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The Historical McBride House
Fort Gibson, Ok 74434

County: Muskogee County
WebSite: None

This three story Queen Ann B&B has four residential ghost that haunt the house. They are extremely active, they can be heard talking, they can be seen and they can be felt. Sometimes they will tap guest on the shoulders, stroke the back of their hair, grab their waist, and pull on their clothing. They can be heard going up and down both staircases at all hours, one bedroom door will not stay closed at night, they give parties in one of the rooms downstairs, they take things from guest and owners, they whisper in the ears of the guest when they are in bed, and will also sit on the beds and shake them. One of the ghost is believed to be Dr. McBride , that built the house, then there is a Victorian lady dressed all in white, she also appears at the Old Army Hospital across the street, and two children a boy and girl. House is open for tours.

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Where's the contact information on this B&B? Kelly

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who do i contact to get into this place




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