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Old Cemetery
Wilkes Barre, Pa 18706

County: Luzerne
WebSite: None

A section of WilkesBarre is plains. there is only a few cemeteries in plains. on William street there is cemeteries on both side. on the side by wooded area there is an old cemetery with few headstones said to be haunted by unpleasant ghosts. VIOLENT!

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this was one of the few places that are extremely active. it was mind blowing how much activity there was. fog, orbs, voices, shadow figures, we had me one friend who says hes a "middle man" say that their is a "vortex" or two. Now i try to keep a neutral point of veiw when going into places, but after spending a full night there, there is no doubt in my mind that when "VIOLENT!" is posted, you betta belive it. msg me more if you want more details on how the investigation went.

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I was SCRATCHED at this cemetery!! I can say VIOLENT with a passion!

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I'd like to go to this place. But so several people really have been here and experienced a lot of phenomena? This is something I'd really like to see if this is true.




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