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Ed Trays Hill
Porterville, Ca 93257

County: Tulare County
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There was a white man killed by a few black men when the KKK was still at large. He was hung from a tree, his head buried beneath him. To this day, you still can hear fo`t steps, rocks being kicked, and laughter of what sounds like older men. Even a few say that scratches appear on their arms!

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Omg! Stupid predictive text it was speak with not sleep with. I'm solo sorry.

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i've lived in porterville my whole life and never heard of such a hill my grandparents who were around in the time this supposedly happened never heard of it either... it a fraud

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any one that dont believe it is stupid my friend even got the scratches on her arm its insane

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i've been there all i heard was someboday scremaing

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.dood it freakn haunted isaw a man there

but then he disappeared_o:


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its fake i have never heard of any hill by that name and iv lived in portervill for 18 years

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dang it anyone from porterville know any local haunted places?

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Road camp!!

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I knew the man killed there & the hill is where Granite Hills HS is now it use to be orange fields with 1 way up or down the hill to the house...

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its true ive lived here 21 years and ive heard of it

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its true and is located just behind granite hill high school, dirt road going up the hill

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History on Ed Tray: He inherited all this property from his parents that owned this hill and had orange orchards there. He by trade was marijuana farmer and had killed his partner in the mountains around Springville and claimed it was an accident. Ed was arrested and then want to trial but was found not guilty. The stories goes that the brother of the man he killed hired some black gangs to do a hit on him. When they found him, Ed was hanged and after this they blew his head off with a shotgun. His lawyer upon ED's death put a lien on his property and so did the local government for outstanding bills. As they fought who gets what someone burnt his home down. This place used to be very popular place with kids but over the years nobody goes there because of what goes on, rocks falling, beers gets spilled, etc. This area also has some old Indian burial grounds and a number of caves. Look out for no trespass signs when exploring this area. Ed's place is located just behind Granite Hill High School, the dirt road going up the hill. The road can be seen from a distance winding up the hill just east of the school. I went there years ago and after that on occasion we hear knocking on our door and no one will be there. I own a property that overlooks Ed’s place and the previous owners used to friends with Ed’s parents.

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i knew e.t. we used to call him. we`ved partied in that house on the hill back the 80s.  he was a little bit wierd but i didnt know he was killed

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He was not killed by a black gang or anyone related to a gang. He was killed by a religious nut who wanted to get another dope dealer off the earth. The guy called and turned himself in not long after the shooting.

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Last Seen: 11/24/2010 2:50:09 PM  
if someone religios suposably did it then they are not very religious are they?????

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He was not killed by a nut either they did a train on him til midnight thats right "gang banga"

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Im going there tonight w/ my camera. I'll let you know

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From what I heard.... No it wasn't back "in the good ol' days" I was like 20 years ago. It was drug related, they burnt down his house, killed him, hung him in a tree and *don't quote me on this* cut off his manhood and shoved it into his throat.....eesh. I don't even know if that is his name or just the name of the hill. If he did kill somebody, he probally dropped the body near Blue Ridge Road......now that road has some problems of its own. If anybody has any info on this person please post.

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I've heard many stories about it, i've gone up the hill and it wasn't even dark and I saw and heard things I had no idea what they were..

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What the hell.....does anyone have any specific directions....Granite Hills High has one dirt road that starts at the end of Putnam....is that it? Does anyone have any concrete evidence of what really happened....police report, ect.? Does anyone know anything about a haunted Scranton House near the cemetary?

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It was a hit because he wouldnt sell his property to the city the hired guy got off cause he was "insane"

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ok listen i know all the facts my friend's grandpa killed the guy he was a religous nut it was behing granite hills hight school not kkk related theres the foundations of an old house there there is a tree he hung the guy from the tree upside donw and read the bible to his back words

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Can you see it from the cemetary?

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Last Seen: 4/18/2009 1:38:36 PM  
I have lived in porterville most of my life and I am 40somethingISH and I had never heard of Ed Trays or his hill until about a year ago , I spoke with the local historian at the library and she said that she never heard of Ed Trays or his hill either and that it was not true that anyone had been murdered in the manner that the story claims . She said the only hill she knows of is Lewis Hill and no one has ever been murdered there either . But it does make for a good story to tell at midnite on halloween .

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ive been there too . when the house was still there. i was ten years old . me my sis and a friend ditched school and went up there. it was freaky we didn't stay long. but the house was partyly burned. now theres nothing there. but the foudation of the house. i heard of this killing that long ago. but never found proof. if anyone has any info. post it.please.

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Does anyone know the story and the location of the Scranton House?

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The scranton house was located on Scraton road around Highway 65 and the airport. I do not know the facts, all it is folklore. Stories have been from a warlock, to a violent nut to a father that snapped killed the family and burned down the house, etc, etc. The house was nothing but a shell and been tagged one too many times. They demolished it a few years back and is now a gated area for ultility trucks.

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This Place is really very haunted I've been out there a few times and one of the times I went we found a plateform and a tree that has been cut down I believe that was where he was hung when we came back down to go to my car I was being choked and couldn't breath as for the location its behind Granit hills High School on putnum go all the way down and you'll see a dirt road i advize you dont drive up to many large points were your vehicel well scrap the bottom.

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I have been up there on the hill before they tore down the house, his parents gave him the property, he became involved with people who dealt w/ dope. His woman & kid left him. He was murdered, local kids went up and partied in the vacant house and thrashed it. I think he was living too close to Rocky Hill, and disturbed the vib. the area is special to the local native Americans for a reason. I have lived at the foothill of his home for over 27 years.

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Ok... So.. Ed was my dads best friend .. I am 24 now so my memories of him were up until I was 10. My mom dad and Ed used 2 go lock the bedroom door in the garage and do dope all day (I remember them always going in the room and telling us to stay away but until I was 12, I didn't know what went on in there) the few times I did see anything in there they always had a large sheet mirror on the bed.. So, my dad and Ed eventually started slamming the dope, stealing all my grandmas diabetic syringes and my dad eventually went 2 jail just drug and parole related, my mommet a nice guy that lived in Tulare and was in the NA program. Since my dad was very abusive toward my mom and the animals ,my mom took the oppurtunity to move to Tulare and relocate all 4 of us (kids @the time) from there she got into the program with her new bf and hasn't done any drugs since.. Their relationship lasts 3 years and when over we moved back to porterville and things have been well since, however, while living in Tulare, we visited Ed up at the house on the hill and he cMe to Tulare bout twice 2 visit us.. I remember, don't know what make/model but he always drove a candy apple red convertable that my mom just admired... Bottom line: in an attempt to help himself out of trouble, he snitched off some other people (drug related) ... As many who have been around drug addicts know; snitching may result in death... Some1 cut the landline wires to his house phone, hung him in the tree then decaputated him, all while his wife stood in the kitchen window helplessly screaming, they told her if she came out that she would b next... These guys then left and headed 4 casino, got pulled over 4 something technical but immediately confessed to the murder (not knowing that wasn't why they got pulled over) the cops didn't know about it yet.. Mi don't know how true this is but about 10 years ago I heard that his wife was completely fukin nuts frm going thru that .. Don't know who or why house was torched.. Anyhow, honestly knew him.. My mom n dad were good or even best friends with Ed and my mom recieved the detailed phone call from one of his family members shortly after his death.. I was about 11 then so it's been a while.. I have heard stories about the screams but honestly none of my family have gone up since before he was killed.

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rocky hill and "Ed Tracy Hill" are no were near each other Rocky Hill is behind exeter and this "Ed Tracy Hill" is behind Granite Hills High School. Also there was recently a sciucied up there at the remains of "Eds house" by religois nut i knew the family becuase they to my church and the guys name was larry!!!

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I have been to the hill several times both before and after John Edward (Eddie) Tray was killed by Larry Teague in 1994-95. Eddie was married to my aunt for several years and i would go stay the night with my cousins at the house. The house was a nice two story house that was left to Eddie after his mother passed away. The house always had a problem with the water pump burning out because the water well was at the base of the hill. Yes Eddie was a marijuana growner at one time. and Yes he did use drugs. He quit growing marijuana several years before his death, because he got caught with 979 plants. He was snitched on by a friend named Elliot who is also dead now. Shortly after he was caught with the marijuana my aunt left him. the true details behind his murder are still a mystery. However the story i heard which was the day he was killed. Eddie had invited his friend Larry over to take pictures of him. Eddie always liked to take picutres as a hobby. Larry arrived and Eddie began taking pictures of him holding a shotgun and a sign that said no narcs allowed. as Eddie turned to walk away to get more distance Larry shot him in the back knocking him to the ground. As Eddie tried to crawl away Larry walked up and shot him in the head and told Eddie's new girlfriend to go back inside or she was next. Larry then hung Eddie in a small tree on the side of the hill just west of the garage next to my cousins playroom by his feet and let him bleed out down the hill. I went with my cousin to the house a few days after the murder along with Eddie's sister from out of state. There was a dark area in the dirt along the driveway next to the hill. The tree was cut down by my cousin a few days later. the house stayed empty after the murder, because his sister was trying to sell it. while the house was empty teen agers and other people who don't care about someone's property would go party at the empty house and eventually destroyed the house. after the fire the remaining parts of the frame was bull dozed. the only thing left is the foundation. for the last poster. Eddie had two red convertables. The first one was a Dodge Dart that he drove for years. The second was a Buick Wildcat. I located the Buick about a month after the murder. My cousin and I towed the Buick to the base of the hill were it stayed for several month before it disappearded. Larry Teauge was arrested shortly after the murder in one of the mountain area's near springville and was convicted and is now in prison. As for the other story of Eddie killing someone in the past. the story is true, but the incident was deamed self defense. Now I still go to the top of the hill where the house used to be once in a while, but I have never heard or seen any strange noises or activity.


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what are the directions to the Scranton house? not ed trays hill but the SCRANTON HOUSE!

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Went up this hill a while back this is all that was left. here are a few pictures. Didn't experience anything unusual. http://www.flickr.com/photos/42720150@N02/4044600046/

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I live in Porterville and I have been clsoe to it, but never have I actually been there nor do I know if ive even seen the sight or not, I have heard stories, true stories of the Springville inn being Haunted and I have even called them and the accounts of sightings have been true, as for who Eddie is, I have no idea.

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This is my uncle that you are all talking about....yes he was murdered and hung......my grandmothers house was built by my grandfather...the house of her dreams...all to come down to this nonsense.

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people first of all i wanna say this is my great uncle. what happened to him is true. ^^i agree with my mommy up there^^ and second of all what gives you people the right to say its true or not true. do you guys personaly know him? this is someone family member...my family member. how would you guys like it if people started saying tradgic things about your family wasnt true? you wouldnt like it so why you doing it to my family?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 48379 ReplyTo# 44541     2/16/2010 8:20:00 AM     Edit          

Hes my great great gandfather... so yeah i know the storys are true my mother use to tell me about it all the time.

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about the scranton house my dad knows someguy that lives there now with his family which he owns the property he lived there about 4 years now he is trying to sell the property cause he his kids are to scared he found human remains in the ground that was raped up in a sheet everynight at 12:00 am he hears someone walking into the bathroom and the water turns on his kids always sees a little boy there...

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scranton house is located on scranton rd first house next to cemetery...

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It is true about Larry Teague killing the guy. I know Larry's daughter. Larry is a religious nut and shot and hung Ed from the tree upside down. As for the Scranton House, my cousins and I used to drive by it all the time when it was dark. One of the stories were if you drove by the house four times, your car would stall. Never happened....never heard any strange noises either. It looked really creepy though, and looked like there were a lot of witchcraft rituals that happened there. Pentagrams drawn on the living room floor and markings of candles burnt. It is off Hwy 190 driving towards Terra Bella.

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I have lived in porterville my my whole life thats 17 years and i have never heard of ED TRAYS HILL.... I think im going to ask if i can check it out.....


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I am also a family member of Ed's.  I wish people would not go up to his old house area to get their shits and giggles.  He was killed for no reason.  Ed was a wonderful guy.  I rememeber going up there with my daddy and shooting all the time.  Lot of fond memories up on that hill.

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I am looking for any living family members of Edward tray. It is very important that I sleep with someone. I have something of his for you guys and more. Please contact me ashleykerneen I gmail.com. please please please

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Last Seen: 5/30/2010 8:52:38 AM  

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we're going up there this week. i'll hit u up as soon as i get home:o

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Larry Teague is Indian and always was a little on the crazy side. Larry was a part time bounty hunter, part time drug dealer and among other things very cold hearted and disturbed. I always kinda feared his wild eyes.. He had very deep seeded feeling about certian things..Larry had a scary look about him. Larry lost his way at a very young age. After he was dis-honerablly discharged from the army he started a long downhill slide. Married a beautiful woman, had kids, divorced and lost it all..He lived in the shadow of a younger more accomplished brother that was highly decorated 82nd airborn ranger. They were very close when they were young. Larry brought drunk bikers to brothers house in the middle of the night to party. Little brother did not want to party. Larry and little brother ended up in a bad fight where Larry got seriously whipped. Larry and Ed were friends, and Yes the house was the one that burned down up behind Granit Hills H.S. From what I know, Larry had told Ed to quit using and selling drugs to minors or he would kill him, Ed thought Larry wasn't serious, obviously he was. I know Larry very well, I lived with Larry and his family 4 years when he was a teenager up until he was 24-25. I know he is still in prison and may never be releaced. I feel very sorry for Ed and his family to have went through such a tragic situation. Larry's siblings have all dis-owned him for what he did prior to and including asasinating John Edward Tray.

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I knew eddie tray for meny years , He was a nice guy and i knew his mom and dad also all nice people. eddie got murderd by a nut did not deserve to die so what he loved to get high i even been up the hill.so just let him rest in peace and his familey and friends have there memories of him . a porterville friend.

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O: ..... I actually go granite hills high school and been up that mountain before... it was maybe... 1:30 or so when me my friends went up there. The only thing that was a little weird was it was kinda colder than usual, and I had seen and orb.. just like one. not a billion or anything. O: pretty crazy story though!!!

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Last Seen: 11/26/2010 8:29:47 PM  
I lived across the street from him for almost my entire life. I remember my dad yelling at me one time because I was checking the mail and Ed had stopped at the mailboxes on his way up the hill and was talking to me, just "how are you" and what not. My dad was very cautious of him. One day I remember a lady running down our driveway crying and screaming, she had obviously wet herself, my dad yelled at everyone to get in the house and told my mom to call 911. He told the lady to hide in his shed, a few seconds later you could see eds bright red convertable speeding down the hill and then down our drive. I saw him yelling at my dad and then he got out of his car and went to his trunk, he must of heard the sirens coming because he jumped back in his car and took off, they took the lady away in an ambulance. Another time before all that,ed was having problems with his car and when he was pushing the car down our drive my dad again told us to go inside, I remeber hearing my dad saying he didn't want his car on our property and it had better be gone before he woke up the next morning. We had a yard sale a couple years later and he came down, this was the first time I had ever seen him face to face, there was definately something off about him, it was a few months later he was murdered. I went up there with my friend, and there was definately a very disturbing feeling. We had also seen lights flickering and what looked like candles burning after he died which were probably just curious people up there... I believe there is definately something up there.

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does any one have any information about what ive been told is called the shackles it was aparently a daycamp for prisoners but i cant seem to find any information abput it it is located on ave 120 out behind the state hospital if you know any thing about it i would apreciate some details 


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Me and my friends got stuck up there like 2 nights ago.there was gonna bee a solar lunar eclipse and we wanted to see it from a hill so we went to eds hill! there was 4 of us in the car we were on our way up i was driven i saw a big a*s mud puddle n i tried avoiding it but i still got stuck! we didnt even get to go all thee way to thee top! we were waitin in the car for someone to come then me n one of my friends heard someone hit the back of the car! it wasnt very hard nor loud but it was enough for me n her to hear it n kind feel it! we ignored it n chilled but then we noticed that the hill was very cloudy but when we would look towards the road it was hella clear!!! wen we did get out it was like @1 in thee morning n we noticed that when we were getting out the fag was clearing up when we were out thee fog was GONE!!!! it was very creepy been up there for sooo long !

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I met the guy (Larry) in Corcoran State Prison when I was doing the scared straight program. White, blonde and gray hair,crazy attitude with crazy eyes. About 15-20 years ago. He's doing life for hanging and shooting someone on a hill on the East Side of Porterville. That exact spot. Its been a long time ago, but I remember him saying he killed him because Ed was giving drugs to his daughter. That house was starting to be a drug house. I've heard storys there was drugs hidden between the walls of that house. People would go up there after that happened and started to tear the walls down till the granite walls was left. I've been up there alot. All whats left is some trash and the concrete foundation. Theres a house down in back of that hill people still live in that have alot of stuff spread around there property, and dogs that are lose. Maybe the noises come from that house or maybe its true, Ed's spirit hasnt passed over.

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Comment #69329 and #38849 tell the true story

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i remember hearing about this house around the time i was around 17 so between 98-2000, i remembered hearing from a girl i was into, that high school/college kids would go hang out up there on the weekends and summer nites and party up there, she wanted me to go, however i never did, there was a fire in the last year so even if anything would have been left i doubt much is left anymore. never heard any of the other stuff about it,to my knowledge theres two ways to get to the location and both are dirt roads. kinda intresting though. however if your not from the porterville area, first off you have to understand porterville despite a population of over 50000 now. when this occured would have been in the 30000-35000 range. theres nothing to do in this town never has been much to do, businesses unless larger businesses dont normally last. the police activites league that was around for kids closed out years ago, theres a boys and girls club now, however daily in most areas of town you can see kids walking around after 10pm curfew, gang related tagging has dropped highly however gang related appearances have changed and blend in with majority of kid unless you know what the diffrences are. its not just red and blue anymore. despite it being a smaller area, rumors, gossip, drugs, alcohol, stds, partying, gangs, are a issue that when you scratch the surface does eventually show its ugly head. its been reported that the local area has more then 50 gangs of varying races, areas, etc. the local paper dosnt tell all the things that happen in this town such as drive by shootings etc. local law enforcement has had its history of pr issues see you tube etc etc.

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I have been up there 3 times at 1am and later, nothing happened but the walk up there is somewhat long, but nothing spooky (to me at least) I tried doing the old "talk to the ghost" thing...nothing happened. But it is the dirt road behind Granite Hills Highschool, you cannot miss it. I wrote my name and the date with charcoal on the edge foundation "Mason J. 2-24-12" I would like to meet Larry Teague...I do not live too far from Corcoran. About an hour and a half I believe from Porterville. I am planning on going again. The burned wood is still there, some spray painted images. It was a very small house...what my question is...is why was it not recorded in the Porterville Recorder Newspaper? What year did it occur? Any info is greatly appreciated.


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I live in Porterville, near the abandoned Drive In Theater,  "Ed Tray's Hill" is directly behind Granite Hills high school going up the dirt path, it is on Olive and Tulsa. There is nothing scary there, I have tried to talk to Ed, and the stories are in fact true, Larry Dean Teague, a man who is put behind bars for life in Pleasant Valley Prison in Coalinga, killed and hung Ed from a tree there, for giving his daughter drugs. The foundation of the house is still there and there is graffiti there too of course...it is not all the way up, it is the second path you see to your right, keep walking and there you go...tile, black burned wood and bones of animals that I put there from the bottom of the hill to scare off people who know the legend. Contact me at dtanorexia@live.com if you wish to head to the hill. I must warn you, nothing is out of the ordinary, I have gone 6 times at night and only the first time was spooky because of how we found it. My brother-in-law’s grandfather knew Ed and said that he was in fact killed that way. 

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I knew Ed when I was a little kid and up until 1979 or so. I knew the whole family. It is a shame that everything Bob Tray worked for most of his life is gone now, land, home, son, wife. I hope they all can rest in peace. Stay away from hard drugs and the people that use them. I know from personal experience.

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Hi, me again. (From the two posts above the one before this) Here to say, nothing and I mean NOTHING is out of the ordinary with this area. Been there about 20 times, give or two maybe 2. You will find nothing but shotgun shells, condoms, and Jim Beams Bourbon that I myself left there while extremely drunk off my ass. Aside from a nice story (which I know the REAL one) there is no ghost. If there ever was, he wasn't around from 2012-now. Or I would have encountered him. He MUST know me well by now if he's still around. 

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- -
I knew Eddie Tray, I was best friends with his step daughter, we went to school together, I spent most of my time up on that hill will Eddy and his family. He would take the family to the lake to take the boat out, he loved to take us all to the drive in movies, my family moved away and we all drifted apart. I don't know what events lead to his death, But I know he was a good guy that had problems like everyone else, whatever demons he carried were his own, just like we all have to deal with our own demons. I was heart broken when I found out he died, His step son told me what had happened. Then a couple of years later I heard people saying they liked to go up to the Haunted Hill where his ghost was. I didn't want to go there but I went anyways. The house that was once so pretty was now a shell, with walls gone, the wall of windows that had such an amazing view were shattered, every where I looked held memories of my time living in that house with my best friend, of the man I once knew, who loved to laugh, who was a house painter, who loved to go to yard sells. The people I went with were scared and creeped out but I was not, we heard a lot of weird things, banging, footsteps, but while everyone was thinking the "Ghost" was going to jump out at any time, while walking around the house I felt a prickly feeling on the back of my neck, but I was not afraid, I knew him you see, so I knew I had nothing to fear, but I really had a feeling that we had to leave, quickly, so I told everyone we had to go, right as we were starting to drive down the hill a big dog showed up, barking and running at the car, pretty mean dog, so if Eddie 's Ghost is really there, Thanks again for keeping an eye on us!

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If you knew him please contact me at kaigekarter@hotmail.com I believe ha was my dad and would like to see a pic




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