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Axe Murder Hallow
Erie, Pa 16512

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The Legend says that A man chopped up his entire family with an axe because of his suspicions of his wife and a farm hand. A few years later a car with a young couple in it got stuck in the mud. The boy went for help and told his girlfriend to stay in the car. A while later the girl heard someone outside the car saying, "Get out." She stepped out in the pouring rain and saw her boyfriend hanging by his ankles with his throat slit. She tried to run for help, but a figure with an axe in his hand grabbed her.


An email from Kiawa77
Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that Axe Murder Hollow doesn`t exist anymore. I grew up in that area and then moved to the city of Erie about 10 years ago. I have recently joined a paranormal investigation group and thought it would be interesting to try to investigate Axe Murder Hollow. I contacted Millcreek Township to find out who actually owns the property, and I was told that "the home had just been purchased." But there was no home on the property.. it`s all woods!

So I took a ride out there only to find that the "hollow" itself is no more... all the woods have been cut down, and the entire area has been developped into an upper middle class neighborhood. The hollow is gone (although I was told the parcel where the murder took place was the last one to sell), and all the trailors and houses where the "gypsies" lives are gone too. The entire area has been completely renovated, and it`s all private property now, without woods and definitely without a hollow. Some developper has divided the place up into parcels for sale, and homes have gone up all over.

It`s sort of sad... kind of like paving over a cemetery, but I thought you should know. Perhaps the hauntings will continue in the home that has recently been built on that site: who knows? Our group will eventually contact the new owners just in case.

You can substantiate this by contacting Millcreek Township at the following:

Millcreek Township
3608 West 26th Street Erie, PA 16506
8:30 a.m. — 4:30 p.m. (M—F)

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Last Seen: 5/1/2017 1:34:40 PM  
Man that sucks, sounds like it was a good one. I shoulda checked it out while I was living on the east coast.

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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:04:51 PM  
The area known as "Axe Murder Hollow" actually was a farm in the early 1900`s but was left unattended for decades, and woods sprung up. As a kid, I used to wander these woods with my father, who would check out the area for places to hunt and trap. At first, I was terrified to be in the area, even during the day, but no axe—wielding apparition ever confronted me, even when I was alone. Oddly enough, even my skeptical father would never take me to the site of the house and the alleged murders.

There is a story that has circulated the internet about a car breaking down on a rainy night on the road that passes through the hollow. That story is completely unsubstantiated. I believe it is just an Erie legend made famous by a local radio station who used to repeat them every Halloween. My parents moved to that town when they got married in 1966, and they never heard of a rainy—night murder like that. Nor have any of the other long—time residents of the area.


1. There was a man and his wife. She killed him with an axe.

2. A husband, his wife, and his brother lived together. She was having an affair with the brother. The man killed his brother and his wife with an axe.

3. A husband, his wife, and a farm hand lived together. She was having an affair with the farm hand. The man killed them both with an axe.

The variations are that the husband was jealous at attentions paid by the wife to the farm hand, even if she was not outright cheating. The stories sometimes include children that may or may not have been slaughtered. The stories also sometimes mention that the husband killed himself.

The murder, if it did occur, must have happened in the early 1900`s or earlier.

What is fact is that there used to be a well—worn path leading up to a house that was built on the edge of a ravine. Personally, I have seen the path (but was forbidden by my father to follow it.) In 1954, my mother was taken to the area when she was 14 with her Girl Scout troop. They did not go up to the house, which was abandoned, but you could see it from the road. The place was known to be frequented by high school and college boys who would take their girlfriends up there to scare them. However, it was dangerous because enough of the earth had eroded that the back door of the house opened out into nothing but a long drop to the creek below. Whether or not there were injuries is unknown, but it was enough of a concern to the township that the house was demolished somewhere around the early 1980`s.


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Last Seen: 1/16/2008 8:04:51 PM  
Up until recently, the foundation of the house was still there. The place itself was a narrow road, and the trees grew over it in summer, blocking out enough sunlight to make it spooky even on a bright day. Furthermore, there were the "gypsies" to contend with. I`m not sure who they were or where they lived, but if you stopped on the road for any reason, you could expect to have rocks thrown at your car at the very least. Having grown up in the area, I heard stories in school about the older kids who had gotten their headlights smashed out by the "gypsies" wielding baseball bats and crowbars, although you never know if such stories were just for show.

The whole area now is under development for an upper middle class subdivision, that particular parcel being the last one to sell.

I am going to contact the local historical society for information, and I am also going to see if I can get anything from the local police and fire departments. I am almost positive the house was burned down: I recall that from my childhood. Somebody has to know something... It`s just a matter of seeing if I can get someone to help.


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i think its pretty sad that there doing that it sucks theress history everywere and ppl keep messing it up bcuz they want 2 build more then theres gonna be no trees left

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I have lived in erie my whole life and one halloween my friends and I drove up to Axe Murder Hallow to see what would happen. Well...we got out window shot out. scary stuff.

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In the early 1960's a man killed a girl and dropped her body off out there. The newspaper make a big deal about the Hollow. I tried to get the archive file from the library about 20 years ago and it was missing. I did get copies of one of the headline stories about that case and a copy of the local color columnist's take on the area. The area has since lost its creepiness with half a million dollar homes going up around there.

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This post is the truth , it was on Jan 21 1963 that the body was dropped off there behind a log , covered in snow.

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I live in Erie. My and friends and I would go there all the time. there are stairs that were there at the time that people said were from the basement of the old torn down farmhouse where the murders occured and if you walked down them it was 12 stairs down and 13 up!! i did see the stairs but did not travel down them. i'll take their word for it. but when we did go there the people(neighbors) near by did run up to our car on more than one occasion but we were scared so we just screamed and kept on going. They did one time throw a piece of wood with nails in it in front of our car and we got a flat at midnight in axe murder hollow. I am 30 now and realize that the neighbors were probably just tired of the teenagers all the time and decided to make a statement.(which by the way we called "gypsies as well"

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I remember this place very well.  I remember the getting out of the car and climbing up the embankment to get to the path.  I remember the stairs, the well and the creek which seemed to run backwards.  I remember the old bridge which one time we went in and it was fallen it to the creek and when we headed out it was up??!!  Very spooky place to be.  And the gypsies were brutal.  smashed the headlights broke windows.  To bad its gone!  It a shame.

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My experiences were similar. I am also 30 and went to Axe Murder Hollow when I was a teenager. There was definitely a path that led back to the old foundation of the house, which was just a bunch of cement steps in the middle of the woods. Very creepy. I always heard that a truck would appear driving behind you as you drove away, and that was supposed to be the murdered couple (that broke down and were murdered with an ax) haunting the area, and I also heard that if it was a red truck it was an omen that you were going to die. A truck was driving close behind us as we drove away, scared the crap out of me. The Gypsies were brutal! They chased us on a moped throwing rocks one night—all we did was drive by, but yeah in retrospect they were probably just sick of all the traffic on their back road and all the prying & nosy eyes. Gudgeonville Bridge thats another one…

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i was raped in that spot when i was 16yrs old. now at 47 it still bring's back something that could never be forgotten....so to me it does hold evil in so many ways..............

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Last Seen: 6/1/2008 11:09:08 AM  

Actually, the gypsy houses STILL exist. they were never cut down. if you follow the axe murder hollow road and then eventually take a left, there is multi colored houses with windows busted out and fire pits in the back, with a garage-type house across the street in the same condition. they are the gypsy houses, go there at night, its quite spooky :) i live in millcreek and i go there a lot, so i would know for a fact they are still up.


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there's a place that people call a gyspy house, however it isn't even close to where this all supposedly occurred.

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is it now all boarded up with spraypaint on it? ive been to a "gypsy house " before but we went at like 3am....and idk where exactly or even roundabout it was....but it was in the middle of like no where. we found a maniquin in the house, haha its now in my friends backyard as a scarecrow!

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where is located i went when i was like 13 the broke are car window and the old ladie was running as fast as are car was going i was soo scared and nobody believe me??

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I live in Millcreek as well and have been to the Gypsy's house there is a old beat up trunk parked in the driveway of the house she just described, as for those sub-divisions i live in a house in that sub division. the particular parcil where the event took place was indeed the last to sell. how ever there are still pletny of woods which surround wallnut creek, where several bodies have turned up. only 1 is a open case, and that was a shooting of a 40 yr old woman.

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actually the staits are still there and so are the woods. The gypsys are now dead and the house is gone it was torn down. we drove out there today.

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Was just there tonight. The gypsie houses are gone .. but the old chicken coups across the street are still there. Mostly all of the woods are gone. It was still pretty spooky though, especially with the snow and fog. I almost could have sworn I saw figures in the woods, but probably just my imagination.

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okay the reason the haunting stopped are because the hallow and everything that kept him here is gone.

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My friend lived in Erie all her life, her fathers sister (aka her aunt) was murdered with an axe on a back road...I believe this is were this story comes from...don't believe me look it up She was out there with her boyfriend and he tried to "get" fresh with her so she got out of the car and started walking...the details are fuzzy from that point because she told me the story in 6th grade. This is as close to the truth as gets...

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can anyonetell me exactly where this is? i went up last night but couldnt really tell where i was going

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We were there tonight. ok. The house is gone. yes. but there is a yellow house across from the stairs. an unknown amount of people live there. cuz it is an old creepy house. There are so called gypsies there. couple of friends messed with that house. and thought it was a good idea to come back later that night to see the activity. we stopped on the third bridge. (where the tales are that if u stop and you turn ur car off with the lights off. you disapear. ) so we try this, and seconds after a motorcycle, from the yellow house earlier actually, starts driving towards us. So we turn the car on and drive out quick. we take a couple of awckward turns. and the motorcycle is still behind. and this goes on until we get out of the area. we reach I-79 and the mysterious motorcycle turns around. and never saw it again. Very scary stuff.

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Are we talking about the Axe Murder Hollow out the old road past the now renovated Weiss Library? The Library itself was once considered haunted and we used to sneak back the old overgrown drive to sit on the back porch. Does anyone remember the giant (ok, we were younger, but they were big) bolts through the centers of the doors keeping the Library sealed? I remember walking through the hollow past the old foundation and down the stairs. There were always peat fires at the bottom that made the ground smoke. I know that my mother would tell the same tales of Axe Murder Hollow but it was on the east side of town not the west. I was just curious. It really is a shame if that beautiful old drive has become a housing development. It makes sense though after they built that giant school out there.

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When I was young the trick at Axe Murder Hollow was that if your car stalled at the point you past the climb into the hollow you wouldn't escape alive. Of course every car "stalled" and pulled to the side of the road to walk back the hollow to the creek. It was scary then, and now looking back a very beautiful area and nice walk. It also holds many memories of nights the car broke down..... Oh to be young again. Maybe not haunted, but certainly haunting... Many good strolls in the moon light.

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Its a real shame that it doesnt exist anymore, my boyfriend and I tried finding it tonight and couldnt, iv lived in Erie for 12 yrs now and Iv heared the story bout the man killing his wife but I do gotta say that the late night murder on that road with the couple I find to be completely false,.. I have never nor has anyone that Iv asked that was born and raised in erie have ever heard of this happening, also no one really has a single story bout anything really creepy happening to them there, I dont think that place was ever haunted, that guys wife and kids probably rest in piece and that psycho went straight to hell for what he did, I have a passion for hauntings but im glad that something that kills its own family with an axe isnt still walkin round, am i right? lol... Axe murder hollow is a great legend but as I realized today it will always remain jsut a legend, not a haunting.

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I have many great memories of late night visits to Axe Murder Hollow.  For years, from the time I was 16 until I was 22 or 23 we would go out there in groups of 5 or more people.  We never had our car stall.  We never had any encounters with any gypsies. I am sure they were there. I do remember seeing their house. We used to go up in the woods and just wait in hopes of others coming. Usually Halloween time was the best time for lots of people to visit.  We would hide in the woods and wait for unsuspecting people to walk thru and we'd jump out and scare them or just make noises or creep around and they'd usually freak out and there'd be screaming and we'd hear them say "I heard something" or "Did you see that" or "there's something out there!"

We had a blast doing that.  I guess we were lucky no one ever got all ticked off and started a fight!  :-) We always went prepared with flashlights. One night a group of teenagers were parked in the road as we drove up. They were satnding in the road deciding whether or not to go in the woods. They had a couple of girls with them who were scared. I remember they had this really beautiful German Shepard dog with them.  We told them we had flashlights and had been back in the woods lots of times and that they were welcome to follow us in.  We took them all the way back and down the 13 stairs to the ravine (yes, the stairs really did exist). Once we got back there, they wanted to get high.. Well, we really didn't want to and actually worried that if the Police were to show up, which they did from time to time, especially in the fall, that we could get in trouble just for being with them if they had drugs. So we left them back there with no flashlights.  The dog even followed us.  We took off and laughed for a long while, wishing we could have been there to see them when they tried to find their way out of the woods with no flashlights and stoned.  :-)  Great times. Too bad my kids won't get to experience it too.  It was all just great innocent fun.  We never did any damage to anything and never saw anyone else do any damage there either.  I'll never forget the memories we made there.  :-)

Good old Axe Murder Hollow!  I heard all the stories as told here.  I don't know what the true story is but there has to be some truth of a murder occuring there.

Side story about the fromer owner of the property - - I guess the property used to be owned by this old woman who appeared to be homeless and looked like she lived in her car, but from what my parents told me, she was also the owner of an Auto Parts Store on lower Parade St. or State St., I think it was Champion Auto Parts. Anyway, they say she actually owned the property at Axe Murder Hollow. I have seen her. She's probably dead now, but when I worked at Burger King on 12th and French in high school she would come in there and eat.  God she was creepy!  She really looked homeless and smelled like it too. She wore a plaid winter coat ALL YEAR and drove a car full of junk.  Just enough room in front for her to drive...anyway, my mom and dad said when they were dating, dad took mom to Axe Murder Hollow on a date.  That's what the guys liked to do. Scare their dates so they'd get all clingy.  So dad and mom pull up and I guess the crazy old lady jumped out of the woods with a shot gun and told them to take off. I guess that was pretty scary!  Wish I could have seen that!  :-)

Too bad its gone :-( 


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Yea, whatever

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Thats bull. I lived in erie my whole life and finally left when i was about eighteen and we went up to ax murder hollow the house doesnt exist anymore it has been torn down or fallen down over the years but the stone steps and the house floor frame is still there ive been there alot as a kid trying to see who can stay out there the longest but it does still exist as from when i left in 05.

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The legends are true though.  The police reports used to be in the old library before they moved the library to the waterfront.  I went to the water front many years ago to see if they were still there, and there were only a couple left.  I wish the older newspaper clipings and reports were still there, but they are not.

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Last Seen: 12/3/2009 9:16:15 PM  
wow i need more of were the house is

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Last Seen: 12/3/2009 9:16:15 PM  
because im trying to find out if my friends new house she lives in millcreek is really haunted

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omg i have 2 go and see this like it is sooooooooooooooo amazing me and my cuz can go and i will have a camera to record them and he will have a voice recorder to voice record them

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Last Seen: 12/3/2009 9:16:15 PM  
well i told her about this i'll give updates

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Thompson Road, look it up on the map.

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I remember going out to the hollow back in 1966. It was very creepy, because when you turn off the car lights, you cannot see your hand in front of your face. I went out there with my boyfriend who was trying to scare me, which he did. I didn't see anything on that dark road, because I was too afraid to get out of the car. I often think of that night because I would really like to know the true history of what actually happened. I heard it was back in the 1930's that an enraged farmer axed his wife and children, but that's where it ends, no details, no reason.

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actually i just went up their today 12/15/09 thier is nothing left, except where the gypse's use to live a little shack and a white barn by it full of tree's blocking out the sunlight as far as axe murder hollow its all suburban housing now

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so where is it?  On Sterrettania?  On Heidler? on Milfair?  Where?

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ya whats up whit that yellow house

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I went there twice. The first time was with a girlfriend and her mom in high school times. This was about 10 years ago. Her mom was telling us stories of the history. She's a lawyer and somewhat of a historian so I ted to believe her. Anyway, there are even more legends of "hauntings" then are well known. For one, there have been reports of ghosts sited along the creek just walking along. The 12 up 13 down steps is common as well. When we were there, something strange did happen however. As she was talking about shadows being seen in the woods,a shadow figure no sooner flew out of the trees and (no kidding) smashed the windshield of the car. Whatever it was it came from straight above and was roughly the size of a small person. We stopped the car and I got out (being the tough boyfriend tryin to impress her mom). I checked the car over and then we left. Nothing else happened.

The last time I went was me, my buddy and two girls we just met that were telling us stories of the place. The one girl talked about waling the steps and slipping. When she got in her car supposedly she had blood all over her side from the steps. What I can testify to though is the gypsy's. We had joined up with another car full of kids the girls knew. We all went to Gudgoneville bridge and hung out. Then went to the hollow. After checkin out the place and seeing the fancy houses, we decided to leave. I backed into a driveway that they DID NOT tell me was the gypsy's house. The other car backed in front of me to turn around as well. All the sudden a headlight came on directly behind my car in the driveway. The idiot in front of me was frozen with fear and wouldn't move his car! So I went off the road a lil and at the same time he went. I could hear the motorcycle revving and just waiting. I almost got out but they were freaking out so much I gunned it. The motorcycle followed us for a mile or so and vanished. So that's my story.


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The time i was there, I saw the steps which went down, but was too scared to walk them. Nothing happened except something I did notice. The side of the street where the house existed...no birds chirped, no wind blew...if you cross the road to the other side, you would hear the birds and see and feel the wind blowing. Even when I was on the hollow side, i looked across and could visually see the trees n leaves blowing. I experienced that myself. Scary!

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<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&amp;source=s_q&amp;hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=thomas+rd,+fairview,+pa&amp;sll=37.0625,-95.677068&amp;sspn=34.313287,79.013672&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=Thomas+Rd,+Fairview,+Erie,+Pennsylvania+16415&amp;z=15&amp;ll=42.040968,-80.164158&amp;output=embed"></iframe><br /><small><a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&amp;source=embed&amp;hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=thomas+rd,+fairview,+pa&amp;sll=37.0625,-95.677068&amp;sspn=34.313287,79.013672&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=Thomas+Rd,+Fairview,+Erie,+Pennsylvania+16415&amp;z=15&amp;ll=42.040968,-80.164158" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>

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This is all true. No one seems to want to post their name on here but I am a Kerstetter from this area, my grandfather was Sam who lived on Hewitt Road. My dad took me there when I was maybe about 12. We absolutely were chased by a car until we hit the highway after trying to get out of the car to see the location of the former house. I was told that my grandfather was one of the people asked to come tear the house down years later and he was a mechanic at the locat shop in Erie. Anyone know of my family or these incidents, please comment/// This was very real and not at all a fable about this area though it may now be developed....

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 83004 ReplyTo# 54096     10/31/2013 6:35:00 PM     Edit          

I went to school with Robert Kerstetter who lived on Hewitt Road back in the 60s.

I remember one time going on a hayride through Axe Murder Hollow (spelled correctly). We stopped at the bottom of the gully to make a fire and cook some hot dogs. At some point, we had to use the bathroom, so we trekked up into the woods, up the ravine to find a quiet spot, and I swear - a crazy looking old woman with her hair all over came running down the hill hollering at us to get out. We ran like crazy back to the fire and told the guys what happened. They went up looking for her but never found her.

The story I heard was that the woman's entire family was killed by an axe. Suspicions were always upon her, but no one could ever prove it.

When I was about 15-16, a teen girl was raped and murdered there by her boyfriend who hid her body in the weeds behind the guard rail.

Also, the gypsies everyone talks about were NOT gypsies. They were kindly Hungarian immigrants who were trying to carve out a life in this country the old country way. Our brother was allergic to cows milk as a baby, so we got goats milk from them. They were quiet and shy but they were always nice and helpful. I keep trying to remember their name. His first name was Joey, and I went to school with him too.

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omg i went there tonight and we just stayed in our car but we drove past two people on bikes with brown paper bags over their heads with eye and nose holes cut out and they just stared at us and turned down the drive way leading to the old yellow garage across the street from the old gypsie houses. then we got the heck out of there. NEVER GOING AGAIN.

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A guy came home one night and saw that his wife was with another man. So he went and got an ax and chopped there heads off.

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I've lived in Erie my whole life, but nothing truely spooky ever happened when I went out there. I mean just some noises here and there a shadow, but you never know what's just a figmant of our ever wandering imaginations. I live close to where the one young girls body was left, but once again nothing too strange happens.

My mom did tell me though, back in the late 70's or early 80's she went out there with a few of her friends. They took a taperecorder out and recorded the silence. After about 15 minutes of total boring silence, they got back in the car and drove off. But when they got back to my grandma's house they played the tape back and you could hear howling and the wind blowing. I think that's creepy enough haha.


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me my friend and our moms were just out that way and the place is no longer there but accross the road there is a shed back in the woods and i was told that gypsey's live in there. and there are still steps going down a hill there. i still find it really creepy there!

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lived in erie all my life..even ventured to axe murder hollowmany times,i think that is a dam shame that they are taken out erie's historical history,why doesnt the city just leave the hollow alone and what it stands for cause now thats oneless piece of history we have.always enjoyed them nights goin out the for a a good scare especially in the month of october...now what go out there just to see some stupid homes they wanted to replace it with..wow erie sucks!!!!

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Grad from East in 85, our senior year we loaded up about 4 or 5 cars of kids and ventured to see if we can see anything. We did come across an old foundation for a house,kinda weird. The story we heard was that the farmer killed his kids and left them in the basement, also hearing about the stairs below....nobody went down, beliving that they were still there. And what we heard he did the wife in by chopping her head off and left her out in the field in an old refridgerater. Another part of the story is that a library that was on the same property out more on the main road was also haunted, we did find it the name of it is Weis Library, it is still there and kept up.. private owner now.now only the Millcreek PD haunt it now, LOL!

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Last Seen: 10/23/2010 3:57:47 PM  
Where exactly is the spot where all this took place? I have been told Thomas Rd and I have also been told on Pinetree, by someone who grew up there. She said on Pinetree where there is a part of wood fence, and across the street there is a supposedly gypsy house. If it happened on Thomas, where is the place where the house stood. Is it on the right or left side of the road from Sterritania?

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Axe Murder Hollow is on Thomas Rd approx a jhalf a mile off of Sterretania Rd. If you go onto Thomas Rd from Sterretania it is on the right. I have been there many times. There is a small foundation just into the woods and and old well. There is (or was) stairs leading to the creek there. There was an old bridge but all that was left the last time I was there were the three steel beams crossing the creek. The house foundation was right on the creek and there was a 20 ft drop to the creek right behind it. Some of the foundation had fallen into the creek. In 1966 Eugene Patterson killed Christine Watson on Love Rd. and he dumped her body in Walnut Creek,  not at Axe Murder Hollow. He was caught and finally convicted in January 1989. 

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Last Seen: 1/3/2011 7:15:03 PM  
im from erie too and one night when me and several of my friends were 13 or 14 years old an older teen took us out there to see what it was all about. i think it might have been around halloween. it was really dark and scary where he parked his car and we were all so scared holding onto each other walking in a big line toward where the old house wouldve been. we were all so scared that with each step deeper into the woods we hesitated wanting to run back the other way. every new step..one or two of us saying "did you hear that?!" etc. we finally got close and saw the steps that everyone always talks about but it was so dark and scary that we were too scared to go down there. we were spooking outselves so bad that every new move we made we were paralized by fear. all of a sudden someone heard a noise and started bolting toward the way out and since we were all connected everyone started running and panicking like crazy in a mad dash for the car. we were running and screaming and laughing too at the rediculosness and scariness of it all. even back at the car it was so dark and scary and the older teen had a big old car from the 70s. we all jumped in going crazy being so loud. all of a sudden out of the darkness where we were parked on the side of the woods my friend screamed out "the gypsies are coming!" i was one of the people in the back seat with him and when i looked over i saw a really strange looking guy stepping out of the dark woods moving toward the car really slow. i noticed the guy slowly reach his hand out for the back door handle as he was slowly walking toward us about to open it. he was about 10 feet away when i noticed him and we all were tripping out and we hit the gas and peeled out right before he got to the door. it was crazy. not very long after that, an old fashioned ford truck from the 60s or 70s started chasing us all around the back roads etc. i think it was the gypsies because it had a gypsy look to it with how it was decorated and painted. we were peeling out, fish-tailing around corners trying to get away from it. it was fun and scary at the same time. we finally lost him for a while and saw some houses that we assumed were gypsy houses so we stopped the car in the dark and a few of us got out, trying to throw some rocks at the houses to try to get them to chase us or something. we were still in panic mode and scared the ford would find us again so as we tried to flee the scene again, 2 of us were on the back of the trunk lid and my buddy jumped on the hood as we sped away, we were so scared that it felt like there wasnt even enough time to open the doors and get in. it was fun being chased cuz it felt like they were really going to hurt us badly or maybe even kill us if they caught us. i still remember that to this day. it was a fun time. im 39 years old now by the way. i used to threaten to take my kids and my neices out there when they were bad and they would instantly start crying.:) one side note: a few years after that, the older teen who took us out there who we barely knew, had broke down on a stormy night somewhere on a country road (not that road) but a country road and when he was changing his tire a car accidentally hit him as he was changing it and the impact was so hard that he flew into the other lane and another car that was coming from the other direction ran his body over and killed him instantly. thats a true story too. pretty sad. me and my friends were reading about ax murder hallow at the library and saw a few newspaper clippings mentioning it. i guess its true that a guy murdered his family with an ax there. and also in the 60s a teacher kidnapped and raped then killed one of the students from strong vincent in erie and they found her body near there. i had also heard ,although i dont know if its true or not that some teens were trying to spend the night there in sleeping bags back in the 70s trying to see who was brave enough to stay there all night and eventually they all left except for one of them. and when they went back to pick him up in the morning he was dead. supposedly ghostly white too as he lay there frightened to death and they say he had an ax laying near his head. kinda crazy. yeah that place was fun and i had only been there the one time but i wish it was still there because i wouldve liked to have seen the place as an adult so i could truly take it in from an adults perspective. plus it wouldve been nice to see other people being scared how we were when we were taken there when we were young.

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there is an Ax Murder Hollow near Pittsburgh too and the same story is told about the hollow - all with the murdering the wife and lover, girl and guy in the car and the guy ending up upside down dead above the car. In fact I remember being told this exactly how it is written above. Funny how different areas have the same stories.....

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Last Seen: 5/7/2011 6:23:04 PM  
Some of the comments here have really made me laugh. I lived in Erie County, PA until 1969 when I joined the military, growing up on Bargain Road not far from Axe Murder Hollow.

1. The people some here refer to as the "gypsies" were not gypsies at all, but were Hungarians. They knew my grandfather from the old country. They lived off the land and kept to themselves. The old folks have died. The children moved and left the house to go to ruin. But there was nothing sinister or "gypsy-ish" about them unless wearing a babushka is  a sign.

2. Our church group often did hay rides through the Hollow at or around Halloween. The OLD story is, the mother of the family went crazy and chopped up her husband and kids and threw their bodies in a well, then she disappeared into the woods and the authorities never found her. Don't know how much of that is true or not, but on one hayride, we girls had to use the bathroom and wandered up into the woods towards where the house had been to go - and I swear to this day, an old unkempt woman chased us out of there screaming at us and saying we were on her property and to get out.

3. Then when I was about 14-15 which would have been somewhere around 1960-61-62 or so, the body of a young woman was found behind a log that sat at the bottom of the Hollow alongside the road. She was nude and had been strangled. Don't know if they ever caught the person who did it or not.

4. Drove down through the hollow the last time I was home, last July - and the hollow is still there and looks almost the same as it did when I was a youngster, except for one or two extra houses here and there. There is no subdivision there. The subdivision is up 832 closer to town. The road to the Hollow is the one that runs alongside Weiss Library.

5. So if you're out there ghost hunting one day, happy hunting - and wear a babushka so the "gypsies" will think you're one of their own.


Gypsies - GUFFAW


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Last Seen: 7/10/2011 11:01:52 AM  

This is such an incredibly fascinating story.  Has anyone ever thought of making a movie out of it?  At the beginning of the film it could state, "Based on a True Story".  I was born and raised in Erie and always knew the story of Axe Murder Hollow.  Now I live in AZ, but the next time I'm in Erie, I am definately going up to the Hollow.  Thanks to you all for keeping the memory alive !   Patti Slomski Wellman


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Mary Lynn Crotty age 19) was denuded, raped and strangled to death in a vehicle after a blind date; thrown in the trunk & driven around for 2 days until her nude body was dumped at Axe Murder Hollow (somewhere around 1961 to 1963). Daniel Biebighauser (sp?) was arrested for the same--his defense was that he was a "homicidal maniac" and could not help it.  He was convicted of 1st degree murder & sentenced to life in prison.

Christine Watson (11) was murdered at Walnut Creek near Love & Zimmerly Roads, 45 years ago today--7/19/66.  Though Eugene Patterson was convicted in 1989 & sentenced to life, many feel he was railroaded and not the true killer.  Rather, it was a worker from a circus that was in town at the time where the Millcreek mall is now located.

In the 1890's a farmer axed his wife & 3 kids to death at Axe Murder Hollow.  He was believed to have committed suicide, but his body was never found. (MPD records). Legend has it that he returns every anniversary, October 27, looking for the fourth child that got away.


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Last Seen: 7/24/2011 1:16:46 PM  
I've lived in erie my whole life within a mile of "Axe Murder Hallow" got curious a few years ago called millcreek zoning and according to who i talked to it was supposed to be the very 1st hallow coming from the Steritainia Rd. end of Thomas Rd. directly after you start into the woods. I parked and wandered the woods for hours couldnt find anything (because i was walking to far the opposite way deeper into the woods towards the larger hallows) . pretty frustrated on my way back in the direction i came got dissoriented crossed a slight revine and at the top i ended up coming across what i believe to be whats left of the home or maybe a building that was part of the propertly a mid 1800's  stone foundation and stone well. that still exsist..the odd thing about the area was around this foundation it almost seemed everything was dead the trees all plant life no nothing but outside of the area everything was in full bloom.now this could be because of the fire that was rumored to have taken the house back in the 70's according to a older guy i work with that used to party at the site back in  those days .. now walking back out if you look really careful you can tell where a driveway must have been its marked by a couple old tires and much smaller trees/brush then everything else around thats more forrest like and much larger

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Last Seen: 7/24/2011 1:16:46 PM  
Its absolutely crazy how many stories are circulating about this place now as far as i know "The gypsies" many ppl talk about may or may not exsist. could have just been ppl screwen around because of the legends chasen ppl for fun so they would believe it was gypsies.. the houses hafta be sick of all these kids constantly beepen throwen shit wanderen threw there yards id get angry too couldnt blame em for doing it really..but my high school shop teacher at Mcdowell Mr Correll told me it was just an elderly man that lived there deffenently not a gypsie.. ive been in the house 2006 or 2007 back b4 it was torn down  and the back garage as well it was funny cuz some guy in a posting above mentions the manican i recall seeing in the ditch or layen in the weeds around the house when we went back there  i have photos of it to this day the house itself very creepy he had wooden pallets painted same as the house all leaning up along the house crazy huge metal fabricated creations hangen in the trees nothin inside the house was too odd besides there was food and bread that wasnt all that old because it wasnt even moldy yet maybe drifters were occupying it who knows like i said i took pictures of all this odd stuff the guy had many jars of substances down in the cellar just food i assume from a garden have pictures of all that stuff as well nuthin odd in that back garage just alota really old radio parts in boxes layen around with the glass bulb style circuits .the strangest thing i saw was tons of little viles of maybe nail polish remover some clear substance that was strewn all over probly hundreds of them at the foot of the stairs in the house no idea why those would be there but thot that was rather strange.. its too bad its gone i remember goin by it on the bus when i was little until i was old enough to go there myself its a huge urban legend around this area im glad i have my photos and memories of my own experiences there with alota my buddies because no one will ever have that opportunity now

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The  last time I was there was in 1967!  We went there several times in the late 60's.  It was pretty much as described in other posts although we were never chased or vandalized!

I knew the lady who owned the land and the  auto parts store at 13th and Parade street.  She was a widow and somewhat "Strange" to saw the least!  I can't recall hen name at the moment but it will came back to me!

I moved to Florida in 1985 and visited Erie in 2008.  I tried to find the hollow again then but gave up right a way when I saw all of the new development!

It wae exciting back then and we all surer enjoyed it!


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When i was 16  a group of friends and i went there and bothered the gypsies i guess. we parked out front of the house and honked the horn. to my surprise when i looked out the window a man with a gun rifle er some sort of salt shooter was standing there of course i screamed and we took off. the gupsies chased us up the hill with their bright top lights in a truck shooting at the car with what we believe were salt guns. they made homemade tacks and put them in the road.we ran one over by the time we got up the hill and outta there we had a flat tire and one of the people we were with kept the tack for proof to our friends.we actually went there several times before this was the last for me. i swear i thought we were going to die that night.we once went to the house or what was left of the house and found a play cell phone it didn't work so we threw it in the glove box a week later it started ringing and wouldn't stop.also i heard that the garage was haunted down there and i guess a bear was in a cage behind the garage idk about that just what i herd. also once driving down there with a black friend we saw a burning cross....he was traumatized by this..never went back. and the church across from the gypsies is suppose to be a satanic church and a which is suppose to live next door not too sure about those stories either but the crazy Gypsies are definitely real and scary.  

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the date was around 1990, myself and a few friends rode out to this area one evening during the summer, only to be met with spotlights in our eyes and suddenly a rock or brick smashing the passenger side windshield. we could only see outlines of people moving from one location of cover to another. we left and never went back.

gudgeonville bridge (sp) was another place we like to visit because of its spooky past, although i heard that some vandels burned it down. we used to have clean, simple, lives back then. we never destroyed property or disrespected anyone. its sad when i look back at my childhood and teenage years, long gone. today, times are just so different. as i get older, i realize what my parents meant when they saw how the world was changing during their adulthood.

looking back i remember 102.3 wjet would play haunted erie stories that i would record on cassette tape every year.. i also remember a story that i actually checked into at the "then erie library" on microfiche. it was a story about a a ufo that was reported by several spectators that landed on presque isle and supposedly terrified a couple that were stranded when their vehicle was stranded after a summer day at the beach in the 60s.

erie is full of adventure and loaded with history. i thank our school teacher for taking us on field trips all the time to different places so we could learn the history of erie. "dont give up the ship"


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Last Seen: 8/21/2012 1:22:15 PM  

I live in Erie. My Uncle Lou owns the property. It is known, from 1900s, but said, and seen, He still romes the woods. If your call stalls. You know what they say... Your head is next. But the naighbor is next store, the new houses that are built. But did you know, he's still there. Gyps, might live there, but they are warnded with real, witness. I know beacause went the house was still there, the blood staines where still there, I was so tired I almost fell alseep, on the bed. There was Parmormal crues in and out. Witnessed EvPs and everything. Also October nights, as Holloween nears, he's seen. BEWHARE: NEVER GO IN OCTOBER.

WARNING: Witness been proved. -AxeMurderHollow.


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I ACTUALLY LIVED THERE in Erie,Pennsylvania on Thomas Road. My dad built a house in those same exact woods. He never told us the story till about a year later of living there but I personally thought it was pretty coolest thing living in the haunted woods. I live in Florida now but I miss those beautiful woods a nd the big open stream of water by them. Living there I never saw anything mysterious but you never know ;)

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- US
Some one mentioned about the Gypsies being nice people and receiving goats milk from there... One of the many times my friends and i visited out there we were stopped by Millcreek Police and they asked if we were out there messing with the Dickies... as if that was there last name.... dont know if that helps.  

Durring my many visits we did go up and down the stair case and did always end up with a different count... 12 down and 13 up... had alot of fun up there and messed with alot of people wandering the woods up there.. i did also get chased at high speed by the gypsies in there trucks and motocycles they would pin us in the road so we had to turn around and while we were doing that they would throw eggs and rocks at our vehicles...It was fun trying to explain the large dents in my parents cars when i got home, but they understood because even they had visited the area as teens also, the gypsies would always end the chase around the area where the old foundation of the house and steps were.. we were always able to find it because there was two large telephone poles that looked like a giant cross near the area of the old foundation..

Shaun Miller - Erie PA




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