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Zena Church
Zena, Or 97308

County: Marion
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This church is known as the "backwords" church, because it faces the opposite way of the sunrise. It has been known that there are ghostly spirits that roam the cemetery and church property at night. The name Zena is also a "name for a witch" which also intesifies the freakiness. There has been stories of a man on a bike that rides back and forth on the street this church is located, although, he wears a cloak and no one has seen his face. Also, there are a few graves that do not have grass growing over them, which means that there are truly evil spirits that lye beneath that ground (in the grave).

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Last Seen: 1/25/2008 10:16:44 PM  
That place is crazy....scary too. My cousin and I would hang out in the middle of the night at the bottom of the hill around the corner on a island in the middle of the Y turn. We would walk toward cars after they passed us so we were only visible with their brake lights.

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Last Seen: 7/16/2010 5:21:06 PM  
Folks, PLEASE!!!!! This is my family's cemetery. They helped fund it, create, build it in the mid-1800's. I literally "grew up" at this beautiful place. I remember weddings, funerals, ice-cream socials, homemade pie contests, everything inside our church back when the church was still open to all. Back before the vandals began, I used to sit in the huge, cradling arm of an oak tree, long gone, that shaded my oldest brother's grave. I remember the somber funerals with the black horses drawing the olD hearse with draped black curtains over the old glass windows, with its candle-lit carriage lamps. I can still hear the echos of the 21-gun salute, the buglar's Taps, the single cannon shot at my brother's military funeral during the very early days of 'Nam. Generations of my family are buried there, including REMEMBRANCE for their children who died along the trip to Oregon in the very early 1800s. They have been targets of the vandals forever. I, too, have encountered ghosts there, particularly in that building no one seems to have figured out what was for. It is a 2-hole outhouse. My grandfather explained why, and I laugh to this day. Thay are such gentle, kind, loving ghosts. Please do not try to turn this beloved place into what it IS NOT!! If you must, certainly go see Zena; it is a treasure. But, please do not sneak in at night, tranple on graves (many have very small markers - someone recently stole my father's 2"x3" marker after well over 23 years!). They might give you the thrill you seek, but you can see or hear just fine from the country road. Zena and the valley have incredible acoustics!! Thank you very much for your future considerations, WALLING.

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went there with some friends cause i saw it online and got curious, we spent a good hour there w/camera, tape rec., and picked up some really freaky stuff, like we caught a pic of a man in a cloak with no face, other sounds were also captured, ranging from unknown barking, to a women screaming, just really freaky, on the tape there's a women sayin "where ya goin? Don't Leave" more you wouldn't belive unless you were there.

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Last Seen: 3/4/2008 8:57:40 PM  
When me and my friend went there, it was so scary, we were there at like 12 at night and heard voices and it got all quiet and we were so scared to leave the light that we stood underneath the ONLY light for about an hour, the only thing that made us leave is because the seasaw started to randomly move, a house that came out of nowhere turned on and my friend saw the "black man" the black man is a guy that got hit by a truck there and is now seen by various people for briefe seconds, he's not called the black man because he's black he's called that cuz he was wearing all black when he died, i started hearing voices and when we came back the next day we took a bunch of pictures and most of them you can see faces in them. that place scares me so bad. it gives me goosebumbs just thinking about it

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i have marks when i went there i saw her zena i woke up with scratches all over my back. if you see her and run that will happen

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I would like to tell you about a church its called Spring Valley Zena church. Many people told me that it was a haunted church. So a group of my friends and myself decide to go and check it out. When we got there we just ignored the no trespassing signs. Which we knew was wrong but we still did it any ways. Then the keepers of the church came out and did a citizens arrest on us until the local authorities came. When the authorities got there we were placed under arrest and the cop gave us a citation. We went to court we got booked. They handcuffed us and took us down to jail. I have never been so embarrassed in my whole life. They finger printed us and asked us a whole punch of questions., they took are pictures. When we went back to the court for are punishment we got 1,000-dollar fine and 64 hours of community service. So I’m telling everyone not to go out to Zena church because you will be arrested and charged with trespassing in the second degree. And the judge said if he see’s anymore of these cases he would put you in jail. So do not go to this church.

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My sister,Buddy and sisters firend all went there about 2 months ago.we pulled up right infront of the place and parked all jumped out and walked right in to the grave yard.We hung out for about an hour to an hour and a half.walked around took pics checked out the graves and did our best to not disrespect the people buryed there.took lots of pics and got a few creepy ones but never saw any people or heard any thing out of the norm.

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When I was in highschool a few years back we used to go out to the church all the time we never stayed long but one night we did, we took out a video camera and a regular camera, we took lots of pics and videos and we actually caught a figure run across the fron of the camera and some mists on the regular camera it was soo crazy then come to find out one of my friend's that was there has relatives burried in there its very freaky but i swear that its true

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Last Seen: 9/9/2008 8:48:43 PM  
This church isn't backwards I dont understand that... It faces the sunrise.  I've known lots of churches around town that face all different directions.  This place is creepy for one reason: the rednecks that patrol the road around it.   We went out there one night to check it out and a car started following us, so we attempted to ditch it by going down a side road and turning around, but it waited and followed us back the other direction.  We kept going back and forth down the road out of pure amusement and a few other redneck locals joined in following us.  Finally they called a cop and he came out and stopped us, and told us that people around there are crazy and bored and to stay out of the area.

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I've been going out there for close to 20 years now. I've always loved it there even as a kid; it's beautiful. In fact, I was married in the church, which is too bad because my marriage sucked and I am now divorced but hey live and learn. I still love it out there, it is especially beautiful on a clear full moon night. Looks like something out of an old school horror movie. But if you are caught out there after hours, you will be arrested on site, no question. Too many stories of ghosts, and too many dumbasses vandalizing property.

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i have family buried at zena look for the small angel that stand on the north side of the church on the east side of the cemetary her name is linda and shes right between allen and ruth (my grand parents). Hey ya want something real scary? Try the cross roads hwy 1 and old hwy 8 in mississippi make sure to show up about 5 minutes before midnight and be prepared to bargain. now thats scary ZENA isn't. Yours truly (the hunter)

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 73260 ReplyTo# 20029     8/29/2011 10:26:00 PM     Edit          

Okay, the thing about hwy 1 and hwy 8 crossroads, that's bull. Who do you think you are, Dean Winchester? Good lord.

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I would have to highly disagree.. I will NEVER set foot on that property again. And what we saw (the other 3 people are too afraid to ever come forward and be judged as crazy)... Was nothing less than really bad energy or evil of some kind. Summer of 1998..Mid July to be more accurate. Me and 3 bored friends decide to take my car up there. It's still long before sundown. (probably 2 hours or so). Everyone is completely sober. COMPLETELY. We park the car on the north end of the church just below the bell tower. (car facing west towards the road). We exit the car and head north into the graveyard. (And yes, there are quite a few gravesites with an unexplainable lack of ANY growth on the ground). However, the really creepy part is MANY of the headstones have PHOTOS of the deceased on them.. Creepy but not totally abnormal....Some of the photos just look..wrong. Too much alive...Hell, I dont know. So, we head further north down the slope in the cemetery grounds toward the curve in the road... I hear the bell ring. I look back toward the car, nothing. Not a figure, not another car, not another person.. And all 3 of my other companions are within 20 feet of me..(and just as enamored by the creepy, lifelike eyes and epitaphs on many of the larger headstones....most of them couples I might add). As if they died at the same time ? No dates on both decedants for some reason.. curious ? By this time, we are all very much wishing we had never visited. I, along with 2 of my 3 friends, suddenly felt very sick (to our stomach, like flu symptoms) and VERY VERY unwelcome. We ALL unanimously and without talking to each other, headed right for the car. As my two rear passengers are entering the car, we look up to where the old bell is/was...And DO see a dark shadowy figure. In the car, doors locked, all uf us really freaked out....and now the car won't start. It took about ten seconds for it to finally start. I put it in low, jammed on the gas pedal, and at just that very INSTANT, something tapped twice on the trunk lid.. Needless to say, YOU or anyone else out for a scare, should not screw around with things we dont yet understand. And for verification purposes to prove I'm telling the truth....It was a white 1966 Plymouth Barracuda I drove that day...Brand new transmission, New engine and new everything...That car would start after a night of being parked with no more than a slight movement of the key and one touch of the gas... And the other truth...It's right up the road from a middle of nowhere chevron station on hwy99w. headed towards the ferry and mcminville...As soon as you enter the grounds..You realize something is not right about the place. But the absolute truth about how scary it was to us that day...The ONE friend who was the badass and not afraid of anything, and just happened to be kinda goth....Name of C....W...... Is now a born again christian and wont speak of things like what we experienced. Dont mess with the unexplained. But if you are into freaky stuff. It will scare you. Salem resident.

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This church got to the point where they had police there twenty four seven. You cannot get within ten feet of the church without getting turned away or arrested for trespassing if you do manage to get on grounds. Now it has been burnt down by order of the state and several site have been made to remove pics and listings of ZENA.... There was really something wrong with this area

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Last Seen: 11/10/2008 1:10:05 PM  

i want to go visit this place i am from tucson arizona and i was wondering if some one could help me with directions on getting out there!


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Last Seen: 1/7/2009 9:20:25 PM  

Comment: Well me and a freind went out there at about 2:00 in the afternoon on sunday the 5th...because she was board and wanted to do some "ghost hunting" i told her its hard to do in the day time but she prsisited. so we got out there and i had heard they still did service out there so i wanted so see if they might have had later services...they don;t but we walked around the grounds a bit... we both seemed to think everything was fine...didn;t see anything ut of the ordiary except for a few small sheds out back that i'm gussing are used for matanence equipment or something of that sort...we didn't go very far into the sall grave yard next to it...it seem normal as far as i could tell..about 50 stones or so..didn't relly look at them to see dates or anything...and thats about it....one last thing...there are large signs and a gate at the entrece telling people to stay out if the gate is closed so...yea probably shouldn't go in when the gate is closed...also a car drove up just as we were walking back to our car i'm gessing it ws someone making sure e wern;t doing anythig thing illigal...but yea it seem a pretty normal church...yea i could have a 'creepy' vibe to it...but its mostly psycing yourself out..... TEDDY Q from stayton OR

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Zena is a pretty creepy place I was just out there with my two cousins, It's not the first time I've been out there, but you get a really creepy vibe when you drive by at night sometimes. I've seen a few creepy things during the day but not many.

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Me and some friends went there a year or two back and I never knew the history of this place until tonight, just that they were told it was haunted and we'd be trespassing. We walked around for a bit, and I dont think anyone knew the history at all, eventually we saw a guy on a bike and immediately took off thinking we'd have the cops on us for being there. When I read the history on it tonight I got chills down my spine. Its a genuinely creepy place to be even if you don't spot anything.

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Our children begged us to take them to Zena Church one night a couple of years ago. It was late at night and there was no fence or gate there at that time. We dropped 3 kids off to go up and check out the grounds (not to vandalize) only to see if there was paranormal activity. My husband, myself and one of our sons was in the car waiting for the kids to come back down to the car. As we were sitting there teasing our son who stayed back, all three of us saw a black figure appear to the left of a tree near the church and then go behind the tree, come out and fade away. This really freaked us out. I believe in ghosts and have had several things that have happened throughout my life and this is one of the top scariest. Took my mom by the church a couple of weeks ago in daylight and still get that errie feeling.

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Reports that its haunted are false. I read all this stuff on the internet and it had me intrigued, so since I live in Salem, I visted the church. I found I have been there before and my great grandparents are even buried there. I went by Friday night at midnight and deputies were removing 5 teenagers from the fenced property. So I decided to go back on Sunday about noon with my boyfriend. There were 3 little old people visiting in the church, it seems their congregation is mostly dead, old or gone and very few of them are able to make it now. I asked if I could take pictures around the property and they were more than happy to allow me. In fact, when they were leaving, one of the old ladies asked if I wanted to take pictures of the inside **** yeah! Apparently, due to the stupid stories kids have made up about "ghosts", they have had extensive vandelism and property damage. An american flag from the late 1800's and a large organ was stolen. You can see pictures of the flag online, it was huge and had an old man next to it. Now they have a tall black fence & gate up to protect it as much as they can, but rumors are ruthless! She helped me find my greatgrandparents on the plot map and when we were about to leave, she asked if I wanted to ring the church bell! How many ghosties let you have that once in a lifetime?! It sounded so good, you would never know it was a 150 years old! She told me they are having a 150 year celebration for the church on November 1st, 2009.....I want to go, you should check it out too. I felt so bad for these poor little old people, they just want to enjoy their church and its history. And all kids can do is spread lies and steal. Get some morals & respect, people! You know, the church faces east too. Even though all the ghost sites say otherwise. So here is your moral for the day; find out for your self what true and whats not, before you pass it on. Also, the old comunity center still stands and has activities...its on the other side of Brush College Rd aways, when you come out of the church, turn right. When Zena Rd joins back into Brush College, go straight across the road for a mile or 2. It will be on your left when you come to a fork in the road.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43187 ReplyTo# 26489     10/29/2009 6:38:00 PM     Edit          

I do agree with the fact that it is a beautiful piece of history... And I really dont think it's any ONE place that could have a haunting of some sort. I only know what I saw and what my 3 friends saw that afternoon. And we were'nt teenagers when that happened. I was 21 at the time and the oldest was 23. And we were'nt into b.s'ing each other.. It was a genuinly creepy thing that happened. And I am ashamned that younger people have to vandalize places of history. Perhaps they are the ones that deserve to be haunted..? And yes, I am legitimate. I grew up near Hawthorne and Silverton road in N.E. Salem, Went to McKay High School, still live in Salem, Have since 1989....Non-believers can f off. Ask me to name an address..? Or I could tell you about lee mission cemetery on D. st....

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 63841 ReplyTo# 26489     12/8/2010 10:04:00 AM     Edit          

have you ever considered the fact that the old people you were speaking w/are in fact fully apparitiond ghost because i went to zena a few months ago fully permissioned and all everything legal and what happened that day still freaks the hell out of me so you never know what goes on in the night

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 28226     3/4/2009 5:58:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

The church was not burned down. It is not haunted. It is just a really beautiful piece of history. They really do take trespassing seriously out there, so you should NOT go there after hours. But do go by it sometime on a nice day when the gate is open and have a look around. Read some of the poetry on the headstones. It is quiet and a great place to reflect and feel a rich sense of history and community, but be respectful of the grounds and of the memories of people who lived and died in Zena.

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is this place still there because me and my husband went by today and where we thought the church was, only a a big island of grass and two trees

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Yes it is still there I went pass it today in the day light to show my husband

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This place is haunted. I have pictures that I took during the day with a friend of mine during the day. No one was to be seen and no cars followed us whatsoever. The really strange thing is that one of the sheds in the back was open. If they're so worried about vandalism than why don't they double check to make sure everything is locked up all nice and tight? We took a few pictures and ended up getting a misty figure standing behind the wood shed or the "Memory Kitchen" as it's posted, next to the little shed that was wide open. If you'd like to see our photos feel free to email me at vikingnurse09@yahoo.com. I will send the pictures to you so you can verify it for yourself. It seems that one gravestone is quite active than the others. But again you can see for yourself. Please remember not to vandalize! It is history!! :] Next stop for us is Pioneer Cemetery, and Croisan Creek Road. Wish us Luck!

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i havent had the time to go out there, but i read most of the "stories" on here. i plan to go soon, in the day and night; just out of curiosity i guess. i don't like to go from other peoples judgement, i'd rather experience and find out for myself, ya know? it's one of my bad habits, curiosity, it is indded. i will bring a camera, and video recorder and a few more people. i'll watch for pigs and report back to all of you soon how it went. p.s. if you are interested in stories like these, as is I, look up The Blaire Witch Project, or Amityville Horror..:D

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 35151     7/4/2009 9:41:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

If you go at night there is a big orange light out the front gate so you cannot unfortunatly see anything, so sad that kids have to ruin something that can be enjoyable. I wish that the people whom vandilize these propertys relize they are ruining it for everyone else!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 35422     7/9/2009 12:14:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Is there anything new about this place? Anyone who has gone out there and managed to get in to look around?

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The place is weak i saw the guy riding his bike and asked him if it was a moongose.

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i went here today as matter a fact a couple of hours ago nothing  happened but it sure is interesting and i am definetly going back at night too bad we cant get  in the church because  of all the dumb little youngsters who ruin it for everyone else it would be awsome to expirance something like that cuz i personally do not belive in "haunted" places

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i drove by zena church at 1 in the morning with my wife, we drove by slowly stopped, and got a bad vibe the whole time like there was something out there everywhere around us.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 36494     7/25/2009 12:35:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Some friends and I went to Zena late at night for kicks.  This was in the early 90's. We had heard several ghost stories but were fairly skeptical  We poked around the graveyard proper and nothing really happened.  When we walked around the church itself, I attempted to look inside via window. As soon as I got close to the window, a VERY LOUD BANG came from inside the church. Obviously I couldn't see inside, but my imagination postulated a pew flipping over was the origin of the startling noise. As we attempted to leave, somebody in a car drove back and forth in front of the entrance. It was rather unsettling. We rushed to our vehicle while the other car was turning around for the umpteenth time and sped off.  That car followed us all the way back to Salem.  I'm sure the car was some concerned resident of the area etc but I'll never forget the loud bang from inside the church.  Who knows, eh?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 37066     8/2/2009 10:51:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I grew up in that area, I've been there a bunch of times, and I have an aunt that still is an active church member. 

I was very intrigued to learn here that Zena is "a name for a witch". 

I always naively and foolishly believed the insipid historical vignette that the founder of the post office named it after his wife sometime in the mid 1800's..

Nevertheless the freakiness does intensify when you learn that the original name was "Spring Valley".

Witches and deranged hillbillies and other demons and haints often SPRING from the darkness and shadows before committing their nefarious deeds upon your weakly resisting corporeal body and Life itself is described as having peaks and VALLEYS! and no one likes the VALLEYS!!

SPRING VALLEY... what an undeniably wicked name, and such an incredibly dark provenance for a church!

So venture there with great care.  Try bringing one of them little plastic glowing crosses, or for an extremely intense supernatural experience... go in a group, have everyone bring a bed sheet and at an opportune moment drape the sheets over your shoulders, then run about flapping your arms while intoning Woo Woo!  Woo Woo!

Sends chills down my spine just thinking about it.

Another approach might be displaying proper respect by not trespassing and attending a public service.

Oh well,
Big job for me coming up next weekend...I figured my grass was dying because I didn't provide water this summer..but apparently some truly evil entities have taken up residence beneath that ground...I wonder if I could keep 'em quiet by scattering some sage on the surface of the yard...just until I can  hire a qualified exorcist...I wonder if Angies List?....

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 37826 ReplyTo# 37066     8/13/2009 7:52:00 PM     Edit          


No reply to comment 37066, however:

I've discovered Zena in an 'odd' way and have now been out there twice. Once with a friend and once by myself. I don't really know if I believe in the paranormal, but then I also don't think we know everything that goes on either. Can't say I do or don't believe, however I think it would be interesting to see something I can't explain. It is a very beautiful historic place I found very peaceful. Respect earns you respect - from the living and the dead, remember that.

I am intrigued by one stone I just can't get out of my mind, it is what made me go out on my own so I could do some research. I've never had this 'need' to investigate the history of someone, but this 'recent, per sey' stone just has my entire thought to date. I do find THAT unusual as I have visited many, many graves all over the country over the years.

I encourage those who want to visit a very beautiful place to go, but be respectful. No paranormal activity to write about.........yet, but if it happens, I will share.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 38769     8/29/2009 10:01:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

first of all, whoever posted this doesnt even know what they are talking about. Just to clarify it is zip code 97304 and in Polk county. I know this cause I live right next to it and it is not haunted. Nice try.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 40324     9/28/2009 12:58:00 PM     Edit       Reply    


Me and my friends went there last Friday around 3:00 AM. Candles were lit when we drove past, and when we walked up to the church, they were no longer lit. When we were on the church property, we saw a face in the church window. We started wandering around the cemetary and we finally left. There was no wind blowing outside the property, but on the church property there was a slight breeze. Very scary. Going again this Friday.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43191     10/29/2009 6:57:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

New thread on any other 'weird' activity ? The thing with the guy on the bike I think is a load of .... but the big headstone with the couple on it only 25 feet from the middle-south of the church is very disturbing. I mean, c'mon. It's halloween. We all like to talk about it. I DO truly believe that you should'nt screw with paranormal stuff though. Was overseas once with my mother at the age of 12 and we took a visit to 'greyfriars city of the dead'. It's a cemetery about 8 miles wide east to west, 3-4 miles long north to south. By far the creepiest, scariest place I have ever been. Locals will even tell you about the dangers. Look it up, then check out how large it is on googel earth..It's bigger than the city of salem.

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Sorry, Just NORTH of the middle of the church headed down the slope. Big grey granite headstone with a young couple pictured on it..Facing west. About 25 feet from the north end of the churches' center

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Ya i went to this place with my sister and some of our other buddies who were into the whole ghost chasing thing. We ended up parking on the side of this gate and just all jumped out and started walking up toward the doors, about 10 feet from the doors 3 trucks pulled up and all pointed guns at us and shot off a couple warning shots, at this time i was like oh shite... so they called us over and lined us all up and had their guns like right in our faces and just threatened us that they had every right to shoot...it was kinda lame the way they tried to scare us and all but it is deff not calming with a gun in your face. But right after the line up they were talking bout how they just had some cats arrested for trespassing and how we would have to wait till the cops came back, They held us for bout an hour then took us one by one and took our names and shite then let us go, but during the time one on one with one of those guys i tried to explain that we were only out there because we read somewhere that it was a cult and that it was haunted and the other guys over heard me say that and they were all pissed saying that its not haunted and that they attend the church regularly, so i was kinda blown away....so as im finishing up with this other guy i ask him do you go to this church too? and he tells me no because he doesnt believe in what their leader says and how they are kinda out there...so in my conclusion i dont feel that its haunted but there is deff some culty shite going on there

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I live right down the road from zena. i have been there twice, once at night and once during the day. the gates are open during the day and anyone is allowed to walk around and check it out. you cant go in the church or this other little house but you can see in the windows. I hadn't seen anything paranormal so i went there with some friends trying to see something. i heard that if there was no grass on the grave, then it was a disturbed spirit. i found a grave from 1850 and it had NO grass on it. I was being a "bad ass" and layed down over the grave like a dead person (arms crossed and hands on my shoulders) my friends freaked. they couldn't believe it. after that we all felt very unwanted. we walk around a bit more just because we wanted to look at everything. we found these porta-pottys and i opened it and saw a woman in a white dress and slammed the door closed. my friends opened back up and the woman was gone. i havent been back after that but i want to. Oh and the rumors about being held at gun point are 100% true. you will be held at gun point until the cops come and you will be arrested so beware. plz feel free to ask me about anything.


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I've been attending Sunrise Service at the Zena Spring Valley Church for years. I just discovered the recent E Mails about it being haunted. Crawling over a locked gate after dark. That is the behavor of VANDALS and THIEVES. Do they think they are the only UNINVITED that crawl over THE LOCKED GATE? I love going to the Zena Spring Valley Easter Sunrise Service. My son and I sit in a small wooden pew by a window with old wavy glass. I enjoy the sunrise. I sing the same old hymns loudly. When the tall wooden doors are opened and the bell rope is pulled. We can hear the sound ringing out over the hills like it has done for decades. The small group of folks that keep the church functioning have refreshments prepared. They enjoy having visitors linger and visit. I suggest instead of creaping around in the dark you show up Easter Sunday Sunrise Service with your bright smiling faces and learn what the wonderful old church on the hill is all about. These people love the old church. FANTASTIC! "unwelcome late night visitors can be talked to and even arrested." Question? When you die will you suddenly become a ghostly threat to folks with nothing better to do then go to a cemetary or church at night? Suggestion: Visit the older folks that are wearing out maintaining the church and grounds. OFFER TO HELP IF YOUR SO INTERESTED IN THE CHURCH AND CEMETERY. Looking forward to meeting you at the Easter Sunrise Service. DS BS

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Zena church is one of the freakiest places in the world or at least salem. Ive been there twice and it still freaks me out

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We went there a couple days ago and nothing out of the norm happend...maybe because we are witches..we did a seance there and we felt very welcome....we did tho hear a guy talk to us it was very awesome no one got scared but invited him to join us

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STOP!!!!!!! DO NOT GO TO SPRING VALLEY CHURCH IN POLK COUNTY OREGON LOOKING FOR GHOSTS!!!! You will get arrested!! Over 300 (Three Hundred) people have been arrested at that location between 2007-2010. It is a trap. People go there especially at night and the church folks are fed up with this, and they have somebody there to call the police every time anyone shows up. Please DO NOT ignore the NO TRESPASSING signs; they mean it. People go there for the thrill of getting spooked, scared, or whatever, but the only thing that will haunt you forever about the cemetery at Spring Valley Church is the moment when the police put the handcuffs on you and take you to jail. In addition to being charged with trespassing, you might also get charged with possession of marihuana. They judge will laugh at you at you and ask you "So did you think that smoking some dope would help you see the ghosts better? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!. All this, while a courtroom full of people is laughing at you as well as the judge sentences you. Also, you will have several court dates to attend, and a lot of money to pay. Yes, going to Spring Valley Church in Salem, Oregon, in Polk County will haunt you forever. Please whatever you do, DO NOT go there. If you have never listened to anybody in your life, please listen to me and you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Thank you.

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I was married @ this church last Sept. My husbands parents are buried in the cemetary. I've been inside, outside and all around the property. I've NEVER felt any BAD or HAUNTING feelings ANY of the times I've visited Spring Valley. In fact, I go there any time I need some quiet and want to feel at peace. I have thousands of wedding pictures taken in and outsie of the church and I can assure you, there are no 'ghost' photo's. Much like many, many things in life, your visit to Spring Valley depends on whatever YOU choose to believe in & seek. **Please take care anytime you are on the grounds.**

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Please do your research before saying BACKWARDS CHURCH, There is no such thing. I can give you a list of plenty of churches here in salem that face west (THE OPPOSITE WAY OF THE SUNRISE). There is no code saying what way a church can face. Now there is however guidelines on how markers should face, Not always done this way. But normally markers face towards the east. Yes the place does say no trespassing during the night. Daytime anyone can visit. Just please be respectful of the place. Bad karma sucks to carry. If your going to go anywhere get permission first. Otherwise you just make worse for yourself and other people who are credible paranormal investigators. Thank you! Andrew Markishtum S.I.G.H.T Paranormal Tech Manager

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My uncle lived across the road from Zena Church. He farmed about 285 acres of land, some of which was adjacent to the church property. As a kid, I went to piano lessons with my aunt on the farm. We went by the church every week on the way to and from the weekly lesson. Later on, my uncle passed away and we had a graveside service there at the Zena Cemetery. This weekend, my aunt will join him, and a memorial service will be held in the Zena church. As several of the other posters have noted,the grounds and church are a special place that held much meaning for the people of Zena. I see it that way as well.

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I conducted a seance, tried ouija board, you name it... nothing.  Not haunted.

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This is a place that should be left alone, the chruch still holds service every week and the people are just trying to keep up with the vandalism that keeps occuring to the property. So please have some respect and stay out of locations like these. Thanks Salem Paranormal

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We were out there tonight it did not seem spooky to me But I will be looking into a little more I want to go out there during the day ....

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Last Seen: 2/2/2012 9:40:39 AM  
Is this church abandoned or is it still running?

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My story with this place is it is not haunted!!!! Maybe something weird going on with what the people who attend this church follow and they're protecting it but not haunted lol. I went to pick up my nephews here and they were 16, 15, and 14 and I was arrested for trespassing. I was taken to jail all weekend until Monday I have a trespassing two on my record and was the oldest of the bunch that was there And i have to explain this on every interview I go on. I knew nothing about this place until after I got out of jail. My nephews were just left to go home when their mom came to pick them up. The whole story about me going to pick them up the cops did not believe and yes the rednecks do pull out guns and hold you until cops come. It was ridiculous and embarrasing. They asked me if Iknew what that sign said I said yea it reads no trespassing they said okay turn around and put your hands behind your back. Wow I had a career and everything and almost got it all taken away. NOT WORTH IT!! I have a mugshot and I was crying and all. I am lucky I did not lose my job, my child and my boss was understanding. Try explaining this in a interview and looking professional. Not a great look dont go to this place please unless you wish to be in jail PS the Polk County Police had fun putting me with the nastiest bunch of prostitutes in the jail very gross. worst experience in my life.


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Most of what was said is accurate except for the rednecks, they dont pull guns on the people they catch they do let them know they need to wait for law enforcment to show up and have a talk with them

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nathan 79

Last Seen: 6/7/2011 6:08:37 PM  

Last Halloween, against my better judgment, we went in search of ghosts at Spring Valley Church. We did not find any. Instead, we received citations for Criminal Trespass. So, take my advice and do not go looking for ghosts at this church. All you will find is trouble.


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                                                                                                                                               So me and some friends went up to the zenith church on Halloween so we went  and jumped the fence got to the graves and the owners of the church showed up and told us we were under citizens arrest. We got a ticket 24 hours community service and 6 months probation its not worth the trouble so don't go there looking for ghosts because you wont find any.


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The rednecks that patrol the Zena Church area are absolutely insane.  I parked in a gravel turn-around about 100 meters from the church, fired off a roman-candle into the air with my brother and girlfriend. Two trucks came roaring up and one cut my parked car off, and one redneck jumped out and ran up to me in his cute little camouflage pants, jacket and hat, although it was dark out.  He yelled, "This is community watch, you're trespassing."  He was about two feet away from me so I took a step back and stated, "Okay, chill man."  This set him off and he went rambling on about how I'm being, "lippy" and he's calling the cops.  He proceeded to do so.  I simply sat down on the ground, realizing the 3-4 (I couldn't tell because they had pointed their truck lights in my eyes) men are crazy rednecks.  They said they were going to put the three of us under citizens arrest until the cops come, then, since we are under 18, we will have to be transported to a juvenile detention center in another city about an hour away because Salem doesn’t have one, stripped searched, and wait for our parents to pick us up.  This made me very mad seeing as my girlfriend and little brother would have to suffer through this as well.  My girlfriend was crying and was very scared by these pricks and I felt terrible for this, which is why I chose to suck up to the old scrote.  They never followed through with placing us under citizens arrest because I think they knew they had no right to.  They never had the right to keep us there, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time.  After watching a bunch of “COPS” my brother said, “Dude just kiss their asses and say how sorry you are.”  I listened and did so.  The man who appeared to be second in command told me he appreciates my, “change in attitude,” although I had not shown an ounce of disrespect beforehand.  Then he shined his million candle light power beam up in the air on a telephone pole, pointing out the “No Trespassing” sign that was invisible in the night, and impossible to spot unless you knew it was there.  Previously I assumed the massive, useless gravel turn-around was public property.  I continued to say sorry although I just wanted to berate the idiots for wasting my time and trying to scare innocent teenagers.  Then chief-camo-guy told us to, “Get [our] asses out of here before the cops come.”  This made no sense and I regret not calling the police myself because now I know they must have been bluffing, and seeing as these vigilantes were very threatening towards three obviously unarmed, innocent looking teenagers.   Afterwards my brother and girlfriend told me that the men had called me an “asshole” and a “prick”, and continued to complain that it’s “always the driver.”  Moral of the story: if you decide to go on that property, be careful and if you piss these guys off just don’t do anything illegal, and perhaps bring a video camera or two so that you can defend yourself when the police arrive, and DO NOT go to the Zena Church at night for hundreds of people have been arrested for trespassing by the angry old bumpkins who catch them.

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So you were shooting off illegal fireworks on someone else's property in the middle of the night and you don't think the rednecks could've had you arrested?  lolwut?

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It was 9:00 at night and I was not aware that it was private property, even though I have gone past the lot dozens of times.  To answer your question, I do think they could've arrested me.  However, I consulted with my friends dad who is a police officer, and he told me that they would have gotten in a good deal of trouble as well for behaving as they did.  I don't think that they were justified in the way that they treated 3 very respectful, apologetic teenagers.  lolya.

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I grew up in Zena,went to the one room, lived in the house that was once the post office, and my grandmother and uncle are buried in the cemetery by the church. I attended Sunday school at the church through grade and high school.  I drove out there about three years, and sat in front of the church and looked out over the beautiful country side. I visited the graves, and found that my grandmother's maker needs to be reset. I made the sixty mile trip a year later. and found the place surrounded by a high fence. You scary ghost hunters should go to or rent a weird movie, and let an old lady visit her relative's grave in peace.
Take down this web site!
Mary McConnell Byerley

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DO NOT GO HERE!!! 2 friends and I decided to check this place out. We scoped it out a bit and came across a hole in the fence, so we decided to sneak in. Moments after getting onto the grounds, a guy yelled at us to come to the entrance. He made us sit there while he called the cops. I started singing 50s songs because I was bored and the funny old guy patrolling the place like d that I guess and he let us go. It was total bs. This place is not haunted at all and you'll go to jail like an idiot.




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