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Old Tram Road
Old Tram Road
Whiteville, Nc 28472

County: Columbus County
GPS: 34.2020629, -78.7063879
WebSite: None

Old Tram Roadwhile traveling this road have seen what appeared to be taillights in the distance. They would disappear and headlight s would show up. The car was translucent and no driver was present. . The ghost car will chase you to the end of the road, where a church stands and the light just disappears.

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Last updated on : 7/12/2006

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               Like      Dislike        Comment# 28062     3/1/2009 7:03:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I was new to the area back in the 80's and was with some friends heading home from town one sunday night. My friends had mentioned this event numerous times before which I didn't believe,and we had driven down this road many times and nothing had never happened until this night. We were running late and decided to drive down Tram road. We were laughing and talking and hoping we wouldn't get in trouble with our parents. As we went further down the road about a mile from the bridge going towards the nakina area an oncoming vehicle was approaching us the closer it came to us the more we noticed it was only one light like maybe a motorcycle and it was more on our side of the road than the other, all of a sudden it came straight for us and went over the top of the car and stayed at the back window like a huge spot light. We couldn't see anything ahead of us and it stayed there until we crossed the bridge, at that point it disappeared. I have never experenced anything like this before and that night I became a believer. Paula

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Last Seen: 9/8/2009 9:29:34 AM  
i live on old tram road, and i have yet to see this.  I have seen many things in my life, so it's not a 'nonbeliever' problem.  we'll pay more attention to it from now on though.  but in my many times of coming down this road, all night and day times, I haven't seen anything remotely like this.  I wish it was different

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My boyfriend who is 48 yrs. old lives in Nakina and recently told me about this light following him for quite a distance. He described the light much the same as it is described by Paula with the exception of one thing & that is that it almost seemed to race beside him & went off the road to the field & then race back to the side & rear of the car. It was also pouring rain that night. Honestly, we had never discussed the light before then & I had actually forgotten about the tale of the light. I can tell you he is not a big ghost chaser & he was visibly shaken just telling me about what had happened. The next time it rains I'm going to beg to take a drive on Tram Road, I am very curious. Is there a story or legend behind this light? I'd love to pass it on to my boyfriend. Tracy


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I also live in nakina and i have been down old tram plenty of times and have yet to see the light, yet my father swears he has seen the light, and he had an almost frightened look in his eyes, i am a believer in the old tram road and i'm still waiting to see it for myself

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 42617     10/25/2009 12:09:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I to have also seen the tram light on halloween night back in 07 i think. It was about 12:30 at night and a friend and I were headed home from Nakina, we decided to try the tail of stopping at a certian point in the road at a dirt road that goes o heartbeat bridge and cut the lights off and blow the horn 3 times and flash the lights 3 times and then drive, at first nothing happened and then out of no where a bright light appeared and chased us till we turned off, then the light disapeared! Scared us to death, I wasn't a beliver till I saw it for myself, and I really don't want to experiance it again!

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uhhhh...all I can say is....SCARY!!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER be going back...:l


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 47382     1/27/2010 3:29:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

im 22 years old and have lived in whiteville my whole life i have saw this light a few times before with me my grandma 2 cousins and aunt coming home from the beach and i have never saw it infront or jump the car but be behind u with no cars for miles and u see a white light in the distance behind u and all of a sudden it gets closer and closer til u hit the houses on the road and then it disappears i have saw it by my self and with friends before so i know its forreal and heart beat bridge is about a mile off of tram road and they say that a womans heart was cut out by a taxi drivers along time ago not sure of the time frame and he threw it over the bridge and thats what u hear if u stop the car and listen closly but i have heard the heart beat but not convinced its soemone elses but my own but if u wanna see it its on a night u wont be looking for it bad weather and full moons but i know its real i have saw it a few times maybe 3 or 4 and im 22 about to turn 23 thanks OBrian

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 57425     8/31/2010 3:51:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

well my mama is 44 now and she was born and raised in nakina and me and her both have went down this road many times before and we have yet to see it...but i would love to see it, if its real<3

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 59418     10/6/2010 7:09:00 PM     Edit       Reply    


I lived in Nakina for over 30 years and I have seen this light when I was 14 years old. It happened exactly as Paula described it in the first post.

I was traveling back home one evening after a church outing in Whiteville with a group of friends. We all saw the light in the distance and it looked just like another car heading in our direction, but it never split into two headlights. The light passed over the top of our car and vanished.

This is the only strange or paranormal event I have ever witnessed but I have no doubt about what I saw that night.



               Like      Dislike        Comment# 82717     9/29/2013 6:41:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

One night a friend of mine told me there was this road called old tram road, and if you stop on it, a light will chase you down to the end of the road. Well, I didn't really think much of it.. but he took me there, and with some other of our friends. Just being there felt creepy. We stopped on the little bridge over pass type thing, and waited.. all of a sudden a light came out of the trees, and onto the ground, it looked like a big spot light. It started to move towards us, and formed into two head lights which chased us all the way to the end of the road, then disappeared. I was terrified but I kept my eyes on it the whole time, and I know what I seen. I've told this story a lot but nobody except the people I were with believe it. I've been back a bunch. & for Heart Beat Bridge, I've never heard a heart beat there but other freaky things have happened there. 

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 83271     11/25/2013 3:59:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I have been down this road many times but I have not yet seen the Tram Light. My friend's mom swears that the light hqs chased her and her friends when she was younger (she is from Nakina) I will be going back to Tram Rd. To witness it for myself. I have been to heartbeat bridge and nothing happened however there were many people there and it was loud so i dont think anyone could have heard it. I have heard the legend of heartbeat bridge but does anyone know what happened on tram rd? Are tram rd and heartbeat connected?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 84282     3/2/2014 8:57:00 AM     Edit       Reply    
Anonymous User

When I go to heart beat bridge I always see the Tram road light. It follows the car till you get to the end of the road then it disappears. As soon as you get on the road it is kinda far away, as you go further and further down the road it gets closer and closer. Then whenever you go to get off tram road it moves really fast to your car and disappears.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 84382     3/3/2014 8:38:00 PM     Edit       Reply    
Anonymous User

I know many people who have seen it and witnessed the phenomenon of the light. My husband, gma, and mom for starters. I have also heard that something has come out of the light before but this could be imbellishment on a friends behalf as she knew she can easily scare me. My husband has actually raced the light and my gma was coming back from town with my mom and a friend of my moms when the light appeared behind them and chased them. My gma used to live in the brick house right beside the church and actually still owns the properties. My husband has also witnessed a phenomena not far from both of these places where little lights play and dance in a field near an abandoned house. Some of his friends chased the lights into the abandoned house and came out scared. They never were quiet sure what they saw. Heartbeat bridge I have heard the heartbeat myself and yet have never seen the girl as you are rumored to be able to when you have an even number of guys vs girls in the vehicle or more guys than girls. She waves you down and asks for you to take her home and when you pull into the driveway she vanishes. Reportedly if you go to the door and inquire about her the old woman will show you her photo to identify her and then tells you her story. But yes legend says she got into a fight with someone (reportedly her boyfriend) and left in a taxi where upon the driver pulled off at the bridge raped her then cut out her heart and threw it over the side of the bridge. There are more unexplainable things in NC and this area as well.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 85098     6/27/2014 6:26:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Lived here all my life 36 years. Sorry but it's just a fairy tale.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 85099     6/27/2014 7:08:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

- UK
I'm 40 years old... and was born and raised on Old Tram Rd. My dad is 63 and was born and raised on Old Tram Rd. We've never seen it... but have have seen a few drunks talking about seeing something weird. This is nothing more than a fairytale.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 85453     7/27/2014 8:25:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I never would have believed this story til it happened to me. Me and 2 others were driving down this road when we saw a globe of light following behind us, we went a couple miles and turned around and the light was sitting still in our lane, we were going 15mph. soon as we got close it spilt into two lights turned around and followed all the way off the road.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 86190     10/29/2014 4:24:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

- US
I have seen this light many times. Sometimes it's behind me, others in ffront of me. One time it was following beside my car. I've also seen it change colors before going into the woods and fizzling out.




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