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Cry Baby Bridge
Lima, Oh 45805

County: Allen County
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The Cry Baby Bridge out side of Lima about a couple miles back in the back roads. The story of it is a mom and her baby died in a car wreck on Halloween night mid night. And if you go to the same bridge on Halloween night at mid night you can hear the baby crying and it's rattle.

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this is only part of the story, the truth behind the story and i have gotten this from very reliable sources, a couple lived in a farm house tha toverlooked the creek that the bridge is on, one night the husband commited suicide with a shotgun, the wife becoming distrought in the following weeks became mental throwing baby off the bridge, later when someone came looking for her they found her dead in the corn crib behind the house they never said what the cause of death was, this story i know is true, there are nights that you will see the young farmer carrying a shotgun and protecting his family, he is described as a young man wit haveralls on, later in the late 1950to 1960 the kkk used to meet on this same road, one night a group of 4 males interupted the observances the kkk chased them down the road the kids lost control in the car and wrecked violently, all 4 were thrown out of the car 1 survived and was drug down the road and hung from a stop sign, the car is still there, i am one a few people who know its exact location, and it will never be where you would expect it to be, i am part of a paranormal society and freq the area quite often but out of respect will not just show the car to just anyone, you have to respectful to the dead my email address is integritymedic@fieldmedics.com

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OMG! i'm gonna go..!(:

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Last Seen: 4/23/2010 1:15:58 PM  
                  Cry baby Bridge Lima Ohio
                              [[I believe to be TRUE!]]

 My first Trip!
Okay. So Larry && I stayed in Lima Ohio one day so i decided to see if the story was true or false. It was around 10 maybe 11 pm In November 2009. We drove down the old Greeply Chapel Road. We passed about 4 stop signs before we came to the end of the road, Before the last stop sign of Greely Chapel a bridge lays. Which people refer to as cry baby bridge. So we go over the bridge and turn around. After that stop sign you can only go right or left, so we turn around and stop on the bridge. Now your suposed to get out and say i killed your baby, but it was FREEZING. So we stayed in the car we rolled the windows somewhat down so we could hear. We turned off the car and flashed on and off the lights three time. The last time we flashed off the lights i could have sworn i seen something but i wasnt going to say anything cause I didnt want to chicken out that quick so we sat there about 30 mins. Then Larry was staring out my window but i was terrified to look cause he had the freaked out look on his face like he was going to die. So i ask him what he sees, he wouldnt talk. He tryed turning on the car on and it wasnt working Freaky! So the car finally starts like 5 mins later, then the damn gas peddle stop working too. I didnt believe him so i stuck my hand down there and sure enough he wasn't joking. So it finally starts working. It was a creepy event. What sucks worse is after we got to the hotel and i threw up all nite couldnt sleep. It was weird as fuck!

 Second Trip!
Okay. Here we go agian but with two diffrent people. Nichole & Steven. We dicided at 1am in the morning on Febuary 27 2010 to go to Lima ohio. We came from Cincinnati Oh, and took I-75 just like last time. So we get there around 3-330am. && we get to the end of Greely Chapel Road turned around then came up to the bridge stopped. We only set for about 5 mins so this one isnt as good as the first, we didnt stay very long we had to get back to Cinci. So We flashed on the lights and Steven said i killed your baby. LOL funny! Nothing happend so we left (we were only there 5 mins) So we are driving down the road and Nichole says she seen someone in black walking down the road then when she blinked it was gone.? LOL So we get three mins further and she starts flipping out swearing that she seen a scarecrow in the middle of these peoples drive way waving at her. Steven & I were cracking up! BAD! Then next thing i know i believed i seen something it looked like a person standing next to this car parked in someones driveway then the disappered? So i was a lil freaked expacally after my exprence! Me and Nichole were joking around listion to some music when out of no where once we get 5 miles away from the road the radio changes to a bunch of guys saying "Dear Mary mother of God, something something something Until our hour of death!" Over and over and over agian!! After the 6th time of hearing it i turned the channel! I was freaked but it wasnt as good as the first trip i wish we could have stayed longer.

I will be going on a third trip soon I will video tape it && post it on this blog. :) If you are intrested just comment this blog and ill keep you updated on when the video will be on thanks

                    Want to go yourself?!?????
Of course you can mapquest Greely Chapel Road Lima ohio. not sure on the zip code tho.
I took exit 127B off I-75.
You go right off the highway, two lights then you will see a sign that says "Greely Chapel Road" and points to the right. Go around to the next light take right and there you are. Go down till the end of the road which only takes 10 mins. It will be right there before the last stop sign. :) Hope this helped. 

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Last Seen: 3/22/2011 4:46:12 PM  
Jenna. Hello! I live on Bowman rd. just one road to the east of Greeley Chapel. I grew up exploring around that area and I never had anything happen to me except at the last house house before you get to the bridge. I took my girl friend to the bridge and we got off my motorcycle. Next thing I know I'm being attacked by a German Sheppard that came from that house.I had my .380 caliber pistol with me and was able to shoot to scare it away. After making sure my girl was ok , we proceeded to leave the area and we had to go by that house again. Low and behold guess who was waiting on us, yep, Cujo, and I raced to get by him and some how he managed to take hunk of skin out of my ankle. What you heard on the radio was the Rosary being prayed on the Catholic Channel on the radio, "Mother of God pray for us sinners from now till the hour of our death". Actually If Your scared you probably couldn't have anything better on the radio.As for how that was put on you radio, well that might be your own little miracle.

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I live about 6 miles from this bridge. It's nothing more than folklore people. We used the freaky stories when we had a girl in the car so they would hold tight to us when we stopped on the bridge. People see what they want to see. If you didn't hear the stories and messed around this area... nothing would happen to your feeble minds.

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I would like to know,if souls can be freed from the trap of earth. And if so,how? And let me tellya,I've had some paranormal experiences before my uncle moved into his new home to settle down, a man who experamented on animals hung himself,how do I know? We found a two headed pig in a jar.anyway one night ,I was six,I hbileard many male voices outside,I looked and no one,yet I still heard the voices I burst out crying...

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Back in June of 1989, me and 3 other people got into a car accident there. The truck flipped and we landed right on Cry Baby Bridge. I haven't been back since and don't plan on going back!  Legend or not, in my opinion it is un-holy grounds!!


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Where is this bridge at?

Please tell me.


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Myself and a group of friends visited this bridge pretty recently just because we were looking for ghosts that night. Well we come up to the bridge and drove over the bridge first time and turned around at the stop sign. We stoped just short of the bridge and cut off the car and lights. So we sit there for about 5 minutes just looking out our windows, I personally didn't see anything but my friends were telling me they were so I was kids trying to freak them out more. Well my girlfriend said she saw something in the side mirror and when she looked up it was gone. Well then another begins to say something and was interrupted by 3 loud knocks on the passenger window of the car. We were so freaked out we sped off down the road and turend around at the stop sign and sped back over the bride and no one was there. A day later my girl texts me and says there was a baby doll tucked away in the back of trunk that she has never seem before. Never again am I going down that road.

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I went tonight with a couple of my friends, and we heard a knock on the passenger door too. We freaked out, and I drove away. The thing is, though, I couldn't roll the windows back up until we were away from the bridge

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Your comment here grew up down the road its folklore every state has a crybaby bridge,go to bloody bridge, however at the bridge on greely chapel on the east of the road in the woods along the river there was a old creepy graveyard that's pretty cool




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