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Commodore Perry Building
505 Jefferson Ave
Toledo, Oh 43604

County: Lucas County
GPS: 41.6509547, -83.5376300
WebSite: None

On the floors above the new apartment living areas, there is and old dance room and also an old restaurant. A young girl`s ghost appears on the steps of the room where a piano still sits from years ago.

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Last updated on : 7/29/2006

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I lived on the top floor suite of that building for 1 year. I never saw anything weird, but I did hear that a guy was found in the trash chute. I also heard that one of Bob Hope's kids had there wedding reception there and that Bob Hope sang to them. I also heard that Elvis got into a fight in the lobby.

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Dr. Doll

Last Seen: 2/24/2011 2:15:37 PM  
I know about the young man (Bruce) found in the trash chute. That is one CREEPY story. Bruce and Lee drive to Toledo from a town to the south to attend a concert at the Sea Gate Center, near the Commodore Perry, a large historical building which once was a hotel, but was converted to apartments. A young woman and her BF follow Bruce and Lee in a separate car. They arrive in Toledo and Bruce and Lee chug a 5th of bourbon and a 12-pack. (Neither Bruce nor Lee remember anything that happened that night after that.) They go into the concert, drink more beer, and get booted. Lee repeatedly punches a cement wall, leaving many very bloody handprints on it. The 4 walk to a gas station several blocks away. Afterwards, Bruce and Lee get separated from the couple. Bruce is found about 2:00 a.m. in the dumpster outside the Commodore Perry. He's been "compacted." (He lives, but has both legs amputated.) From the video footage at the gas station, statements from the couple and others, and bloody prints all over in the Commodore Perry, police reconstruct what happened -- to a point. Bruce and Lee entered the Commodore Perry and roamed around. Numerous peope see them. They wander into a locked stairway and get locked out of the building. They re-enter. They meet a young woman at the elevators. She refuses to get into the elevator with them. They ride up. They wander the halls and appear to be arguing. There are bloody prints around a trash chute leading to the dumpster, many floors below. Hours later, Lee is found in the dumpster. Lee is found nearby. Lee is interrogated, but has drunk himself too stupid to even say what town he is from. He recalls nothing. No one is charged in the incident. Years later, Bruce obtains a Ph.D. Lee? During the interrogation, a detective says to Lee: "Your best friend is in the hospital. He might not make it. You were there, but you're too drunk to remember anything. If I were you, I'd give up the booze. Just give it up." One wonders.

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