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GhostMan ofConstitution Drive
Constitution Drive
Allentown, Pa 18109

County: Lehigh County
GPS: 40.5992641, -75.4402085
WebSite: None

Reports of an apparition of a man that walks with 2 dogs that have red glowing eyes. Believed to be the owner of the dogs, he was run over by a train losing a leg and bleeding to death.

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               Like      Dislike        Comment# 6514     10/29/2007 5:59:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I`ve lived in Salisbury for about 10 years now and have went down to Constitution Drive or "Consty" for years now four wheeling, partying, or just driving through and never saw anything crazy. The Story of the "albinos" is NOT true, well atleast to my knowledge. BUT off of the road there is a small path (coming in from the Allentown side you go down to almost the very end and it will be on your left, kind of hidden) that takes you to an old pavillion which is kind of creepy at night. If you choose to go becareful. Police go down there and there is ALOT of weirdos that walk around down there. Also, don`t be alarmed of the house in the middle of it, a family lives there.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 41739 ReplyTo# 6514     10/16/2009 11:22:00 PM     Edit          

There *is* an albino family that lives up there.  And they are the nicest people you could possibly imagine.

I used to live in South Front Street before I moved out of the area, and I used to do a lot of rollerblading.  There was a young albino man who did a lot of jogging in the alley behind our house.  He'd always smile and wave to me.  He wasn't the least bit creepy, if anything, he was probably relieved that I didn't crash into him on my blades.

Why is Constitution Drive getting so much attention lately?  Yeah, it's creepy as hell, but... haunted?  I'm still not so sure about that.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 13314     5/24/2008 3:30:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I was there at 11 48 exact go to the wall of death and walked half way up and left. So me and my friend decide we want to go back so we call a friend at 12 he picks us up at 1 34 exact. We arrive at the well 1 47 we get our flash lights and walk to the well as we all notice the trains passing so a minute goes by we are on the hill and exactly 1 48 we here this noise is was a calm soothing noise yet playful. We stay there befuddled by the noise the train was long gone and we come to find that our driver was touched by somethin. "he goes knock it off" thinking me or my friend were doing but it was the girl killed by her father. There were no sticks or anything around. So we run to the truck scared shitless and sit in the car turn it on and what do you no I see a black shadow with dog looking animals. As we drove close the shadow moved to the woods. We stop at 7 11 to meet people and the driver notices that the the driver seat mirror was bent over. Laugh and call us crazy we went back at 238 exact and yet out walk the hill me being the last one says will watch our backs so as I look back I see a child like figuire run across the street. ThiS is all true stay there for a hour and you will ts the truth.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 13373     5/25/2008 10:08:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

These haunted Constitution Drive stories are as old as the hills. When we were in high school in the 1970's it was a great place to party. It was always fun to take newbies there and scare them. Yes, it's dark. Yes it parallels the Lehigh river or canal (can't remember which as I've been living out of state a long time). And yes, portions of unaccessable road continue behind the Allentown State Hospital making it great for local fokelore and tales of escaped lunatics. Once back in 1977 our car wouldn't start after a party and we were forced to walk to the lone house for help. No albinos, no cult killers, just a dad and son who were extremely helpful. But there is something comforting to know that the stories (fairy tales) continue through the years...

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 14622     6/26/2008 11:36:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i've lived in a-town my whole life...been to cons drive alot! i've never seen anything per say just felt uneasy. im sure it was just b/c of all the stories that filled my head when i was back there...really theres nothing to be scared of...its just fun going there for the adrenaline rush!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 15292     7/11/2008 10:00:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

The story i heard was that there was a school bus, full of children, on its way to somewhere and it broke down infront of the railroad. After a while of no help, some of the kids got out and started pushing as their only option. Little to their knowledge there was a train coming on the currently broken train tracks that are there now. As the train could not stop the bus got crumbled from the train and the kids pushing on the back of the bus were killed also. It is said that the kids spirits that were pushing the bus are still there, and that if you park a car there you will see the hand prints of what you would think are people's hand prints on the back of your window and your car will be pushed forward onto the tracks. So hearing this story a group of my friends set out for consty and arrived at around noon(it was way past dark.) They parked the car on the side that the bus was on and waited for something to happen. After nothing for a while a car on the other side of the rail road driving noticeably fast drives up and screeches its brakes and ends its travel inches away from the hood of my friends car. The car's high beams glaring inside of my friends car they stand at a stare off for more than 5 minuets, them scared shitless just sat there not talking. and they couldn't see inside the car. After five minuets the car backs up and drives off. they look back and there is hand prints on the back window, but their car doesn't move.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 47834 ReplyTo# 15292     2/6/2010 6:14:00 AM     Edit          

Last Seen: 7/9/2011 3:18:32 PM  
hahahahhahaahahaha. The famous broken down bus story. What, does this happen in every town? Because it seems that every town in every state has a story identical to this. How would a group of kids be able to push a school bus? Do you know how much school buses weight? Trust me, I've heard the same story happening in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and about ten other states. When a bus breaks down, you don't push it to your destination. You call for help on the bus CB radio system. You really are gullible.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 17776     8/29/2008 2:42:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

dude im qoinq [:

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 17831     8/30/2008 1:02:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

well im only 16 and ive only been to the begining of it b4 the road gets small ive never heard of it but suppusebly theres a house of albinos and creepy stuff happens!! so we where gonna get out n walk but we got out of there and rite then as my friend was backing up his car up into a fire hydrant wich had every body pissin there pants so from the guy who was there in the 70's i believe u !! urban legend cleared. =]

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 17946     9/1/2008 3:29:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i've been here once or twice and have heard similar stories. grew up in pennsylvania but have since moved to the big city and occasionally visit the folks back home. i have also heard about "humming" or "music" heard if you stop toward the middle of the road and open your windows. me and friends went during the day and we did hear sounds. they sounded almost like wind chimes but a bit more "heavy" and varying in pitches and volumes. but very delicate sounding, excluding any sounds that could have come from the railroad tracks. i have heard stories of children playing or walking down constitution drive at wee hours of the morning/dead of the night.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 19141     9/21/2008 9:11:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Last Seen: 9/21/2008 6:58:59 AM  
I went last night with my friend. We we driving along very slowly on the road and we past what I'm assuming the wall of death. Shortly after that we saw the no trespassing sign so decided that we should turn around. As I was turing my car around my car headlights light up a tree and we saw a noose on the tree. After a few minutes of sitting there I got out of the car and went over to the noose. I look at it and clearly the ropes been there for awhile, and then when I touched the noose I heard the loudest scream I ever heard in my life it sounded like a little girl. My friend didn't see me touch the noose but he said he heard it to. The strangest part was is that I heard the scream and it came from the direction of the noose towards the river. While my friend heard it from the hills on the other side of the road. I ran back into my car and sped out of there. I never saw anything but that scream at the noose was crazy. I figured I'd say something about the noose there because no one has ever said anything about that.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 20224     10/7/2008 12:32:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i heard that if u go friday and sturady past eleven the albions come out looing for food and the would eat u and they got red glowing eyes and there very white with red or blond hair and i heard that if u park next to that slanted tree u would here the little girl sctraching on top of your car.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 22448     10/30/2008 11:54:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

My friends and I drove down Constitution Drive tonight. We made it about a quarter way down the road when we saw the no tresspassing sign. I was only down the road once before ... and I've never seen a ghost or heard any noises. But honestly, the feeling of uneasiness is enough to make you want to leave.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 23307     11/13/2008 3:28:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I honestly have never been to Constitution drv. but i really want too!!! Im a young girl and a bunch of my friends and i are planning on going my friends told me many things about Albinos and something about that you should wear a roseary or neclace with a cross on it. Also I would really like to know more about the wall of death!!! Any advice on what i should watch out for???

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 23311     11/13/2008 4:24:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Be very careful and watch out for the deranged albino family who are said would kill people. its even said they had their own church. So just warning you be very careful and I don't know about the roseary but if it is said to be good wear one.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 23505     11/17/2008 7:57:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Well, im going there with my friends this weekend :] and im pretty HYPED! so all thease stories im hearing, ill findout if there true, im pretty nervous to go but hopefully i come out alive! haha

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 23816     11/23/2008 11:21:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i live here in constitution drive and i see alot of crazy stuff one day i was driving down in the dirt road trying to scare my sons an when i stopped my car an i try to turn around but my car was getting pushed towards the hill where the train tracks were. so i put the car on reverse an got the hell out of there an we were screaming from the top of our lungs. so the next morning i went to the car 2 go to work thats wen i saw hand prints in back of my car. i took piks and everything else just to show all this story is true.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 24727     12/16/2008 8:34:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I have lived on Constitution Drive for five years. I consider it a special privelege to have have found this tiny paradise. Beautiful place to live, especially during the summer, when all is green, and nature is all powerful, and the gardens bloom with all forms of life. But do not come here if you are not already welcome.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 25755     1/12/2009 9:28:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

During the summer of 2008 a couple of friends and I decided to take a drive through Constitution around dusk. Everything seemed peaceful and normal, though there was a fog that set over the road. As our driver pulled up to the railroad tracks, he rolled down all of our windows to see if we could hear the train whistle. To our surprise, the train whistle blew in a way that almost seemed like a song. We left and headed to the Control Pad. While there, two of us sat outside of the store and heard the song again. My friend and I took a picture outside of the Control Pad and noticed that an orb that looked somewhat like a face appeared in the background. We all decided to return at dark, taking a different way home. As we approached Constitution Drive, an impending sense of dread set over us. The road was still foggy and the temperature seemed colder than usual. Our driver instructed us not to leave the car. As we drove through, we noticed a chair sitting on the side of the road which wasn't there a couple hours before. The driver told us that he was attempting to accelerate but something wasn't allowing him to accelerate over 30 mph. We rolled along carefully on the dirt road and drove especially slow past 'The Wall of Death.' I personally saw nothing, but the people in the car who possessed an extra sight told us otherwise, and told two of us not to turn around, because there was a something inside the car. One of us did, which was the tragic flaw. We continued through Constitution until we got to the end. Two miles after leaving, one person informed the driver that there was still a presence in the car. Though alarmed, we continued driving until we'd reached our destination. I spent the night at one of the friend's houses that night. We woke up the next morning to a sight we were unable to explain. On the window between the window screen in the bathroom were two sets of handprints; one large set and one small set. Also in the bedroom there were marks on the window that looked as if someone had run their fingers across the pane. The handprints are on the window to this day. The moral is, stay away from Constitution Drive if you're looking to be scared. You will be followed whether you know it or not. There is more to Constitution Drive than the ghost man with dogs; there are several tortured souls trapped there including the malevolent spirit of a little girl.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 27000     2/8/2009 12:18:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

we live by constitution drive and one day us and a couple of friends decided too visit a house tht is by constitution drive tht is told to be abandon.. we all went upp just for funn cuz ppl said it was huanted we took plenty of picturees and after COUPLE minutes ran away frm hearinq wht sounded likk doqqs but before we ran away we went upp to the house too see tht someone was lookinq out the window and as we left everytime we turned around we wuld see the liqhts turn off.. we qott home safe but wen we looked at the pictures we found a ghost it looked lik a lady in a lonq white dress just lookinq out the window we never returned.. constitution drive is the place too goo if yuh wana qett scared

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 27660     2/21/2009 4:13:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

HEY!! i went on holloween 2008 and we had fun. It was me my brother Eric and Jeremie, my dad and uncle Luis. Jeremie was dareing so he went on da back of da truck along with Luis. Later not long be4 we entered i got out with Eric and we walked in front of da car. My mean father turned of his head lights and we got supper scared. Anyway i really had 2 pee and we were takeing pic's so it would be a long time till we got out of there. So i used da B.R in there {BIGGEST MISTAKE!!} so i toke napkins and went behind a tree with Eric in da front of it. i told da others 2 go on. just then i heard da train comeing from below us and since it was my 1st time i screamed Eric jumped and we ran with only my underwere on lol. Later we went near dis house I was on da back of da truck now!! My crazy a** brothers go up a hill cuz they swore they saw a car standing straight up. They went half way up when the the owners or the property open da door and da light shined out. Jeremie ran down the hill sayin "Theres sumthing up there, theres a lil girl up there" so him and Eric ran down, i hoped off da back with my uncle and we all jumped in da car and went on. When we got 2 da train tracks we were making fun which was dunb, and we acted like the guy with his dogs. It was not long till a random train came speading and we all had 2 jump off fast cuz we had no clue a train had been comeing and got dat close. We found dat crazy scary so we toke pic's a soon caught a lil girl and a man just siting on a train cart!! We got in once the train was out of sight and found sum arows and went down and me and Jeremie herd barking but not Luis my dad and Eric. Our adventure was ending and we saw sum sign about a park so me and Eric went down it but everybody was 2 scared. I mean im a 13 year old girl and a 16, 40 and 42 year old wont go with me and Eric. Eric is 19! We neva found a park so we went back. We were almost there when Luis popped out the tree and scared me and my bro. I said dats not funny u guys and he wuz like its just me!! But i saw my brother Jeremie behind him cracking up. We went 2 the car and there Jeremie was takein pic's... days when we left!! I THINK U SHOULD GO, IT WOULD BE MY 5th TIME IF I GO AGAIN!!

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i only went there twice.The first time i went my friend chicken out and said that she went there to many times and said that she had a feeling that something was gonna happen to us so we turned around and drove it.When we got to the last house near the railroad my friend said that he seen the garage open so we turned around at the train tracks and handed on with are night. The second time i went we decided to walk cause everybody wanted to even though we only had flip flops on. when we got to the last house were you enter the woods to enter your journey.We walked about only ten feet and was about a feet away from the woods.We heard this weird scream so we all jus ran i lost my flip-flops.We later drove it and seen so many people drivin it that night.So glad i got my flip-flops back,but when we drove it we arrived at the house and stop and all the lights turned off so we quick turned around and left.The funny thing was that there was a car behind us who seen the same thing we did.

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there is nothing there its dumb i went.

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I've been to this road a few times. Heard of all the legends and stories but never saw anything. If you want a scare though, go there at night, and turn your car and lights off with the windows down, and just listen to the darkness. It's also a good place to dump a body, if you plan on doing such a thing in the near future.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32109     5/11/2009 9:16:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I went up to Constatution Drive with a couple of friends of mine we all were going camping under this pavilion up there and as I was up there I got this real bad feeling that something bad was going to happen when my boyfriend at the time took me home I started crying cuz I knew something was going to happen the next day I got a phone call from his mom saying that my man and his friends were in a car accident up in consti everyone was injured very bad but luckly no 1 died I gone up there plenty of times never seen anything but I think something bad is up there

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32134     5/12/2009 8:21:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Yo i am going up there saturday night come up i wanna see this awesome thing

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32137     5/12/2009 8:24:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

me and my friend are going tomorrow and reallllly hoping to see them! we want to become friends with them! we are so intrested in albinos and soooooo excited! we will tell you how our trip was on thursday! deucesssssss

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32163     5/12/2009 1:31:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i am 33 and that story was told to me by mother. do you know how many halloween nights and other nights i wasted and saw nothing

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32405     5/15/2009 11:47:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

So my sister was about 13 years old and the other 10. my mom always told them bad things would happen to them if they went down there. They did not see any thing, but when they got to the end of the bridge there was a thick wall of fog. They did not know if the bridge went on so she wanted to find out. so she stuck her hand threw the fog and she felt some one grab her hand and try to pull her in she pulled her hand out the fog and had bruises all over her arm of a little handprints till that day i havent really herd nothing about it, but i did hear if you go threw the fog when its thick you will never comme bback and all that would be ther is a empty car on the side of the road on the other side of the bridge

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 32772     5/21/2009 5:05:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I Been Living Down Here For Like 6 Years Never Been There.Friends Have But Not Me.I Wanna To See Whats The big Fuss.But I Think Ill Be Scared Cause The Stories Going Threw My Head.I Dont Think Anything Will Happen.I Hope Everything Goes Okay When I Go.Should I Guys??And Will Anything Happen???

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Last Seen: 5/28/2009 8:31:34 AM  



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I went to Constitution Drive last night with my friends. I had no idea what it was until they all informed me. Out of the blue, we all decided to head down. It was me, my sister, her boyfriend and my two other guy friends. I didn't know what to expect but I was ready to get scared. We head down the road and I right away get nervous. I put my friend's jacket over my head like a little wuss and heard the car driving down the gravel road. My sister's boyfriend and my friend put their windows down and the cool breeze came in. My sister was equally scared and we told the guys to put the window back up. They didn't listen. They were trying to frighten us the entire time, which worked. We got towards the end and we were all looking for this "Death Rock," and we drove past it but couldn't read anything written on it...we moved on. At this one point we stopped because we heard this beautiful and peaceful whistling noise which just enchanted us all. We knew it couldn't have been the train because we just drove by the tracks and no sign of a train was nearby. The noise couldn't be explained. We dropped it however and eventually hit the end of the road...we decided to drive back around and go down the exact way we came. We got to the house again where the albinos are said to live and the lights were shining all around us. My sister told me that the last time she went, there were no such lights in front of the house. Weird. I was scared the entired time and wanted to leave but the guys were just cracking jokes and being immature. I kind of wish we saw something there, but we didn't. We eventually got back to the train tracks and out of no where, a train was racing up to us. It rushed past us and noise from the train, plus the cold weather added to a really creepy feel. Then we saw another car driving nearby and we realized it was a police car. The cop shooed us off and we continued out of the road. The entire drive felt like an eternity. It was never-endng. Finally we reached the end and the guys were quite disappointed. I was just relieved we got there alive! I do kind of wish we saw something interesting but that noise really made that experience. Also, the train coming was a nice scary touch! I do want to go back someday! Maybe next time I won't be as disappointed! Hope everyone's experiences are equally entertaining! Happy travels! :)

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34381     6/20/2009 9:27:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

When I was there I unfortunatley did not see a ghost or any albino but it was scary. The whole road was all bumpy because of all of these wholes in the road and there was trash laying everywhere. Also we had to turn back around because after the house we came to a fork in the road there the road bears off to either the right or left of the rail road tracks both saying no outlet. Was I suppose to go through anyway? Which part and where would of it have taken me? Anyway the scary thing is that the next day when I was driving to school the radio stations kept changing on me when I did not believe that I have changed the radio stations.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 34521     6/22/2009 11:00:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I wanna go to this place yooo i haerd some crazy shitless stories omg im so there

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Ok so me and my friends went up about a month ago and just parked right outside of the road was kinda freaky i mean its the only woods in the city of allentown... And so we were going along and the car infront of us which was more of my friends stopped and got out of the car and wanted to walk we so happend to stop next to a river and all of this sudden we heard a huge splash then another and another as if somebody were running through the water they ran back to there car and we started going again... then we came up to the tracks and we have been hearing the strange noise for a while and i have come before and it was never this loud you could hear it with the windows shut.  And we passed the tracks and everything was fine and we circled around and came back the same way and we had the windows down all the way and all of us suddenly got cold and our friend stopped ontop of the tracks and the car that i happend to be in, lifted up off the ground maybe 4 inches and moved to the left and this scared the crap out of all of us.  So we sped off and we were almost out and there was a downed tree in the middle of the road we all got out of the car to check it out and a big branch of it broke and we looked back at the two cars and both cars headlights were flashing on and off so we ran back and went around the tree and left. i can't wait to go again

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yea well i go there all the time witt my friends and i really never see nothing so everytime i go i take it as a big joke cause nothing up there is scary all it is is a dark place too walk threw or drive threw well i go morning and nite and nothing really pops up so i dont think those stories ya hear are true!!!! Until i see something i wont belive none of these stories cause everytime i go there is cars coming by and datz all at nite and i walked da whole thing at nite before the only scariest thing i saw was the only house in the middle i was scared because you never see the people only a house with lights well i hope ya guyz go threw there and have fun cause there is nothing too be scared of okay i live right in front of roosevelt park so if you wanna come witt me ill show you itz not scary okay see ya lata!!!!!



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well my friends say its nothing to be scared of up there but i be really scared cause they be going at nite and all these stories i hear i be scaered everytime they try too take me up there but i will go in a car cause its nothing going inside a car!!!! bye for now ill tell ya if anything happens



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well in da starting there is a way too get too the railroad tracks then alittle more in there is a water rock and in the middle there is a house and around the end there is a bridge thats about it!!!!  i live in front of roosevelt park remeber dat!!! ITZ ONYX



               Like      Dislike        Comment# 35886     7/15/2009 5:14:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Me and My girlfriend went with a few of our friends one time, and there was this creepy, red, worn down van, that belonged to the man and son of the abandoned house in the middle of constitution, and the man was outside of his car with his back doors open, when he saw us he got into his car and drove a little, then pulled over to let us drive by. As we were driving by, I was the only one of my friends to look at him, and he had buck teeth, like in wrong turn. Oh my god, it was the scariest thing I have ever seen. Along with the sign if you go the bethlehem way into it, you see a sign and it says "Slow, bad turn and driveway." And this other time, my girlfriend turned the sound off, like all the way down and as we entered not even the first five seconds a AM channel turned on and it was all static. A lot of stuff has happened on here, but it's fun. (: I put my seatbelt on just to feel safe :p

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 35975     7/16/2009 7:10:00 PM     Edit       Reply    



The guy that live there is not albino...

but he does get mad when you honk twinkle twinkle little star all the way down the road and let the last note go all the way to his house.

Hes funny dudes!


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i was so scared once when i went to constitution drive, i saw albino dudes and there was a dead dude laying on the ground near me.


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    I wonder why the road is all torn apart, is the neiberhood township afraid to fix the road I mean there is other haunted places around like Dorneyville's The King George Inn and nobody is afraid to go there and also is there really any bad albino humans there if so could you please comment on this blog and tells us about your self and here is the other scary thing I think the radio tower for 100.7 WLEV is on the woods hill right above Constitution Drive so it is like the ghost might be able to travel the radio waves into your home who knows

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Go and play with the girl and listen to her scream, her music tells the mans story, look for the man and his dogs, they will not hurt you if you are just, walk to the well on top of the wall, between 11:11 and 4:56, if you do not drink from the fountain before you leave you will be haunted by the music for life. the owners of the house are theyre own scare, leave them be. and the gate with danger is the pathway to almightys decision

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I went to Constitution Drive a few days ago and everyone in the car heard really weird whistle sounds. When I parked my car and turned it off with the windows down I saw a man in my rear view mirror and turned around and he wasnt there anymore. I never really believed in ghosts until I saw what I saw and I heard what I heard.

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Oh I posted the last one, but I was there about a year ago and there was a house on the right hand side with a sign that said beware of dogs or something and I was dared to go out and look to see if thats what the sign really said. When i walked up I heard the whistling sounds and there was a person peaking out the window. I got really scared and ran back to the car. Right after I got in, my friend went out to look because I didnt fully see the sign and as he was walking up someone opened the door who was really pale.

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I went yesturday, with my friend tracee and nick. But it wasnt dark yet, about 6:45ish. We heard about if you stop yourcar and roll down the windows and stop your car you will hear whistling by the train tracks. So we did just that, and all three of us definatly heard distinct whistling. Kinda freaked but it was pretty rad. Then another car full of doods came by. And the 'albino' house. didnt look to creepy. Nobody was outside, but the rocking chairs were a bit strange. AND. That house in the middle of constitution drrive? Wouldnt you think if you heard all of thoes myths you wouldnt want to live there? And for the albino house. im sure poice have heard about all of this bumbo jumbo and i think if something was to really go down, police would have in some sort of way, investigated. But whatever i definatly plan on doing that again in pitch black!!!

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I just moved down here from Massachusetts and heard of Constitution Drive before my arrival. I watched a video on YouTube about this man and his dog. Of course it sparked my curiosity...

My son and I took a drive today because we are both into the paranormal and freaky stuff. Quite honestly, we did not have any expierences other than feeling very uncomfortable and fearful of all that we have heard about this place. It's too bad that people have to dump their trash on the side of the road, b.t.w.

I saw a show on television about the bus incident with the children. Is this where that was supposed to have happened? The children tried to push the bus off the tracks and were hit by the train?

Does this road come to a dead end? I have read most of the posts on here and people have talked of a fork in the road and or a NO tresspassing sign... How far does it go?

Anyway, we both lost our courage and decided to turn around (which was very difficult due to such a narrow road) before it was too late.... I will take this journey again with a protector. I did not want to put my son or myself in harm's way. We did hear something strange, on the sound of either a large bird or a scream.. neither one of us are certain, for it was off in the distance as we were heading back to civilization....

I would like to know a little more about the young girl that supposedly haunts the place for I heard the story about a young couple were parking up there and the boyfriend got out of the car to check something out, when the girl noticed he didn't return, she heard scratches on top of the car and found him hanging.. the scratches were from his own fingernails. Is this true? Would that be the girl supposedly haunting the place?

I felt very creeped out and an evil presence, but will admit, I want to go back to at least expierence something as long as it doesn't put myself or anyone else in harm's way.....


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    I would like to see WFMZ interview the Albino's that live there on television it would be cool

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 43483 ReplyTo# 38394     10/31/2009 1:41:00 PM     Edit          


Lol that wpuld be so funny altough the guy isnt an albino...

i bet he gets tired of people always driving down the road. Me and my friend go down there all the time, its realxing really its a nice drive.

but it would be sooo funny if WFMZ would interveiw that guy!


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well im an 18 year old kid and me and my buddy went there its an awsome place to go muddin we went there 2 times and both times we took my buddys 92 izuzu amigo lifted we went though some insain mud holes we drove everywear and i even have a vidieo of my buddy going down a hill and braking the brake line.  as he startes to go down the hill all u hear is holy crap and the truck would not stop so he threw it in gear and shut the motor off and that stoped the truck we then drove home with no brakes only gearing down and an e brake to stop 1st gear works good for that lol i also had something flash by the camra in the vid so idont know what it was dont care i love ghosy but i dont think that place is that haunted !!!!

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I went to constitution drive 2 days ago.  i'm reading these stories that some of the people are posting and some seem a little bit to made up.  I will admit that it is really scary and DON"T go alone..u might have a heart attack.  The road is really bumpy and about half way in you honestly hear scary sounds like someone is playing an organ..or idont even know how to explain it..look this place up on youtube and you can hear them.  But we stopped befor the railroad tracks, walked a bit and then went back to the car and went home.  We were scared the whole time in the car and the albino house/ fence that is there is scary as shit.   very small road, forest in the center of allentown, scary history, driving at night....all this makes constitution drive VERY scary.  Never saw any child/man with dogs though :(

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Constitution does go all the way through, even though their are signs that say 'no outlet'. It takes you out to Susquehanna st.
I was just down constitution last night and we stopped at the train tracks because the train just ended and we wanted to go over the train tracks for a second time ( if you do go past the train tracks there is NO CELL PHONE SERVICE! NOT EVEN EMERGENCY ONLY!!!! but its what seemed like to be a veryyy long road and very creepy. once you get so far back you can see part of this old building, we didn't know what it was until we found it online. it used to be an old insane asylum. after we seen that we turned with the road and it just ends so we turned around. It is just very creepy and knowing you don't have phone service is every uneasy.) but we decided not to go across the tracks this time. As we were about to reverse to keep going on constitution we seen a red blinking light after a second we realized it was the red lights from the train through the trees. so we kept going and we had just gotten around that bend by the park and we saw headlights so we took off fast and this car was gaining on us. so my friend and i, we decided to quick put on our seat belts in case it was a cop. we look back again and the head lights were gone. We spent 20 minutes just trying to figure out how a car could of gotten that close to us, and we really couldn't figure it out.
Although this wasn't the first time something like this has happened to us, it still freaked us out.
About 2 week ago we were there but this time we were driving and we suddenly saw tail lights so you know we figured it was some young kids just like us back there doing whatever. So we thought it would be funny if we floored it and tried to scare them, so we tried to catch up to them. Except we never did. There was no way possible that they got to the end of the road before we did. We were going to so fast that we would of had to catch up to them. Both times the car's head lights and tail lights looked like a much older car.

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True story.... I was there. BD<3


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I live in Quakertown, a few miles outside of Allentown so naturally we heard about about Constitution Drive. A bunch of my friends and I piled into my car and drove down to Constitution drive. As many of you know, when you have a car full of excited and somewhat freaked out guys, things are going to seem creepy before you even get there. When we arrived the first thing I noticed was how narrow the road is. The right side is trees and such, but the left is pretty much a sheer drop to the river. If you DO go, make sure you're not in a wide car, especially as you may have to turn around. Anyway, we started down the road and like I said, right off the bat things seemed pretty damned creepy. We drove for a good 10 minutes at around 30mph before we saw the "No Tresspassing" sign just down the road from the house that's there. As we drove past the house, lights flicked on at once scaring the crap out of us. It was obvious that they were automatic sensor lights because they were off when we drove past again later. We finally got to the end of the road when it split off in two directions. To the right, the road continues up a hill, and to the left is just train tracks and grass. We were somewhat spooked but decided to drive to the top of the hill. Right as I was about to go up however, we saw headlights coming down the hill. We freaked and I somehow turned around and nailed it. We were going about 45mph(as fast as I dared with how narrow the road is) and I thought we were fine. Jokingly my friend said the car was right on us, and when I looked, I saw the headlights getting close very very fast. In a matter of seconds, the car was so close that I couldn't even see it's headlights, yet it was so dark out that I couldn't see inside. After about 2 minutes of sheer panic, the worst thing that could happen, happened. Red and blue lights. I stopped and the cop up to the window grinning, obviously pleased to see how close we were to peeing ourselves. He asked what we were doing there, and I told him the truth that we had seen the signs but kept going because of all the stories. He ended up appreciating the honesty and told us that there was nothing worthwhile up there, and certainly nothing haunted. He said if there was, he'd wouldn't be up there all alone. Apparently there is a lot of gang activity by MS13 and the Latin Kings that goes on up there and that by request of the family that lives in the house by the road, they patrol up there a lot. He pointed his flashlight at some trees and we could see MS13 painted on some. He said that since we were honest we wouldn't get cited, but not to come back.

So that was my experience. It seems like there really isn't too much going on there, as he seemed pretty legit about everything. I wouldn't waste my time, as the officer also informed us that there's usually more than one cop up there so they usually will arrest a whole car load of people for trespassing.


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    Are the stories true of the half goat half man that lives in the woods in Bath Pennsylvania

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I was on Constitution Drive today with my friend and my mom in the backseat. As soon as we arrived we started to feel very uneasy...even my mom, who had no idea why we had brought her to this scary place in the woods. She got an instant migraine, my friend felt a headache and a pressure in the back of her eyes....and I just felt an intense burning sensation all over my face. It was a cool autumn day today...and yet my face seemed like it was on fire! The whole ride was pretty scary...the woods are very spooky...and you can definitely feel something isnt right up there............now, I have no idea if it has to do with the supposed "albinos" or the ghosts that are said to roam around there.....but I can surely tell you that the energy you get from this place is negative...very negative....and it makes you feel like turning back halfway down the road.  BTW, the sign at the house reads "The Dog WILL bite"....just to clarify things hehe ;)

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i was walking up there wit mad heads!! and we was walkng thru it was very dark we was all  scared nd we was walking out cuz we didnt see anything we thought it was wackk so my  brothers fran went the other way we was walking down the hill out of no  were we see my brothers fran running down the hill wit no shoes nd his bike was gone nd we look up the hill and we see a man run pass wit red hair nd pale skin and he came down tellin us some guy  grabbed hym nd tried to do sumthing to hym so my brother nd his two frans went bak up to go get his bike nd shoes nd me nd ma fran quianna nd sam wass gettin scared cuz they was taking long nd they wasnt getting there phone but then they came runnng down uhh mad stuff  happen that day so i suggest youh not to go up there unless yuh wanna die !!! ==Eliztte Lee Mendez...


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Yoo i jjust went to consty drive, it was me, my friend steven (the driver) and my friend thien lee. anyway we arrived there after getting lost for an hour, and before we got to the road i was telling my friends in the car about the crazy storys iv heard about this place, and one of them was that the albino people made the road really bumby so people have to slow down because they do not want them in there surroundings, and right after i told them we were just entering the drive, and we hit the first bump, all of us froze in terror and we reversed the car immediantly and we rode off the road hitting into a tree, and after that i got out and ran back to the enterennce with my friend thien and i sware to this day me and him saw a guy with two dogs walkin down the road as we ran past.. I WILL NEVER GO BACK.. thats it. i swear to my life this was all true. god.

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My friends and I went there around 12:30 last night. Drove from Allentown, got to the other end, and turned back around to do it again. Didn't see anything creepy, but a cop passed us, turned around, and pulled us over. Within two minutes he had two other cop cars come as backup, and they had us all put our hands up. Luckily they didn't search the car or give us the $300 fine for trespassing- just a warning and some scary stuff about, like, a third of all area murders happening on nearby Cumberland.  

Not worth it.



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ait so i lived in fountain hill and me and my boys would go there all the time. and honestly Ive seen some weird shit, but no albinos running around. you'll see a bunch of huge black trash bags ditched on the side of the road and torn up (what seem to have blood on) mattresses. also i have heard the "flute" or whistle. its a real shitty situation though when your walking it and you see headlights in the distance. we had to run up into the woods and hide out for whoever was looking for us it was real weird. and i walked up to the gate and was tryna open then i noticed some dude staring at me through the window and i was high as sh*t so i freaked. if you've never been there you should totally go

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Im only 11 but me and my neihbor decide to ride our bikes down constitution drive. As im riding I asked to take a break. He said ok, then I heard dogs bark. I didnt know if they were nice dogs so we started to head back home. Then my neighbor looks up constitution on google and saw these stories. Pretty creepy, espesially when I read about the dog story.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 50983 ReplyTo# 49584     4/22/2010 8:40:00 AM     Edit          


DO NOT GO THERE, me and my friend stopped the car to listen to the train whistle, the train that hasn't been running in years and three seconds later a car is chasing us flashing their high beams!


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hi me and my friends went up there one day and we did tht brige thing and the car did move a lil bit. and another time we went up there me and my best friend got these cold chills and when we left the cold chills went away.

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My friends and I went two nights ago around ten thirty pm. It was extremely dark and the road is very bumpy. we turned around at the no tresspassing sign which took us about ten minutes because we were in a big van. Nothinghorribly scary about the drive.

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Those albinos are just locals that are sick of people doing their own little investigations, and so they mess with people driving down the road who shouldn't be there, wether it be in a black bronco or on four wheelers.  I've heard sometimes they do fire guns to scare people off, and yes, i hear they are albino but very friendly if you're not just there to make a mockery of them.  As for the old man with two dogs, my ex was friends with that man, and he is alive and well. 

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HAHAHAHA!  Just read some more posts.....I would flash my high beams too if you were sitting still in the middle of the road.  Also, my dog barks,  so apparently I have a ghost dog.  Dang, people need to stop finding ways to make solid evidence out of their personal experience just to feed their own adrenaline cravings.

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Last Seen: 9/13/2010 2:50:22 AM  
went down there.. at night.. the scariest thing was the amount of POTHOLES haha.. went to the end and walked back. it wasn't an official investigation. I didnt take pictures or bring a recorder for EVPs but saw or felt nothing out of the norm. There is a house at the end of the road with a bunch of 'no tresspassing' signs, but that doesn't mean much considering the amount of 'thrill seekers' that have been going down that road since the 70s.

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I have herd all the legends,,I have roamed all about the woods of consty.I hunted deer down their..I have sat in that woods...atv&mud bogged the sh** out of that place..I ran from the police so many times..it was awesome...we have been down in those woods since we could ride bmx bikes...I seen some really crazy sh** down in the woods...I ride a mountain bike now and we ride in the dark its creepy but cool...I carry a 45 cal and wont ask you your name if your eyes are glowing...lol the chick hanging from the car is the one we all respected....The albin...never seen one..if you go you will most often see a cop....

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i have never went there i heard alot of things about this place but 1 thing i never hesrd that it wasnt creepy or scary,.

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Ok, so my friends and I took an early evening Mnt Bike ride through Salisbury Park which encompasses Constitution Drive. This time of year, it’s dark early, so at 7pm it was already pitch black. I'm not from the area and had no preconceived notions of this being a "scary" or "haunted" area; we were just out to enjoy a new riding location and have fun with our new bike lights. About 40 minutes into our ride, we were paralleling the tracks and I came across a trail intersection and figured this would be a good place for me to stop and wait for the rest of my friends to catch up to me. My helmet light looked down the intersecting trail and there was a "person" in a hoodie with his back turned to me and a dog at his side. So that's not entirely weird, but we were making lots of noise and my 1200 lumen light was cast directly on this person and he/she didn't move a stitch. So it's not like this person didn't know we were there. The person just refused to acknowledge our presence. The dog (looked like a husky) noticed me, but I didn't notice any red eyes (my ultra bright lights could have washed this out). It just seemed a little creepy. Then my friends caught up to me, started making excuses why they were being so slow (keep in mind my light is still shining on the creepy dude in the hoodie) and then everyone jumped back on their bikes and took off again. Not wanting to be in the back of the pack, I jetted to the front without saying a word to anyone about the guy and his dog. On our next stop, that was the first thing out of my mouth. "Man that guy was creepy!" But no one knew what I was talking about. Not a single person in my group saw this guy and his dog standing just off the trail except for me. Now they're jeering me for seeing "dead people and their dogs". But really, this person was standing there, in the pitch black of night, with no lights on his person, staring down towards the tracks. These are technical, leaf littered trails! One misstep and you're falling face first onto a bunch of rocks or breaking your ankle. And this dude is out here with no light...?? And the whole situation of refusing to turn around and acknowledge a group of rowdy guys right behind you? This gets creepier the more I think of it. So today I Google, Ghost, Allentown and dog and that brought me here to tell my story.

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Dudes and dude-etts, there are NO ghosts/albinos on Consty dr. There is a local fam that lives there( hence the house with the lights and the gate and the "dog will bite sign") I have lived in the wonderful city of A-town all my life and have done countless explorations/investigations with people who have ties to Travel channels "Ghost adventures" and have walked the road, at night, alone on YES Halloween as well as April 30th or Walpurgisnact (the Witches sabbat) sorry if I mis-spelled but my Pennsylvania-German is a bit off. I have NEVER seen, heard, recorded any EVP's or "Ghost" images with my digi video or regular cam. I have gone with professional investigators with EMF meters and Digital non-contact thermo-scanners and got NOTHING. O, and BTW, the man that walks the two dogs, is actually very nice. Lives in one of the homes on Consty. (could be the one everyone thinks is the home where the albinos live) I actually have had a few conversations with him and he indicated to me the story of  the man who died on the tracks with his dogs is true, but as for the albinos and such, nothing. The gang activity is a fact, I mean the PJ's are right a hop, skip, and jump away so if you do go, be careful. Yes there are "No trespassing" signs. I mean, come on? Would you want to spend all the money on a house that is out and away from all the crime and underhanded activities that go on in the city and then have to deal with rowdy teens and looky-loos coming back there to raise hell? I'd be shooting off my .12 gauge to scare you off too. To make a long story short: As far as my research has indicated, no girl or bus-load of kids died back there. As some one mentioned previously THAT story is told in nearly EVERY town in every state in the USA. NO albinos are living back there to this day, although I will not deny that strange things DO happen there. It's one of the most densely wooded areas left in the city, and some bad apples probably do go back there to do their dirt and avoid the cops, hence, at the requests of the home owners in the vicinity, the APD does regularly patrol back there, so if you do go, go AT YOUR OWN RISK. Anyone who has any ?'s feel free to mail me at: hellraisr1981@yahoo.com. I have MANY other stories and pics of some REAL haunts throughout PA. Oh, and to correct to a posting above: that BUILDING you saw way at the end was either the pump house for the Allentown water works (small with no conceivable entry point) or the Men's work-release building off 378 behind the Perkins in Bethlehem. The buildings of the old Allentown State Hospital are on the opposite side of the river. Hope this clears up any misconceptions about this place. No gripes whatsoever, it IS a creepy road to be on, especially at night or around Halloween. But, what woods aren't at night? Happy haunting everyone!

Caleb Dabolis

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the whistling sounds are the trains...RIGHT across from constitution drive is the road behind the allentown state hospital. and if you look down on the roads there is train station thing...its weird...but its packed with a bunch of trains and the whistle like crazy.

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                  From what I researched in archieves of the Morning Call the owner of the house is named John Eberhard and they dont specify if he is an albino but he seems to attend Salisbury Towship meetings and there is a ghost there though which was picked up on youtube              

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So tonight I went with two of my other girl friends. The last time we went at night we couldve sworn we all heard screetiness of train tracks from a distance (but not the sound of the train, just the squeeky metal of the track). So we decided that this time we would go right next to the train tracks and keep one window open and turn off the car. Well thats what we ended up doing but we did keep our high beams on because if we didnt we might have cried from being so scared. Then we heard the squeeky noise again but it sounded in the distance. We stayed with the car off still and we heard the weird noise again. This time it sounded louder. After I think we heard it about 7 times, and each time it sounded louder and closer as if a squeeky train was coming close (but without hearing the full train, it was just the squeeky railing). The last time we heard the squeek it was really loud and then it made a boom noise at the end and we all freaked the eff out and said we are getting the hell outta there. we sped out of there and we heard the noise one more time but it sounded farther away because we were leaving. It almost could remind me of the whistle everyone hears there. I think everyone should do what we did to see if they hear the same thing. Call me a crazy person but what Im saying isnt a lie. ghosts interest me and this place i truly believe is haunted in some way shape or form.

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The squeeky noises you hear there, are the train cars being moved around in the train yard, I go there all the time. There's an old story that some guy got his legs severed, and blead to death. All these other stories people are posting, are fake. That's the REAL story.


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I have been there 3 times now. The first time was the best, i have no idea what to expect. It actually took me a while to get back there because of what had happened. So we drove the road about 10 times or so hearing the train whistle, saw some red eye looking things in the woods, and heard some dog barks. Nothing that we hadn't been told what would happen. So we got to the bridge and turn the car off, crack the windows, and turn off all the lights. 5 minutes go by and we turn the car on and drive. (we were told that this would leave hand/foot print's on the windows) We met up with some girls that were going through it also and took a few rounds when them (in two cars) then and we go a few more times back and forth hearing only the train. After they had left we chose to go once more back through and then leave. As we were rounding the corner by the train tracks going up toward the bridge there was a man walking on the side of the road carrying some machete looking thing. It took a second to notice him and we all screamed he immediately turned toward us and raised the machete/item. We backed out toward the inlet looking thing and swung back around to escape ending up at the other exit. We were all freaking out wondering if it was a ghost or what, but it was so real. Everything about him was so real. We discussed that on the ride home and then we saw it, a little kid footprint on the front windshield. We immediately started to cry, freaking out about all the things that had just happened. It had taken me a long time to get other what had happened and return to Constitution Drive. But we all continue to go only really hearing the train whistle/screeching.

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Your comment hereI live off the bethlehem side of constitution the family that lives in the so called albino house are the eberhardts nice normal people their son is one of my sons best friends the house has a gate and a beware of dog sign cause of all the curiosity.Ive driven home thru there at all hours and weather and have never seen anything strange its a little creepy at night because its remote location but have ridden dirt bikes and hiked thru woods many times ,not saying that no ones ever seen anything down there but think most of it are good old ghost storys,have a friend whos lived on the allentown side his whole life and says the same thing ,the scariest thing is the cops that will pull you over and interigate you for why you are there.....




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