road is where some people seemed to have hung out or possible bums from the area, you will feel dread there. About the small building just before the cemetery, up on the small hill, there still seems to be some cult activity that takes place there. While my girlfriend and I were walking around, she kept telling me that she felt threatened by some sort of malevolent presence and we both felt sick to our stomachs. However, we both noticed a flock of black crows that were NOT there when we 1st got there, i found that odd. I will tell you that you can only get so close to the cemetery because, you feel as if you will be held back by something, not sure what. Anyways, you can see where they bulldozed the remnants/rubble that was the foundation of the school. You can also see where the driveway that must have been going to the building. It is in fact next to the Golf Clubhouse. One thing I noticed on here is no one has mentioned the old brick sign that belonged to the academy, if you go down the main road and as soon as you pass the 2 big Oaks, you will see the old brick sign that apparently had a concrete/marble inlay that used the be the Lincoln Academy sign, there is a tree that seemed to have grown right up the front of the sign and there is fainted white letter someone have painted on both sides of the brick, can not decipher what the letters spelled. On that, I hope I helped shed some light on your curiosity and wish you luck on your next visit and may Kathleen Smiley continue to rest in peace.  

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Hi, I've known about Lincoln Academy and the legends for a long time. My best friend at the time would take us down there at night and she and another girl kept saying that they saw glowing lights but I didn't see anything. I've also driven down there at night and with my windows down (when I was living in the area) and felt nothing but the cool night air. Whenever I'm visiting my grandparents who live near Chapel Grove, I will always take that route because I like the scenary. I hope they don't start building on it. I've seen the land cleared so that is not a good sign. Anyways, I am not debunking the story but I've never had any experiences there. However, my cousin was killed near there, on camp rotary road about thirteen years ago. I can't drive by that place without bursting into tears.

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the school got bulldozed several years ago sso thats why you couldnt find it, and yeah it was off the road

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My oldest son and I went there to investigate back in Oct. 2008. My son had been there the night before with a friend of his,but I didn't know he had gone. The next day when I saw to pics. he had taken the night before,I had to go! He caught a ecto-mist, ghostly mist that didn't have a shape,but had no reason for being there. A few other of his pics. had a few good orbs. So the next nite we went. I had a bad feeling the whole time we were there,like we were being watched,stalked if you will?? I just wanted to leave. My son wanted to go walking into the woods to search fot the tree were the girl was said to have been killed.I'am like, "are you nuts!! It's dark we don't know were the tree is and we don't know these woods,I'am not going walking in the dark were I don't know the lay of the land,let's go home,we will come back in daylight and get a lay of the land and come back at a later date. As we left the graveyard headed back to the road I looked across the field towards the spot were the school had been,and my hand to God,I saw a shadow person walking along the edge of the field on the other side. I crabed my son a pointed and said"Please tell me you see that" and I rose my flashlight (with on orange filter) to point the direction for him to look and just as my light hit it,it faded.My son said he saw it before it vanished. I hadn't told him what I had seen yet,so I asked him what he saw and he said "a shadow person" I do think there is some sort of Paranormal activity there and plan to go back when the weather warms a bit and I'am better prepared. GRH,Gaston County,N.C. check out my space page and look @ my paranormal pic. album@ myspace.com/virgo3n8

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I haven't been to Lincoln Academy in quite a few years, but I did go a couple of times with a couple of friends. From my memory, if they haven't changed it, the tree where the girl was murdered was directly in front of the driveway to the school & if you follow the driveway around behind the school & go down a small hill there also used to be an old secret cemetery. But I've heard that they are doing all this new developement & stuff, so I don,t know if they have taken out the tree or the old graveyard. If anybody knows then fill me in. Even to this day, now that I'm older & a little wiser, I would love to be able to go back & check it out, if it hasn't been overrun by over priced houses & yuppies. Hey, maybe the place was really haunted & the developers & yuppies will get theirs' in the end anyway.

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Last Seen: 2/23/2009 1:24:54 PM  
I am interested in anyone who has been to Lincoln Academy lately or is interested in going back because I have not been down there in a long time & would love to go back & check it out, being some years older & questionably wiser.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 27823     2/24/2009 8:07:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I am part of NCIS Paranormal, and a few members of our team went down to the cemetery and we captured voices on camera. We also captured a face that seemed to be burned into a tree and a face that materialized out of a cloud of smoke on camera.

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Last Seen: 4/6/2009 6:57:54 PM  
I'm a member of Gilbert Paranormal Research. We went to the old Lincoln Academy cemetery and did a sweep of it during daylight hours but we didn't catch anything nor were there strange feelings. I'd like to return however we haven't decided upon this yet. It would be quite difficult to catch or decipher EVP since the cemetery is extremely close to a small public golf course as well as a few homes and a lake where a group of ducks reside. While we were there we could even hear faint cars from the highway. Again, I'm not sure if we'll be returning or not. I do not know if the exact place we were is where Lincoln Academy once stood but it if is, yes, they are doing construction there. Currently, they've only begun clearing the land. Nothing is, as of yet, beginning to be built there.

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I am writing a Story for my dad. My dad said him and his brother and three of there nephews went to lincoln academy one night around 12am in 1977. They rode down the road and they notice part of the school was still there and they went down the road and turn around and decide to go back down the road the other way. All of them noticed that they was a black hearst behind us on our bumper. So my dad floored the gas pledal but it was still on there bumper and they looked back the third time and it dissappeared. A Few years later my dad took two girls to lincoln academy and decide to go into part of the school that was still standing and while they where there they heard erie voices but saw no one. My dad feels that Miss. Smiley is haunting lincoln academy.

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I went to Lincoln Academy today an had no strange feelings.It was during daylight hours and with it being easter there were a bunch of cars at some place down the road from it.I heard what sounded like kids playing in the woods but i looked in them an couldn't see anyone. The school is completely torn down and a couple of tractors are still out there. There is an old boat and a bunch of debris people have dumped there. The cemetery however did me strange feelings and there are graves dating back to 63. I will be returning.

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I had heard about Lincoln Academy back in 1997. I told my friends, they had heard about it too, so we decided to go check it out. By the way, it was Halloween. It was late afternoon & we were too afraid to get out of the car, lol. There was a trail leading somewhere behind the cemetery. You couldn't pay me to go down that trail. Anyway, my friend that was driving,immediately told us we had to get out of there. The rest of us didn't understand why or what he was talking about so we agreed. He later told us he saw a dead dog by the cemetery & it looked as though it had been killed. How he knew that, I don't know. He could've been jerking our chain, but he was a serious guy. I've never been back. I have talked to an older guy about it. He went back in the late 70's on Halloween night. He witnessed a group of people sacrifice a black cat. He went on to explain, that him & his friend were chased down the road by satan worshippers. Again, I haven't personally witnessed any of this stuff. But, this is my experience about lincoln academy.

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The story I got when it happened( I was about 10 at the time) was that at some point during the murder Kathleens mouth was sewn shut with wire and a coke bottle was inserted into her vagina, I feel these statements are fact as I remember very well my parents talking about this incident, also my mother was a cop during this period and was privy to inside information. RGL

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I would love to know more about what your mother can tell you, I left my husband April 16th of 74 bacause he started hitting me. I wouldn't tell anyone where I had gone because I didn't want him to find me, I just needed time to myself. In the mean time my Mother and the rest of my family thought he had killed me(I knew nothing of this at the time, I would have called her). She had to go and view a girl that was tied to a tree. The stories I've read sounds like what she told me. I didn't want to question her because I knew it must have been hell. She did tell me her hair was long but you couldn't tell what color it was because of the blood. She didn't know if it was me or not until they found out who it was. All this happened April of 74. Everything fits. She ran out of gas, made a phone call before leaving, I would like to know where the tree is, I live in Gastonia now and would like to check it out.

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The police had her come view the body while she was still tied to the tree? I thought they usually called people to the morgue to do that?

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ok so we just went down there last night. first the thing about the bridge: there is no bridge on licoln academy road and there are about 50 different crybaby bridges in gaston co. anyways. we were there for 4 hours. the school is gone. we couldnt find the tree but will look again after reading these comments. the graveyard is where its at. we heard a man talking, music, saw figures moving, and i dont know how many orbs we got on camera. one of my friends recorded a video on her phone facing the little grown over shack near the graveyard and there is a very distinguishable face coming out of the center of the shack. so overall, no bridge, no more building, and lots of ghostly happenings

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we took a trip to lincoln academy just last weekend. i had always heard about it from my friends, but had never been there. we tried to go one time but could never found it, and we were finally able to locate it this time. of course it has been torn down, like a few others said earlier. we took lots of pics around the cemetary and captured lots of orbs in the pictures. like someone said in an earlier post - we have no clue where the tree is, but we took a picture of one tree that was completely dead and there were lots of orbs around it. i went with my mother, and 2 of my friends who are brothers. i never saw anything personally or my friend. but his brother and my mother said they both saw two glowing square looking figures, and they were taking turns glowing. we heard a man's voice coming from the woods, but we could not make out what they were saying. and we'd try to move closer to hear, but everytime we moved closer the talking stopped. then we heard music playing in the woods, and we did the same, moved closer to hear and everytime we did the music stopped. and the talking. we also heard what sounded like someone beating on a bucket or something in woods when we were standing in the middle of the graveyard. and we all 4 heard it, cause we all looked around and asked one another. it was pretty creepy. when we heard the voices and music and beating noise coming from the woods, my mother decided to try and capture and record it on video on her cellphone, if anyone has ever been down to the cemetary you know how dark it is, and there is absoloutely no light down there. however, my mom proceeded to record and try to capture the voice coming from the woods, she had to stop recording cause she had a phone call come-in. but when we replayed the video you could see a light fade in, and glow a lil bit and then it just faded away. phone call happened to be my sister, and make a long story short my sister and a few of her friends wanted to come out there. so they did. when they arrived, all the noises we heard had stopped. which we thought was weird. we took lots of pictures of the shack that's in the woods, above the cemetary as well. but we didn't experince anything to weird there. but what is weird, i read in someone's post earlier about a face appearing in a video? ha! i thought my sister was crazy, but she was recording a video in the woods around the shack. and when we stopped to replay it a face just appeared in the video. i still didn't think it was a face, until now. i'm convinced. i say lincoln academy definitely has active paranormal activity! my mother also said something about how bad cults were down there. i'm ready to go back.  


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We went there earlier today and got some video, audio and some pictures. we looked at the shack near the graveyard and the graveyard itself. we also went across the street into the woods to see the basement of one of the buildings and the stairs leading into the hole where the basment was. a couple of us heard a child crying.

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I have been put to lincoln academy several times and all. I usually go out there for a few hours every so often to try to get some EVPs and pictures but never nothing more than a few orbs. I stopped going recently after not getting anything. But I went back out today and found a rather creepy "baby doll" HANGING FROM A TREE BY A NOOSE beside a spot that looks like it could have been a flag post. I also stumbled upon a rectangular area about two and a half feet wide by about six feet long and about had about a foot of dirt missing from the top. It was weird, seeing as how most average americans are about six feet tall and are about two feet wide... you can only imagine what went through my mind. But none the less Lincoln Academy is a freaky place with lots of un explained activity. Check Out some of our pictures> kmpi.uuuq.com

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Last Seen: 8/19/2009 7:21:25 AM  
A couple friends & I used to go out to Lincoln Academy every weekend. One weekend we decided to go down to the graveyard. Some very scary things happened down there. We ALL got a feeling of being unwanted there. While we were down in the graveyard we seen orbs, heard voices, & felt a presence brush our bodies. On the way back up the trail we saw a black figure pushed back in the woods, we still continued to walk toward it & by time we actually go really close to it, it disappeared. We have crossed over the bridge & nothing really has happened.  The tree where Ms. Smiley got killed at we got out to look at it & all of our initials were engraved in the tree, dogs came barking & ran us off. When we came back the initials were gone. Street lights flickered off all the time. One night I had a HORRIBLE feeling. We went in the back way & there were police EVERYWHERE, a car ran off the road so we drove to the other side of the woods to see if we could see anything & people were screaming & we found a rope hanging from the tree. We all payed REAL close attention to all the details. Things appeared the second time we drove by...things that were not there the first time. It's DEF. haunted. for sure. Why can you not find ACTUAL newspaper clippings about this? and what happened to the men that were charged for her murder? Does anyone have any information??

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Last Seen: 8/22/2009 9:50:39 AM  
That was a near by lamp post thats what that orange streak was on the camra u can move the camra at the light and make it look like a moving orb i went there before there was nothing haunted about it i took my evp recorder up there and took alot of pics and there nothing hauted about that place. so thats a fake pic

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Last Seen: 8/22/2009 9:50:39 AM  
I dont no where you got your info at ecto but it wasnt a gang of boys it was 2 men that killed the girl and put bobwire around her naked body and started shoving things inside her they were took to prison and no u can not see any ghost out there where u went get your story stright man

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I posted last time on 7/19/09. we went down there again, no lights/footsteps this time, but we heard something crazy going on across the street, at first it just sounded like an owl or a dog, but we kept listening and it started going crazy, no joke it sounded like a ape or monkey howling, my thought was some sort of cult something going down. but also as we were just sitting around looking for something, it would feel like a warm spot would move its way in, like a signifigant temp change. it wasnt acting like a breeze. it wasnt coming from any direction and it would cover us like a blanket and it had a bad smell to it, like bad breath or something and it would disappear with a chilly wind. we also heard a lot of noises coming out of the woods to the left of the graveyard like thumps or something.

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I posted earlier on this site. I live in the UK but one set of grandparents live near Chapel Grove and of course that is how I heard the legend. My friends that lived around Chapel Grove all knew about what happened at Lincoln Academy. I know that I said nothing ever happened to me when I drove down there but I visited NC this past summer and when I was driving to my parents house in Lattimore from my grand parents in Gastonia, I passed the road leading to Lincoln Academy but suddenly felt chilly. Then walking I noticed a guy around my age (29-33) with a white tshirt and blue jeans. He had a crew cut and looked evil. He shouted something at me as I drove by and man, you should have seen his face, he was gnashing his teeth at me. Needless to say, I felt sick with nerves and fear. I even thought my granddads car was going to quit while I was high tailing it out of there. I was nervous all night and didn't sleep. I didn't tell anyone this. I had to look for this site again and after weeks, finally found it. I'll bookmark this. Email me if you have any questions ( andrew_brigg@yahoo.com)

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I've been to the Academy there many times in the past. I loved it during Halloween. I remember the story about the girl being tied up to the tree with barbed wire fence and having her arms and legs cut off. I also remember when going to the Academy and tree branches were so low over the road. My friends and I would get into a pick-up truck to ride there. It was a lot of fun. Things were happening off to the side of the road on the way to it Academy. That's ashame that nothing really exist except for the cemetery.

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Are there any pictures of the Academy before they tour it down?

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Last Seen: 11/3/2009 4:23:17 PM  
It's funny how some people will say that they have experienced the whole gamut of paranormal activity at a place.  From phantom hearses tailgating their car to seeing endless numbers of shadow people running around.  I have been to Lincoln Academy many times over the years starting around 1982 until around 2000 and never once experienced anything.  I am 50% skeptic 50% believer.  If I didn't see it, then it didn't happen.  I mean some of the stuff I have read here about Lincoln Academy is so outrageous it's not even scary.  People just use your common sense about things. 

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well i whent there today with my friend and it was really scary we was there like 1:00 at nite and weheard a lot of noises coming out of the woods to the left of the graveyard like thumps or something go ing to one side to the other and a shining ligth movig to the graveyard


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Last Seen: 11/22/2009 4:43:58 PM  
I attended Lakeside High School in DeKalb County, GA in 1974 and was a classmate of Kathleen Ruth Smiley. EVERYONE who was enrolled as a student at Lakeside in April of 1974 remembers that horrible weekend. Since she had spent two years in our class, she was well-known to everyone. Her boyfriend was in my homeroom (75-01) and he was a very cool guy. What the .pdf file from Fulton, Indiana (her birth town) is correct. Further information from the archives of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from April 1974, and the 1975 kidnapping trial in DeKalb County, GA will substantiate what I will say. Kathy finished eating breakfast at a Denny's with her father and younger sister at the diner's location at Chamblee-Tucker Rd, just off the I-85 North entrance. The diner was located on an access or frontage road next to the hyway. Kathy was asked by her father to take her sister home, but her younger sister wanted to him to do that. That decision either saved her life or sealed her sister's fate; no one will ever know. What was told at the kidnapping trial was that the two drifters (Wallace Charles LANFORD and Pinkney Thompson MITCHELL, not someone named WILLIAM!) were hanging around the Shell station where Kathy came by for a can of gas to fill up her car, which had run out of gas. The attendant offered to take it with her, but his boss would not let him. He stated that she struggled with it, but by the time she got to her car, the two drifters had reached it before her. He saw them help her fill it up and was expecting them to return the can. He saw them grab her by the head and hand gag her as they threw her into the car. That is when he called the police, but had no car tag, just a desciption of the car, a red VW bug. An attendant in a station outside of Greenville remembers seeing Lanford driving the car into a filling station and filling the car. He thought it was weird that his passenger did not get out. Asw he approached the car, he saw Mitchell in the backseat with his feet on what looked like a person on the floor. That person was a bound and gagged Kathy. One thing that I have been told from a member of NC Ghosthunter in 1999 was that both Wallace and Lanford both swore that while they did kidnap and rape Kathy, they did not kill or dismember her. They left tied up and gagged while they went out to score on some dope. What this man found out from his research and interviews of retired detectives, police, and forensic experts is that it is now believed that some goth Satanic cultists may have come across to her in her bound condition,and saw a convienient opportunity to dismember her and get a human heart for a Satanic ritual. The area around the old school had been an hangout for Satanic fringe groups since the mid-1960's and it was common for newer members to be initiated into the cult by acquiring animal body parts for Black and Dark Masses. Some believe that it was a group of late teen and early 20's boys who found her and decided it was time to score some big points with the church master....Even some of the investigators found it hard to believe that Wallace and Lanford could pull it off. Since NC had abolished the death penalty in the early 1970's, both men served life terms. Both have died in prison. To this day, at all Lakeside class of 1975 reunions, Kathy's name still comes up. We will never forget her. But her death must be explained truthfully. Maybe that is why she still haunts the campus of Lincoln Academy.

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I was in Kathy's graduating class. I have never forgotten Kathy. I remember the day we students found out about the tragedy.  I well remember the impact her violent death had on the student body, teachers, the community and me.  I'm sure many of her classmates still remember the shock and sad aftermath.  I wasn't close to Kathy but, I do know she was a happy young woman, had many friends and, like all of us, was brimming with excitement about our upcoming graduation.  To this day, I pray that her sisters and parents were able to move forward and reach a point in their lives where they could remember their beautiful sister and daughter.  Please respect the memory of a promising life cut short.

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Wow. Thank you for the information. This terrible tragedy has always been something I have tried to find more information about mostly because of the large amount of folklore about it in this area. There is alot of misinformation. The theory that someone other than Wallace and Lanford committed the murder is one that I have never heard but does make sense when I think about it. I still can't believe there are people in this world so evil.

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i just went there last firday which was the 9th and i saw what looked to be a little girl crossing the road me and my girl friend started to freak i stepped on the gas and left as fast as i could about a mile down the road right there before you turn to get back on highway 74 my girl said what was that and i told here i had no idea but it looked like a little and she was like well lets go back and see if she needs some help so we went back we started at the top of the hill and i started to get i werid feeling about everything when we got down there this lttle girl was just walking down the side of the road and i was scared this thing was on my side and my girl friend was like stop and ask her if she needs help i looked at her and i asked her your kidding right and she was like no forreal ask her if she needs help and by time i asked her that question the little girl started to walk back into the woods my girl friend started to yell out the window i was fighting to keep the window up back the little just kept walking and out of no where we hear here say help me and my girl friend was like come out here she said this over and over again until finlly i jeted out of there i was not about to sit there and beg something to come out still to this day i swear i saw that little girl i did some research on the road and come to find out there was a old school that had been there before and it was an all black school maybe the little girl went there go out there and tell me if you see her r have any more info

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I went down that dirt road when I was young. The one mentioned by the first guy. At the end of it was a field and what looked like a church of sorts. We were playing around scaring some girls with the tales when a cult dressed in white shrouds started twords us on foot with no more than 200 feet between us we got out of there in reverse because the road was to narrow to even turn around in. I am 31 now but at the ripe age of 16 that was pretty scary.

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Last Seen: 7/10/2010 2:22:45 PM  
I too grew up in Bessemer City. I was sixteen when it happened. I, gratefully, didn't know those boys who were said to be from that town. My Mother's second Husband claimed that he was kin to one of the boys, but we really didn't talk so don't know the relation. Yes, we understood that her mouth was wired shut. It was so gruesome and sooooo close. I just thank the Lord that something like that didn't happen to me or the folks I knew, because we were all out there running wild! Bessemer City always had a terrible reputation. There was another killing that happened in that area as well. Pete Dougan was robbed and killed by a couple of guys we went to school with. They were older however. Knew the sisters, but as I am getting older their last name escapes me, but their Father was a Police there. Seems like it may have been Pep Berry. Not sure anymore. They robbed and killed him and threw his body into a pond (I think) near the Lithium Plant near Kings Mountain. Is anyone familiar with that case and who exactly they were and what happened to them? Also, for you people on here about the Ghost Hunting, there used to be old tales of a place known as "Goat House Road" near Dallas which is still in Gaston County. The story went somewhat like, A woman being hung from a tree and people used to claim other deaths which was supposedly causing hauntings and such. Don't go for all that stuff. But I did walk the train trestle past midnight on the same road. Pretty stupid when I was young. Most of my friends are dead now from overdoses, but somehow I have made it to the ripe old age of 53. I think God has been with me for a long time! Rest in Peace Kathy. I have never forgotten.

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Last Seen: 8/31/2010 6:15:49 PM  
When I lived in the area my friends and I used to visit this location quite often. We visited in the daytime and at night as well. The old building that was still standing on the property at times seemed to be sitting right up on the road and at others farther back. We would also get some really creepy feelings at times and at others nothing. However, I felt then and still do now that there is a lot of evil that happened in that location and the area around it. One night, some young people that were there attempted to surround my car and prevent us from riding by, naturally, I hit the gas pedal and got out of there. I believe there was a lot of cult activety that went on then and still may to this day. I have heard rumors that the old building has since been torn down and a church has been built on the site, but I have not been there in over 25 years. But strange stuff has happened there, I have witnessed it personally and so has several of my friends.

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Apparently everyones right.. it started out being a school for african-american girls. http://www.gastongazette.com/articles/lincoln-38835-academy-alexander.html

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Last Seen: 11/27/2010 9:16:10 PM  
I just want to share my experience that happened yesterday (Thursday, Nov.4) at Lincoln Academy. I always heard it was haunted since I was around 10 years of age, but thought it was in Lincoln County or Kings Mountain. When I realized it was in Gaston County, and that I was familiar with the area, I went up there and long story short, I turned my car around so I would be able to leave quickly. As I sat near the "tree" and rolled my window down, my car started to run hot. This almost NEVER happens to my car. You would have to be steeped in slow traffic for 10-15 minutes before that would happen. I decided to pull away and go up the road to cool the car off. After turning right (I had come in from the other direction), and going about a mile, I decided to go back and see if it would happen again. I was in disbelief that anything would or could happen. Wrong! It was cloudy, partially rainy and overcast. I was kind of scared going back because I had already felt I couldn't breathe there. And I was alone. Basically I did the same thing again, entered the site, turned around, and parked at the entrance. I never turned the car off. Again, I timed it for three minutes. The second time, again, within 1 - 1 1/2 minutes the temp. gauge started to rise. I just thought it was the car; nothing weird was happening. But then, as I didn't want the car to run hot, I again turned right and headed up the road. Any other time, speeding up the car had made the temp. gauge fall but this time, the gauge sped higher as I sped away up the road!!!!!! That never happened before!!!! I couldn't believe it. I was so in a state of shock that it took me about a half-hour to an hour to get over it, I was so "traumatized". Of course, at first I didn't think too much about it, yet for a long time, it never left my mind. Only a little later did it completely sink in! I know my car, and what happened that day was the complete opposite of how my car reacts to speeding up after the temperature gauge rises. That experience left me with no doubts about that place being haunted!!!!

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This Comment is for #4760!!!!!!!!!!! In 1974 Nc did not even have the death penalty. So if you dont know wat u r talking about then u need to keep your mouth shut.. 1st off there was nobody named william it was wallace Lanford & he did not get gassed he died in PRISON!!!!! There is no way you heard that story from your teacher. 2nd if your teacher taught him they would be very old & still teaching come on this happen in 1974. My brother went to bchs in 74 and was best friends with a lady named Kathy Mitchell. She was the other boy Pinkney Mitchells Sister. They were very close she went on trips often with my family. So I think I know maybe a little more about the situation than you. Get your facts straight before you start tellin B.S.

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Whoever Said it happened accross the street was wrong it would of been right in the golf course. It was behind the clubhouse coming up the hill same side of da road in that big open space that has been recently cleared out

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me and my mom live in gastonia and live near the old acadamy, we just got back from it actually and im freaked about this story.

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Me and some friends have gone a couple of time but they refused to go late at night during "witching areas" im so up for another trip!!

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i went last night, im so ready to go again, were gonna take someone who talks to ghost

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Mr. Dale Smiley, the father of Kathleen Ruth Smiley, died in December 2010. Here is his obituary.  It is hard to believe that he had a complete life after the tragic murder of his oldest daughter, but apparently he did.  May they both rest in peace....


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well if i were a person who was killed like this girl was.....!!! (i have friends who knew the girl and the boys).... i would come back  an do to these boys what they done to her ..............it was bad!!!!!

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Kathleen Ruth Smiley would have been 54 years old today, May 22, 2011, if she hadn't left that diner without her father!

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Last Seen: 7/9/2011 6:31:58 PM  
Im with the group ASG (afterlife specialist group) and we went and investigated this place last night. We found the old sign, the old flag pole foundation, the foundation of the school, and the old steps to the school. We did not however find the tree. We also captured 4 evp's around the school. One is a faint whispering that I cant make out, one is a faint scream, another one actually sounds like someone saying "Turn around" or "turn away", and the last one sounds like "leave me alone". We also walked further down the road and found the old abandoned house and old cemetery. We have pictures of everything to see it just get on facebook and search afterlife specialist group. Like us and check out the pics!

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Where exactly is/was the tree?

The graveyard is pretty kewl and the school but I wanna got to the tree.

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Kathy didn't go to school there in NC.  I worked with her in Atlanta and had just seen her at work a few days prior to her murder. 

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used to skip school me, and a few buddys back in the early 70"s we would go into the old school and drink beer, smoke alittle, it was spooky in the day time, but at nite. some of us would go with flashlights to see if we would run into anyone or thing.once a few of us were sitting in my 64 chevy out in front of the old school building around midnite, down on the left was what we called the old church.heard that devil worshipers had mass there at times, well this nite was one of them we were stoned and around midnite I saw coming out of the church a line of candles, it was the worshipers coming out to greet us because I guess they heard the 8 track player playing as loud as it could alice cooper.we start to panic becauce they were coming right towards us, I started the car and it wouldn't go into gear, they were chanting something and coming right towards us taking their time. I was so scared I JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR  and go under neath it so I could unjam the linkage, then got the car to take off , just miss hitting a few of them going down towards the golf coarse.but they were alot more tales of this place, I just recently went by there to see how its changed, it has alot, but I still recall all the times encountered there.....I really think the grounds are still haunted, thanks for reading.. ROBERT PARROTT..1-6-12




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The senseless abduction and brutal murder of Kathleen Smiley and Lincoln Academy has haunted our lives through memory, and our children’s through stories, for decades here in Gaston County. Everything from the ghost of Kathleen Smiley to a green or purple mist have been reported floating down the road, or haunting the old cemetery a few hundred yards from where the school once stood. 

I'm a professional photographer, and a few months ago, while in the midst of a shoot at the Lincoln Academy area, my eye was caught by a curtain being drawn back on the door of an abandoned building. Instinctively, I had my camera on sequential mode and kept shooting throughout the experience. I felt an overwhelming sense to leave, which I did at that time. 

Upon examination of the photographs, I realized there was someone standing behind the curtain. Upon investigation and comparing a photograph of Kathleen Smiley I was able to obtain, realized it was unmistakably her. A medium was contacted and a team did visit the sight. Kathleen Smiley is at peace – and not haunting anything. I believe this was the reason she revealed herself to me. She wanted her memory, and this horrible and tragic story, to come to a close. 

So, if you visit Lincoln Academy, know that whatever you feel, see or hear is NOT Kathleen Smiley. It never was HER. She hasn't been at that location since the murder. She is no longer where I photographed her either. But, now resting in peace and happiness. 

I have opted to place the photograph in my solo photography show at the Gaston-Lincoln Regional Library throughout January; however, not publish it online for fear of theft and sensationalism by the same kind of people who get drunk and drive out to the old Lincoln Academy in hopes of discovering drama. The same kind of people who have desecrated a sacred cemetery and littered the property with broken glass and aluminum cans. Neither is the photograph for sale. That is not what this is about. It's about knowing the truth and moving on.

And the truth is that Lincoln Academy, formerly Prudden Hall, was a vital part of Gaston County's heritage, especially the black heritage. It's a shame it was leveled and not preserved to begin with. But, what makes it worse, is that it's remembered for a heinous crime vs. the invaluable contribution it made to Gaston County. 

Rest in peace, Kathleen.

Tammy Cantrell, Gastonia, NC 

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that a girl Tammy, sorry I mean SCOOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Last Seen: 2/13/2012 6:17:06 AM  
OK Tammy, First there are no more abandoned buildings at the academy. The only thing standing on that property is a maintenance shed (falling in) and it has no curtains and that is beside the cemetary. Reed dining hall was the last of the school buildings to be torn down in the mid 80's. I have been researching this historic property for the last 30 years and interviewed a retired rurel police officer that responded to the call when the murder was discovered. The tree she was tied to is NOT on the road to the cemetary.(someone else must be haunting that tree hehe) It is on the other side of the road down the hill behind where the boys dorm (Cummings Hall) and the Cathcart High School buildings were located.You see, even back then that road , tree and cemetary was an still is vivible from the road. Those murderers took her behind the old buildings where no body could see them.I couldn't tell you which tree it was as there are hundreds of them. The school was never called Pruden Hall, it was always Lincoln Academy named after Honest Abe. Emily Pruden founded the school in the late 1880"s for under privileged black children. Pruden Hall was the girls dormatory on the L. A. campus. The big brick curch building over on Sparrow Springs Rd. was never a part of Lincoln Academy it was a part of the Greek Church The two men that murdered Miss Smiley were from Bessemer City, both died in prison and neither were executed. I have walked every sq. ft. of this property while metal detecting and other than old foundations have never seen anything out of the ordanary. I have found the swimming pool down in the gully across from the golf parking lot and the principals home on the hill at the other side of the swimming pool. Its a really cool property with lots of history. I have a large collection of artifacts found there including over 60 silver coins 1- 1dollar gold coin, solid gold pocket watch over 100 wheat and indian pennies, 13 rings, 7 broches and lots of other cool stuff.At the top of the hill near 29/74 there is an old store that was owned by the late Dr Curtis Mcdowell (Lincoln Academy Principal) His widow, Ruth (graduate and teacher at L.A.) lives in the house next to the store and sells a book that she wrote about the history of the place. Y'all get ya facts straight and stay away from that stupid tree. It's the wrong one.  Thats the real scoop,   Robert 

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I live in Gastonia about 10 minutes from Chapel Grove. I have heard stories about the haunting of Lincoln Academy. I myself have experienced weird stuff at my own home. I feel like the area I live in and the areas within a 25 to 35 mile radius of Chapel Grove are haunted.


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I have a page on Facebook known as Cleveland County Paranormal Research Society if anyone is interested in checking out the Lincoln Acadmey or any other places in the surronding areas hit me up on there and we could possibly see about checking some of these places out and seeing what we could find. I'm interested in the story behind the Lincoln Academy and interested in finding out about new places maybe if you have other places we can compare experinces and other info like my page also it needs a pic for the page so send in some of your own ghost pics to it or send them to my email marleymw38707@hotmail.com look forward to hearing and seeing those pics who knows your pic might just become the page's main pic!!

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Tammy Cantrell

Last Seen: 7/27/2012 8:35:50 AM  
Robert, yes, there are abandoned buildings around the area of Lincoln Academy and I have the proof in photographs. I didn't see a shed when I went down to the cemetery so it must've been torn down before I visited. My facts are straight and verified. Which is why I'm not afraid to use my real name. :)

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I live in Chapel Grove and have had alot of experiences with hearing and seeing freaky things in the area . I have went to the Lincoln Academy and didnt have any experiences there , other than the feeling that someone or something didnt want me there , but have had alot in the surounding woods . Me and alot of people I know have seen a cult pleny of times , and I have found a few spots in the woods where they were doing some kind of ritual . The whole area around Crowders Mountain has a bad vibe . I have heard a child laughing , and crying pleny of times and no one is around . I have seen the black figures all throughout the woods , walking and standing , sometimes they will just watch you . Sometimes you will hear someone talking or whispering but no one is there . I have even seen the little girl that alot of people are talking about . At first I thought I was crazy but I found out alot of people are having the same experiences . I am actually surprised no one has mentioned the indian berial ground . I have been told by alot of people in the area that the reason the cement slab in on the side of the road on Camp Rotary right next to the mountain is because there was there were bodies that washed up one day because of a bad storm a long time ago

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January 8, 2013...

I was one of the Detectives from the Gaston County Police Department that was assigned to work the brutal Rape and Homicide of Kathy Smiley in 1974.  First of all my comments will be very limited about this case. First let me say that Miss Smiley was not "Disemboweled".  I was the officer assigned to accompany her remains to the Chief Medical Examiner's Office in Chapel Hill, N. C. for autopsy.  She died from stab wounds to her chest area, that penetrated her heart.  She was also Raped.... 

Detective Ralph Tommy Davis, Jr.
Gaston County Police Department Retired
8 January 2013

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Last Seen: 2/27/2013 6:45:37 PM  
Here is an article about the true events involving the murder: - See more at: http://www.strangeusa.com/Viewlocation.aspx?id=7168&desc=%20Lincoln%20Academy%20%20Gastonia%20%20Nc#sthash.EOvYO52B.dpuf

this ^^ is very close to being true. But as of at least 10-15 yrs ago, the tree she was bound to has long fallen and rotted. Possibly from hurricane Hugo. I know this because I frequent Lincoln Academy Rd. in addition to my grandfather being in a group of guys that spotted the burning VW Bug. In other words, my family knows where the tree was, and it's long gone. The remains of the building (basement/foundation) are still there, no doubt, and creepy. However, the fallen-in shack on the left side down the gravel road to the cemetery DOES, IN FACT, give me very very bad vibes. On multiple occasions, I have went toward the cemetery, (mostly daylight, twice at night) and have an overwhelming feeling of something in the shack telling me to go no further. Anyone that is not chicken can come holler at me at 659 Sparrow Springs Rd, approximately 1.3 miles from the cemetery and we'll set a date to go up there and snoop around. Day or dark. My name is Brandon. holler


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I recall this taken place, mostly because my grandpa is buried across from her grave. It was 1980 and I was 9 yrs old when my Mawmaw, Aunt, & I went to visit his grave, so I've seen her parents sitting by her grave crying from their lost of their Daughter. My Aunt told me what had happened to their Daughter and it broke my heart to hear it. As I got older I learned more and more about Lincoln Academy, the grave yard, and the bridge. Most of the stories claimed that it was a hangout for "devil worshiper" that took over the school. And that they did this to the girl. One summer night when I was a teen, a couple of us girls went to hanging out with some neighbors friends who where a little older, We all took off for the night to have some fun hanging out on Franklin Blvd. Well, they thought it would be funny to take us to the school and jumped out of the car into another car and leave us their with all the windows down and no keys! They just jumped in a other car and took off. We were crying and so scared and flipping out. for about 30 mins to an hour they finely showed up to get us. Sitting there looking at that school and tree all that time was so terrifying to existence! I was so pleased to see the school torn down, BUT, "DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY IT TOOK THEM AS LONG AS IT DID TO TAKE IT DOWN"!!! And I could not for the life of me understand why they left that tree. All I can say is my heart goes out to all of the people who have lost love ones in their life, but those poor people that had ever experience anything or close to anything like that is just to unbelievable to bare to hear or think of happening and my heartaches for them all!!

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The men who killed Kathleen Smiley worked in Dallas NC at the time a company called Summey Building Supply my stepdad and brother worked with the two murders at the time. She was traveling through going home from college to Atlanta. She had stopped at a convenience store thats where they kidnapped her. Yes they tortured,rape, mutilated her and tied her to a tree. Kathleen’s obituary states that Wallace Charles Landford and Pickney Thompson Mitchell were taken into custody and charged with Kathleen’s kidnapping and murder. They both served life sentences and died in prison. Kathleen’s body was found bound to a tree with barbed wire; she was gagged with wires through her mouth and around her hands. She was also stabbed seven times and hit on the head. Her body was so disfigured that the only way to identify her was through her school books in her 1972 Volkswagen. Her Volkswagen was found burning in the same area shortly after her body was discovered. Today all that remains of Lincoln Academy is a cemetery. The road that Lincoln Academy was located on is now overgrown with vegetation. As far as Lincoln Academy goes it is know for cult activity and also Crowders Moutain.There were many problems with Satan worshipers performing rituals and sacrifices through out Crowders Mountain. Crowders Mountain closed their camping grounds for ten years due to the dangers presented by the satanic worshipping’s. Many people believe there is a demonic presence that lingers on the property. There have been sightings of unexplained mists and smoke, sounds of children crying, shadow figures, drastic temperature changes, unexplained footsteps and voices, and in some cases people have been pushed or touched by unseen forces   Also note the Satanic Ritual deaths of two teens Jill and Jamie Bias they were found in shallow graves at crowders mountain with penetegrams carved on there chest.Picture of tree  http://hauntedlincolnacademy.weebly.com/  The Academy was     Lincoln Academy in 1888. Lincoln Academy was a boarding school used to educate poor and underprivileged African American girls . There also was a racial hanging of an African American male  on  a tree at the academy. 

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this is no BS what I will say to everyone on this board...so basically, during my senior year back in 2011 (class of 2012) I was dropping off my basketball buddy after a hard and long day of practice. My friend lived in Linwood road near the golf course. I decided to casually cruise around and was trying to find the main road to go get something to drink at Compare Foods (in Dixie Village) since I was thirsty as hell and I also seriously was trying to get home since it was about 8 or so and my parents were having a temper. suddenly I entered this dark place which it was that location, and needless to say it was super pitch black and all and I had major goosebumps that something was gonna happen... but however something DID happen, I mean lets say, when I was going about 35-45MPH on the road, it felt like I hit something and it was about to stall out and since my car is a blue '91 Mitsubishi Mirage I thought to myself  "well damn man, this is not good!" I tried to hit the gas and all but either way I just kept going and going nonstop and I did not care if the car stalled I was like "COME ON KEEP ON GOING BABY!" cause I knew for a fact that bad things was gonna come up around the block or behind my car, it felt like I was under pressure, like being watched or being followed by something super heavy. I saw a few "things" that I cannot explain since it left me in shock and it smelled kinda bad in that way and I heard a few thumps... but hey I mean thank the Lord himself that I got the hell out of dodge, got my Gatorade and went back home speeding away......I told my parents to what happened in why I came very late that one time and that was it. I passed there once in broad daylight with my pops since I was learning to drive in the summer to get my license and it was kinda serene, my pops saw something out of the ordinary to where the right side mirror was foggy and it had some sort of red dot and he kept cleaning it over and over again, I didn't see jack since he was yelling at me telling me "keep your damn eyes straight, don't pay no attention to me!" but either way...DO NOT GO ALONE! always go with a few friends like 3 or 5, give respect to the dead and tell them "we do not wish to harm you!", wear a cross, say a few prayers and be super safe up there!

and also sucks for the people that gotta live near that location and I read a few comments on here to where people who lived near that Academy, are experiencing alot of bad things in their own property... it's very terrible how those 2 sick murderers killed and left the girl up to suffer away rotting there like come on......glad that they are in hell though. like what did she ever do to yall?! she was getting home to her parents! I can only imagine that what those 2 guys did to her were awfully gruesome and I see no pictures of the scene of the crime...I did a few research that there was only a news paper clip about this incident and the capture of those sickos. what's weird is that there there were no live tv recorded news reports about this as well...

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one of the men that killed ms smiley is burried in bessemer city in the graveyard behind surf and turf the other man is still in prison or died while there, they were both from the area . i read the info on a diffrent website but cant remember their names

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40 years ago, April 21, 1974.  Kathleen Ruth Smiley was kidnapped and murdered.  This blog has a lot of information, most of it heresay.  For a more accurate account, please visit this blog..


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