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Reports of a phantom house, that disappears. From legend and research the place was a town in the 1800's. There was a witch living amongst the people and they burned her alive, as she died she placed a curse of flood on the place and death on the people. On the anniversary of her death there was indeed a great flood, burying the entire town and people in it alive. if you park your car near the gates at night, a train going across the only way out, blocking you in for an hours worth of demon faces in your windows, howling screeching sounds, corpses trying to get at you, and the like. (Remember, in actuality the corpses are still underwater in the town, never recovered). You can actually walk thru this place (beware, there are wild dog packs throughout) and good luck not getting lost. If the waters low enough, you can see the tops of chimneys and houses during the day. Pay close attention to what you hear; sounds even in the daytime are unexplainable and for added fun, try the cemetery off to the left for gravesites of those who died before the flood. Not recommended for ANY child, the place is dangerous. And don't drive thru there, you will get fined at least $500.For more information check out the Westmoreland Historical Association, and look up Livermore. It's all there in black and white. And yes, the "Livermore Cemetery" sign is the original that was used in the black and white version of Night of the Living Dead.

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we need pics of the town under water

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who are you and why do you need pics of livermore

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Back in the early seventies you could drive all the way back to the sealed off tunnel from the livermore cemetery side crossing many bridges. It's blocked off now with chain link fences and you can't even walk past them. Back then we would party there every weekend and NEVER once did anyone see anything strange. The place in my opion is not, and has never been hanted. wvgp

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this place is the most haunted places i have been to me and acouple of friends went there one night. and we seen alot of like shadows and heard noises i threw 1 rock into the lake or whatever it is and it sounded like 30 of them got thrown back up out of the water and back down it was nuts. yall email me if any one is planning to go theycallmeizim@yahoo.com

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Anyone who has any more information on this let me know. My email`s slightlyspiteful@yahoo.com

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My girlfriend and i went to the west Penn trail yesterday around 7pm. First we wanted to investigate what was past the blue gate. We walked up about 300 feet, just before we got to the clearing we BOTH got a chilling and very eerie feeling and we instantly turned back. Even though we didnt say we were gonna do it, we were both compelled to run back down the trail to the gate as if someone or something was chasing us. We found out later(when we got home and got on the internet)that we were at the 2nd most haunted place in PA. LIVERMORE CEMETARY. Then we walked down the trail until it comes to a "T" in the path. We didnt know which way to go so we started walking right. We walked for about a mile and heard very strange sounds in the woods all around us. I made a comment to my girlfriend that it would be cool if this path took us to livermore because we couldnt find the town and there were no maps to tell you how to get there. After a while we turned back. As we crossed the 2nd bridge i felt like there was someone or something watching us, and when i looked back i saw the shadows of what looked like 2 or 3 people walking toward us. Im not gonna lie that was the most scared ive been. I grabbed my girls hand and started running. We ran almost to the 1st bridge and when we looked back those things we just as far away as they were before we started running and they were still stationary, as if they were just standing there watching us. We were tired of running so we walked as fast as we could. Just before we gott to the end of the 1st bridge I looked back again and NOONE was there. Theres no way they went off either side of the trail because it drops off about 400 hundred feet and noone could survive that fall. We are both convinced that we were being followed by the spirts that haunt livermore, filmore, and the cemetary. We got back to the "T" in the path and it was getting dark and we decided to go check out old torrance state hospital. But thats another scary story.- a Seriously creeped out person

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I am heading up here tonight, I will provide pictures!

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Last Seen: 5/14/2010 2:50:22 PM  
Check out my Livermore page on this website.... it all there, maps, pics, history, legend and fact.

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I have been to Livermore PA.  There was not a phantom house, and there weren't any chimneys viewable sticking out from the water.  I heard there was a cleanup crew that came through and got rid of a lot of the junk that had supposedly been left behind.  This was in preparation for the bike trail that now runs through this area, and crosses over the body of water that supposedly flooded the old town.  As for the cemetery, it was posted NO TRESPASSING, but I explored it anyway.  Being an old cemetery, small, and tucked away, it had its creepy moments, but for the most part, it wasn't anything to get all worked up over.  I visited Livermore around August of 2007, and I will be going back the first weekend of August 2008.  Visit my site for more info.  http://www.freewebs.com/projectinfiltration/index.htm

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I grew up in greensburg pa and I drank a heck of alot of beer back in livermore as a teenager.There are a lot of urban legends surronding this place.There is also an eerie feel to it,but i never seen a phantom house,nor did I know anybody else that seen it.Incedently it was a controled flood by the army corp of engineers in the 1950s and nobody died. I am a skeptic about the supernatural but one nite I was there about 15 years ago and seen somthing I still can can't explain and probably never will.

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I also grew up in Greensburg and spent many nights at Livermore partying. We never damaged anything, just looked around. As has been stated elsewhere, I never saw anything, just got that creepy feeling.

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Livermore is not a place to play there are things people dont understand STAY OUT

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i have been there a few times and all I can say is that place is really creepy. Bad vibes.

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would like to request ANY pictures at all. Went to college in Blairsville in the mid 90's. Been there numerous times and know how haunted it REALLY is. Be careful of the baby's cry as well. Be careful of the Myers tombstone. Will not elaborate why. Just do not touch or damage!!!!! Fun to walk in the partial cave area. And yes tombstones do come out of the tree roots. Believe me this IS NOT an URBAN legend tale. My first diving experience was there. Believe what you want I know what I saw first hand as well. Too many things to talk about but yes alot is very true!!!

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Last Seen: 5/14/2010 2:50:22 PM  
There is alot of wierd things that do go on at Livermore.  But i have been in the cemetary and there is no "seven gates of hell"  there is no ghosts there.....  Although the history suggests it; moving tombstones from the valley to the hill, tombstones growing out of tree roots, errie feelings.....  Honestly there is nothing at all that freaks  me or anyone in my group out in the cemetary.  Now the Bridges is another story.....  To read about this experience please search my Livermore page on this website.  I have pictures and my True Story is documented.  If you or anyone else that reads this has any questions please e-mail me at JMANS10@msn.com.

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Last Seen: 5/14/2010 2:50:22 PM  


This is the link to my page on this website.


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Been to 'Livermore' many - many times without issue. The cemetary is private but may be walked through and viewed no problems. The Conemaugh Flood Control project was completed in 1951 as part of the Pittsburgh Flood Control District. The town was sacrificed to the flood control project post St.Patricks Day Flood of 1936. Google the U.S.Army Corp of Engineers, Pittsburgh Flood Control District for more info. Gerry/donquixote1955@yahoo.com

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yes the storys are very true if you sit in ur car at night and listen you can here the train whistle  and than knocks on the side of the car

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Lets try this again. I've taken my teenage daughters to where the town actually was without incident. It was a very nice walk in the woods adjecent to the West Penn Trail. I've talked with the good folks from the Corps of Engineers, at Loyalhanna Lake, got relative water depth information so when I want to go again, I'll call ahead for water depth info so's I'll know if the area's I want to explore are accessible. Urban legends are just that, anecdotal and amusing fiction.

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PS: I forgot to mention, last time I was where the town actually was, was on Saturday, 7-18, just over a week ago. Agan, without incident :)

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My friends and I used to camp and drink a lot out there...pretty cool place to explore, but I never felt frightened in the least.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 38162     8/19/2009 1:04:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

I've been to livermore and it was scary I believe the stories about it. That place is definatly haunted.

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Been here only once. Thought the legend was bullshit, but 2 friends and I decided to check it out anyway. My friend heather and I hopped out the car and walked up towards the cemetary gates, but after hearing a very loud stomping walk from behind the gates, quickly made our way back to the vehicle. We also took some time to wait it out at the railroad tracks. To our shock, we soon heard the sounds of an approaching train, and a silvery light in the track distance. Needless to say we were out of there. Great scare.

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Okay. I live approx. 5-10 mins from Livermore, PA. It's a "romantic" getaway place of my g/f and I's.

1st I would like to say, Yes, there is ALOT of paranormal activity up there, on the bridges, in the water, as well as the cemetery.

Things we've seen, during the day as well as night:

Visions of church steeples and chimneys sticking out of the water. On days when it's been droughted for some time and the water is clear you can see blurred visions of what used to be (and was in the 1800's until 1936) a small town.

They did remove the one bridge in 1940's, but have since started to ruin the area by making it more of a recreational area than anything last year 2008, and now have built a new bridge on the one end (where the cemetery ISN'T, near Westinghouse) continuing the West Penn Trail, for sight see-ers, this is slowly ruining what used to be a fun yet spooky place.

On the other end, where the REAL town is, the cemetery DOES still set on the hill, and for anyone who has looked up images of it, I will tell you CHERISH the old one's. Kids have RUINED the cemetery by ripping out head stones, breaking them, writing all over them, and RUINING a place out of "the fun of partying". As well: the main tree that sits in the middle of all of the tombstones is now a 3' stump from being struck by lightening.

If you are caught at Livermore Cemetery ANY TIME, day or night. It is one heck of a trespassing fine, starting out at 500.00 and more.

In the past 2 years of it being my escape it is now ruined by punk kids and our wonderful historical association who has now gone recreational for bikers, runners and so on.

If you need any other information or would like pictures, please don't hesitate to email me. breaking_salvation@yahoo.com, please for the subject write "Livermore, PA" or I might accidentally erase it amongst the spam.

For REAL Historical Documents google: The Great St. Patricks Day Flood Livermore, PA.   It happened in 1936 killing 80 and later claiming another life, making the toll 81 lives.

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It's a shame the guy running this blog deleted my factual posting.

Anyone who wants 100% true info check this blog out:


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ok read stories going both ways. my experience at this place was amazing!!pics were even better!! went there for fun on friday the 13th with my kids and got more than we bargained for!! the cemetary is great, I do beg all to be respectful.Planning on heading back out there soon with some friends.My suggestion is this,I have ALWAYS had a better response(photos,etc..) when I had my kids with me and we broke into 2 small groups(adult in each group) Definitely take pics of Myers stone and on bridge!! You will NOT be disappointed here.

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as for the guy saying: to our shock we heard an approching train those tracks are still in use by norfoksouthern, and why dont you go tell ghost storys to the 50 familys in mini vans that take there kids on bikerides there every weekend



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not so spooky anymore is it?

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I've been to livermore a few times late at night.... one night in fall we made it up there shortly after halloween. it was very chilly that night, probably in the 50s. we made a left at the bottom of the hill and followed the old railroad trail across three tresses. coming out of the woods before crossing the third you come to the old tunnel. my dad used to tell me stories of partying out there as a teen and daring each other to walk to the back of the tunnel and touch the wall. i wanted my moment so my friends and i climbed the fence blocking the entrance. to my disappointment the ceiling had collapsed blocking access to the back of the tunnel. we climbed the pile of debris and getting to the top was mysteriously very warm and humid, it was hard to breathe kind of like going into the bathroom after someone has just taken a hot shower. on the other side of the debris was a pool of water being held back by the huge pile and filling the rest of the tunnel. i found out later that the area is still flooded and that portions were underwater. could explain why the tunnel collapsed... didn't notice anything eerie other than the dead trees standing out of the water and reflecting in the moonlight. we did however hear a woman screaming, we passed it off as the locals playing tricks as i've heard they frequently do to make this legend come true. later though i found out that a gardner or janitor at a nearby all womens school murdered multiple women and hid their bodies in the cemetary. i stll kinda think it was all just a coincidence though... i'm one that has to see to believe. like i said, the locals like to play tricks! believe what you want... other than hearing deer run through the trees and seeing things cross our path ahead in the moonlight nothing else has ever happened. no ghost train, no apparition with color changing eyes... nothing. we never took flashlights, just explored in the moonlight... made it more interesting and we didn't want to be easy for the cops to find lol. saw some couples making out in their cars when we went to leave... it was a good night.

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the night of the living dead was not filmed in livermore there is no longer a sign there and it was filmed in evans city cemetary

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You're acutally wrong. The opening scene was shot at livermore cemetary. The rest of the movie was shot in Evan city. Just go online and find the movie. The cemetary looks the same way as it did in the movie. You should get your facts straight before you post things-the Zombie King

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Last Seen: 10/31/2010 11:36:55 PM  
Im from York PA and would like to go here but i hate perry county and dont want to go up if i dont know where im going or getting into.  There seems to be alot to do or get into at this place.  If anybody could give me an address to type in to mapquest or tell me good directions here please do.  And ive heard many highlights about things to do so ill be looking forward to going very soon, ive been to many of the top abandoned and/or haunted places in pa and would like to visit and explore this alot.

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Livermore is not in Perry County. It is in Westmoreland County.

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Okay people 4 friends and I went to Livermore tonight. I am giving you an unbiased and objective report of what happened. I think I saw a white apparition when we were actually in the cemetary. I cannot be for sure about this, it may have been my eyes playing tricks. We all went down to the bridge on the right hand side that is overlooked by the cemetary. We waited exactly a half an hour, no activity. Exactly after the half an hour, we were getting ready to leave while we heard a loud bang that came from up on top of the hill of the cemetary (no lie). We could only describe it as a gunshot, although it was completely dark and no one would be hunting if they cannot see anything... Also, the gunshot had no echo(cannot describe). We got the hell out of there after that. Again, we are not looking for attention this is the truth about what happened.

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okay, most of these stories are true. i have lived in the outskirts of livermore my whole life, i could walk to the cemetary in 5 minutes, from my front porch. i have witnessed a lot of scary stuff out there. i like how people that have no idea what they are talking about come on here and call people liars. my dad has keys to the gates which clos off the cemetary and the main entrance. my family has been taking care of the place for over 20 years. yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Are you related to Missy Kirkland?She said her family owns it!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 60039 ReplyTo# 51781     10/13/2010 10:49:00 AM     Edit          

Is the cemetery public?  I wanted to go up during the day, but heard you are not allowed and don't want to get a fine.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 56137     8/4/2010 8:58:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

ok so yall knw i went there last night for the trail....there is no fine on the sign it doesnt say u cant b there at night it in fact says hazardous at night though someone took the liberty to change it to haunted at night...the only way u could b fined is if u go to the cementary

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 57181     8/25/2010 8:47:00 PM     Edit       Reply    
Paul G

Last Seen: 8/25/2010 8:45:30 PM  
I visited the Canemaugh Dam area today and did a little fishing. I'm not exactly sure where I was in relation to the town or cemetry.   I recognized the name Livermore as an old friend of mine once lived there before it was flooded.  She never talked about any of the unexplained things some people are posting, althoght I have to admit it does sound a bit chilling.  She had a hand painted pictue of the house they live in and always spoke fondly of their town. 

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 57720     9/7/2010 12:03:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i went there few night ago. we got there 1.30am.   that place is crap an fake.. went to bridge an cemetery. did not see or hear anything.  SNYDER CEMETERY IS ALOT BETTER.

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I would like to go to Livermore on Halloween. I grew up in Westmoreland county and never got to go there. Recently, moved back to the area, but I don't want to go by myself at night. If anyone is interested e-mail me at:ziggystardust15203@yahoo.com

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 61807     10/31/2010 3:42:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Me and some friends of mine are going to be there tonight. If any one else will be there e-mail me at darkwave_6662000@yahoo.com

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You people who have been scared or haunted in any way at Livermore was probably because YOU DONT BELONG THERE. Its practically in my backyard and there is nothing wrong with the place. I dont appreciate people just driving there to cause problems which s why most go there and thats a shame. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT

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Last Seen: 4/29/2016 8:58:57 PM  
I uploaded a pic of the sunken town.

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how do you know bout the site of livermore

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Zombie King - The opening scene of Night of the Living Dead was NOT filmed at livermore cemetery.  It was filmed at the Evans City Cemetery.  All of the tombstones that you can see in the film are easily identified by the names of the deceased and are just off the road towards the front portion of the cemetery.  The entire film was shot in Evans City except for the newsroom scenes, the washington DC scene, and the basement scenes.

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I just want to make a general comment.  I am all for exploring the supernatural and investigating the "urban legends".  However, all I ask is that anyone visiting Livermore Cemetery TREAT IT WITH RESPECT.  I personally have family buried there and am dissapointed that so many disregard the cemetery and treat it as a circus attraction.  If you go there, PLEASE do not be destructive and remember someday we will all have a final resting place... would you like yours to be desecrated?


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 71228     6/6/2011 2:59:00 AM     Edit       Reply    


Isnt there supposed to be a guy chasing you in a truck during and comming back from your trip at the gate?


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I was here two days in the same week...not much happened the second time around, however both times i was with a decent sized group of people. the cemetery is off limits and you can get a 500 dollar fine just as the sign says at the blue gate. I will say this place is MOST CERTAINLY haunted. If you do decide to go up in he cemetery be very careful as it is dangerous. i heard and seen unexplainable things while i was there and the other night i seen something that i still cannot explain. when we got there we decided to go up into the cemetery first before we began walking the west penn trail to the actual town of livermore. as we we're walking everything was fine, but i noticed a strange smell when we were about halfway up the pathway to the cemetery it smelled like a womans perfume that was faint at first but as we kept walking it grew stronger. none of the people i was with we're spraying anything either and that was kindof weird. when we arrived in the cemetery itself we heard screams,voices and saw shadows darting off around the graves and white apparitions near the woods.
The whole time your there you get the strange feeling your being watched from all sides and the feeling never leaves you the whole time your there. I will say this is probably one of the scariest places i've ever been to. if you decide to walk the west penn trail to the underwater town be careful! there ARE wild dogs in the woods and other animals that could be dangerous and you will more than likely see and hear weird things while your walking the trail. I'm not really sure what happened here for real due to all of the urban legends that seem to be running around these days, but this place is for sure haunted. it has a very eerie feeling to it, and overall very scary!!! i personally don't think i'll be heading back there anytime soon.
*also if you do decide to go here beware of the Red pickup truck. we seen it a few times driving though the woods and on livermore road. i'm not sure who the guy is thats driving it, but i heard he's a crazy guy who claims to be the caretaker (but he's really not). on our way back from there the other night we saw him driving through the woods and he also followed us out of nowhere when we we're leaving. honestly freaked me out when i looked back and saw a trucks headlights darting for us when there was no truck to be found when we we're leaving!!! nonetheless it was worth the scare and i would go back again sometime....just not anytime soon. i'm all for ghost hunting and getting the piss scared  out of me, but if you do decide to visit be careful of the police and locals they do watch the place especially during halloween. however the police will only fine you if they catch you in the cemetery. your fine if your on the west penn trail you wont get in trouble there. 
i guess the caretaker closed the cemetery off because a bunch of kids would go there and vandalize the place which is a shame. just be respectful to the graves and such and watch out ~One Freaked Out Person

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Last Seen: 10/31/2015 12:34:48 AM  
anyone plan on going this weekend? email me  kmarshall.amps@gmail.com

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Last Seen: 8/16/2011 2:00:08 PM  
this is wrong; the town was deliberately flooded after, for unknown reasons, it was abandoned.  and there are no corpses, after all this time, under water.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 73035     8/16/2011 11:50:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

The town was deliberately flooded for the Conemaugh River dam and lake. All the residents were relocated before the buildings were condemned and torn down.  The town wasn't flooded by some natural act, there wasn't a mass loss of life.  The cemetery IS, however, where the original Night of the Living Dead cemetery scene was filmed.

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How do I get to Livermore Road? I'm from Uniontown, Pennsylvania.


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My grandpap was in the movie Night Of The Living Dead. He was a zombie in the cemetary and it was filmed in the Evans City Cemetary The area kinda looks the same but it was infact filmed in Evans City Cemetary. He has a pic of him and one of the other zombies standing outside the entrance of the Evans City Cemetary gates. Not filmed in the Livermore Cemetary.


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Please respect our home and stay away... If you are unfamilar with the woods, and you are. In the interest of "your" safety, the great outdoors can be a wonderful place to enjoy nature, just do it somewhere else... again just in the interest of your safety.   

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It seems like everyone visits the cemetery? I went a few days ago, & we were jumping off of the cliffs into the water. It was very fun & exciting. A very peaceful place; quite, birds chirping, etc....though we did get the feeling as though we were being watched. That's really the only creepy thing  to us. =)

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Hello all, I am the author of a paranormal book series and I am interested in reading more on this location. If you would like to share your personal accounts, please e-mail me at irishrose724@yahoo.com.

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Come on people. I know it's the internet and all, but most of you need to learn to spell. "Cemetary" should be "Cemetery." "Your," (meaning "you are,") is "You're." Don't they teaching spelling in school anymore? It just shows your ignorance.




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