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North Junior High School
2990 Decherd Blvd
Decherd, Tn 37398

County: Franklin
GPS: 35.2225350, -86.1031176
WebSite: None

There is the spirit of a girl who haunts the school. She will call out to you, calling out your name in a pleading voice, asking for help. But when you turn to see where the voice is, there will not be anyone there. Her voice is normally heard in the afternoon and early evening.

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Last updated on : 7/13/2006

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I've personally investigated this location twice at the behest of a friend of mine on the Franklin County School Board. The first time, I captured nothing on EVP, EMF, or on Digital Video and Thermal. However, there seemed to be strong psychic fields, which made it feel as if someone was there with you.

The second time, I did manage to capture a brief EVP of a young girl's voice. She seemed to be saying the following phrases:

"Will [you] play with me?" "Where is [everyone]?"

The words in brackets are what I believe the words sounded like. All in all, she doesn't appear to be a threatening presence by any stretch of the imagination. I believe she is just lost. On my next investigation (sometime during their Christmas break, depending on scheduling), I hope to uncover the reason she still lingers.

Not ready to classify it as "Haunted", but it definitely has some paranormal phenomena.


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How does she Know your name?

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okay my girlfriend use to go here and she said the only time you could here it was when you were in the girls locker room in the gym by your self she got scared and will no longer go in the locker room alone

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i attended north last year, and this is true.i was in the locker room in fofth period (right before school let out) and everyone else had left the locker room, so i was alone. Then i hear like a whisper that said help me, please. and i didnt say anything,because i was frightened,but then she said i know you hear me, please help. so i just booked it out of the locker room.nobody beleives me though




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