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Lake Vesuvius
Ironton, Oh 45638

County: Lawrence County
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Many people have said that 3 ghosts haunt this place. A man who wears a cowboy hat and is seen walking along the road, a woman that looks like she has been beaten to death that has been seen down by the boat docks, and a strange white figure that floats in the trees.

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               Like      Dislike        Comment# 12239     4/24/2008 4:21:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

There are actually six Ghost that haunt the lake and surrounding area. One being an old lady who occasionally sits in a rocking chair at the log cabin.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 22663     11/1/2008 4:46:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I would definitely request more information on this claim (such as) photos, videos, eyewitnesses, and stories of who these spirits may be.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 28343     3/7/2009 11:29:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I have spent a lot of time in the Lake Vesuvius park area. I've camped, hiked and spent time in a canoe on the lake. I've even walked across the bottom of the lake a couple of years ago when they drained it. I've never seen, felt or experienced anything. It's beautiful place though.

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I have never had experinces there either and go there atleast 3 times every summer

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 72062     7/5/2011 5:50:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Has anyone heard the ledgend of Cotton Eye Joe??

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 84854 ReplyTo# 72062     5/11/2014 7:46:00 PM     Edit          

- -
The legend of cotton eye joe goes like this: When the lake was first being constructed there was a guy named Joe that was working on it and he lived in a cave out there then one day he went missing without a trace and since that day theres been over 20 unsolved cases of missing people at the lake and no bodies were ever found even after they drained what is now the old beach they still found nothing. They say that Cotton Eye Joe still lives on the old beach and he's some sort of demon.




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