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Holcomb Road
Holcomb Road
Bowling Green, Oh 43402

County: Wood County
GPS: 41.3747744, -83.6513229
WebSite: None

Holcomb Roadthe story is that a bunch of kids where on a Catholic field trip and the driver lost control and every one disappeared and they say at night if you shut off your car some one will push it and no one will be there also at night this white thing goes past and there are red eyes far into the woods and in the day time you can see people made out of sticks hanging out from the tree and there is cloths scattered every where and dead cats in the ditches and writing in the stones

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Chris The Research Guru

Last Seen: 2/26/2008 8:04:11 AM  

I have lived in this area, not counting undergrad, for 17 years and this is a fairly new story that has been generated about Holcomb Woods.  In reality, no bus full of children, Catholic or otherwise were killed in Holcomb Woods or anywhere else around here for that matter.  That's the kind of thing that lodges itself in local history and would always be remembered.  No one knows anything about a bus load of kids getting killed by the driver or by getting hit by a train which is another story I've heard about Holcomb. 


Here's what I do know about Holcomb Woods... It's a big woods for around here since most of the area is agricultural in nature.  The woods is owned by at least seven different land owners at last check.  There is a public road that up until the last couple of years was unpaved that biects the woods.  Kids from the local high schools have for years spent time on this road doing what high school and college kids do... hanging out, drinking, losing their virginity, smoking weed.  It's not unbelieveable to think that kids over the years have added to stories about the woods and then passed them along to the next generations. 


I DO remember one weird thing that happened out there that the sheriff was called in on.  This happened at least ten years ago and I was working for a county agency.  This is second hand information from a law enforcement officer who was on the scene.  I consider it reliable and can probably be found in the written record of his logs from that time.  The Sheriff was called to Holcomb Road to investigate a horse's head that was found alongside the road in the woods that was partially burned.  The horse's head still had the halter on it and no one from the county had reported a missing horse.


I have also heard that some satanic activity has taken place in Holcomb Woods but have absolutely nothing to back up that story.


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yeah, the only thing that i have seen happen there was me scaring the crap out of a group of people i was with in 2003. it's just woods!

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I know for a fact that a few people have hung themselves out at Holcomb woods as a Life long resident of a surrounding community...

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well a few friends and i went out there one day, and it was flooded bc it had been raining so bad for days. so they had road closed signs up and so we just sat there at the beginning and looked into the woods. we saw a single headlight. so we drove around to the other beginning and there was nothing. so we drove back around and there was a headlight still. and i dont drink or do drugs or any of that bull crap bc of the way i was brought up. neither do my other two friends. at least not when they r around me bc i dont agree with it. idk wat they do when theyre on their own.

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A pal of mine no longer with us now went in there about 40 years ago coon hunting his dogs were scared an confused the ran out of those woods so fast he could hardly keep up . they were scared of something , he said he heard a woman crying




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