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Lakeshore Asylum
Knoxville, Tn 37902

County: Anderson County
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The original structure burned down in the 1920's, but the gutted ruins remain. People have reported hearing the screams of patients being beaten and shackles being thrown around.

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Does anyone know how to get hear from UTK?

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freakin you all are the crazy ones... the grounds (that are on northshore and lyons bend) are always open to joggers and public. people have picnics there all the time. the tooles bend locale was the work farm. i worked at lakeshore for 3 1/2 years as a cna, until i got scavies, really annoying. but i've treaded all over the grounds, all hours of the day and night. pretty peaceful on the peninsula at night, great place to chill. now i've heard rumors of an underground tunnel that used to go across the street to the old asylum house but i think its just that... a rumor. i looked and looked and searched some more but no underground tunnel was discovered. to my dismay i can't go wandering through the building anymore.

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The ruins are mostly gone. There is one of the original structures left and it serves are the office for a working mental health facility. There is an old smoke stack with some foundations around it and there are some modern buildings that are no longer used, but the burned part was razed a long time ago. Across the street behind the military cemetery up on the western hill there are the old graves from the Earlier Incarnation of the Lakeshore Asylum. They go on for rows of mostly unnamed markers.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 12528     5/4/2008 5:05:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

i live really near this site, and it's super creepy....i always feel weird driving by it. this is kind of awful, but there's actually a public park surrounding the facitily. there are still even some patients who still live there...i've SEEN them. once when i was running in the park, i had to pass an entire group of them. they were in matching jumpsuits surrounded by security gaurds and big male nurses in scrubs. i've hear the only ones who still are treated by the institute are disturbed and violent teenagers. the hospital is old, though, even the part that still functions...it's falling into decay.

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That comment is a bunch of crap.  They don't treat make the clients wear matching jumpsuits and they don't surround them with big male nurses.  They actually go into the community and most look just like everyone else in the community.  You are ignorant.  Educate yourself.

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Last Seen: 9/27/2010 7:03:06 PM  

I have pictures of this place. I got to tour it with friends.


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Does anybody have directions or know exactly where LakeShore Asylum is?

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i've been there not scary but really cool it's on a road called Toole's Bend Road

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Last Seen: 7/26/2008 9:19:16 PM  

Actually the "original" asylum is located off of Tooles Bend Rd. in west knox it's approx 1-1.5 miles down Tooles Bend Rd on the right the old guard shack and all is still mostly intact theres a building behind it that is 2 stories high that patients were living in.

Heading down Northshore past Rocky Hill towards Farragut direction 2-3 miles past Rocky Hill Tooles Bend is on your left on a curve turn there then follow above dirxtions.

There was a big stink in the early 80's about the owner selling the property it is on for development and she decided to keep it.

I  lived on Tooles Bend most of my life 26 or so years and used to stomp through all of the woods around there when i was young.



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Last Seen: 7/26/2008 9:19:16 PM  

sorry *edit wouldnt work


 it's on the left down Tooles Bend.


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we went down tooles bend last night and couldnt find it anywhere.

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Go dont Tooles Bend you will run to some S curves and go up a kinda long hill.It is on the left at the top of the hill. If you go to the Bridge 1-40 you have gone too far.

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look at the map i posted from google earth..... where it looks like a road split then you see a bridge....the left split(theres a gate there now)is the main road down to it,if you really wanted to you could go past the bridge park at the church and walk across the field across from the church.I forgot the name of the church...Beach Grove Baptist perhaps? I spent close to 30 years growing up down Tooles Bend. Plenty of caving spots if you know any spelunkers too!!! Hope that helps..

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Okay........you are wrong on lots of this. The original asylum was at the Lakeshore grounds where it currently is. What is on Toole's Bend is the old farm. The asylum used to have an east and a west wing with turrets and all. All that is left of that is the current administration building which was the center of the original hospital. Most of the oldest buildings have been torn down. Yes, there are patients still there, it is still the state hospital. But patients are only housed on a few floors of two buildings. They dress in their own clothing. Patients also go to an activity area that is in another building on campus. There are few, very few, that live there. The average stay is 3 days - 2 weeks if lucky. There are alleged haunted buildings still standing, but I haven't been able to find much information about them. But the Toole's Bend farm is fascinating to look at. It is where the patients used to go to work when the hospital was self-sustaining. They had gardens and a dairy farm. But then government decided it was better to lock people up than to make patients work outside. But as for Lakeshore, it has and always will be, on Lyon's Bend at Northshore.

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i live on tools bend rd. i have been instituted at lakeshore.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44807 ReplyTo# 19629     11/21/2009 4:00:00 PM     Edit          

If you have been inside of Lakeshore or know any information about it, please post it! I am curious of the current director--who is it!?

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i went there last night it was pretty scary but not really there is a door on the top of one of the buildings that is open we kept it open for everyone

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Last Seen: 10/28/2008 9:04:52 AM  
8/25 is right, not many patients here any more.  You'll mostly see joggers. I've been to the Northshore place and inside buildings too.  Not much to see besides weeds.  They got the door sealed up now too.  I'd say it's not worth the trip.

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I worked at the new structure as a phsyc tech on the 11p-7a shift for over a year and even walked the grounds at night on my breaks...never encountered anything unusal...doesnt mean its not there though

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 67790 ReplyTo# 22384     3/2/2011 12:15:00 AM     Edit          

and I spent 8 years of my life there with you.

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Well, the farm on Tooles Bend has been turned back into a correctoinal facility....I don't know if they are staying there or not, or if its just a work farm. But there are now armed guards and prisoners visable from the water when we drive by on the boat.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 30270     4/6/2009 1:15:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Im close to this place, and Ive heard rumors about it for years. Since I can remember. Ive always wanted to see it up close, and personal. Im thinking about taking some friends there, to see what its really like.

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The original building... or whats left of it is actually located on lyons view rd. with the newer lakeshore mental institution directly across the road is the us vet. cemetary. its not as a creepy however where the old guard shack and smoke siloh is there is an older building that looks like its part of the original.

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The place was actually known as the east tn. insane asylum and was later named lakeshore mental health institute.


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Last Seen: 9/12/2009 8:25:25 AM  
Sorry to disappoint but Lake Shore has no ghost. I worked there for a over a year and worked in the Baker building on the 3rd floor. Patients in this building actually live there. The patients in Chota are only there for a short while.  I have not been to toole's bend, but would like to just to see it. But yes, that was the old farm house where the patients worked. Just wanted to clerify that Lake Shore is not haunted.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 40302 ReplyTo# 39490     9/28/2009 6:01:00 AM     Edit          

dose any body know of a website i can look up the history on this place?iv been there twice and want to find out what really happend back then!.............please

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 40066     9/23/2009 12:49:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Sept. 21,2009. I am a 78 yr old woman who remembers her dad and uncle visiting on the grounds of a 5 or 6 story building ...an insane asylum in the 1920's. (well I heard my dad tell this story) It was called Lion's View OR Lines View. Just decided to try and trace which... My dad said as they were walking on the grounds, a fellow tossed a scrap of paper to them from the 5th floor, asking for their help. My dad said he and my uncle ignored the plea and he was always sorry. This story stuck in my young mind . Was this building called Lions View?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 41604 ReplyTo# 40066     10/15/2009 12:37:00 PM     Edit          

It's on Lyons View road. I tihnk the place is creepy... I grew in in knoxville.  There is a park enclosed somewhat in the same area. Lakeshore is on Lyons view (runs behind bearden highschool, and connects back to kingston pike). I plan on going on halloween to check things out.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 80230 ReplyTo# 40066     10/30/2012 3:42:00 PM     Edit          

It was called Lyons View originally, named for the Lyons family who originally owned the land in the 1800s. The Board of Trustees changed the name to Eastern State shortly after it was going by this name. There was stone entrance to it and the first Main Building had a castle look to it.

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Last Seen: 9/24/2009 6:43:22 PM  
Ok. The place you are talking about at one time was the old insane asylum. It is a big building with hand carved blocks. This place was also used as Riverside Turkey Farm at one point. I had an aunt and uncle who used to live there in the 70's taking care of it. Then in the early 80's, i lived there for almost a year taking care of the horses. The owner at that time was Hazel Oliver from the Weigel clan. (Her brother Pete Kreis was a Daytona Driver who wrecked and died in the 20's.)Now I believe the farm went to her daughter and her husband Sandy (?) Who is the owner of Ruby Tuesdays. I have been awakened many nights by the sound of the big doors opening on the building. We have chased many teenagers from the property because of the prized kentucky derby horses that were kept there at that time. One thing I will never forget was sitting on the front porch reading while my two small children were asleep hearing a weird noise and looking up to see the Goodyear Blimp following the Lake with the tow lines dragging the water. Of all times to be out of film. I loved that place. The old house that was attached to the old building by a concrete slab burned in the late 80's. Funny though, when I was little visiting my aunt and uncle, I was never scared to go into the building by myself. I actually played there alot. My dad and I used to take a tape recorder and record songs in the old building as it had great sound qualities. I have seen figures standing in the windows in the front of the building.

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so does somebody live at this place?

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So does anybody think it is sound sensored? Because me and a couple of buddies went and nobody saw us it was pitch dark, we hard a truck start up and saw head lights flashing after we passed a certain point. Could this be sound and motion sensored? Because we dont think anybody guards it.  and also after we heard those noises there was no truck, and we watched the trailor nobody came out of it so no truck, no person= ghost or motion sensored? anybody experience this?


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 40449     9/30/2009 10:25:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

ok so me and my boy friend and some other people went the other day and experienced the same thing this is crazy so what did yal do or what do you think it is?

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 40543     10/1/2009 3:50:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Are you all talking about the empty house you can see going northbound on pellissippi hwy to the right on the water? It's out in the field with a single wide trailer beside it. Is that the old asylum or the work farm? It is so out of place out there, so it's interesting. Is there any place to look up the history of the place? It fascinates me!

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 41530     10/14/2009 11:48:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

Me and a few buddies went there in high school (late 80's) to dispel the myths and impress my "city cousin" and her farragut friends.  This was before Pellissippi Pkwy was there (not I-40).  This is what I remember:  We drove out Toole's Bend and parked at the church on the right and walked.  We had to cross the road and go through a fence and some dense bushed to reach the field.  It was a long icy pitch black walk and we didn't even know if it was there.  We walked up on a little rise and saw something break the moonlight glistening on the river, it was a building of some kind and we knew it must be it.  We stealthily crunched our way across the frozen field, because we had been told that people watched the place and would shoot at you.  Finally we reached the mid rise concrete building, having to climb the fence at the guard shack.  We went in the bottom and made our way to all floors, having to pry back barbed wife from the stairwell openings.  It looked like the building had been used as a barn, some hay and feed bags strewn around.  I still have pictures.  The scariest part was going to the little wood framed house up the hill a ways from the concrete building.  We finally ascertained that nobody was living there and went in.  It was like something out of Blair Witch, the place was abandoned with the kitchen counters being covered in dishes and pots and pans with molded food remains.  There were shoes, dolls and mattresses strewn around.  We lifted up one mattress sure we were going to discover a body, but just more junk.  Anyway, it's real and it's there and that's what it looked like way back then.

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me and a couple of my friends have heard stories of the old peninsula building but i've never heard of these others. we want to go and check these places out because we live in maryville and theres no scary places around. the closest scary thing we have is the roundhouse in tellico. can abybody give me directions to any of these places. we would love to go.

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The structure(s) off Toole's Bend Road - what can now be seen from Pellissippi - that was the farm where the more stable patients lived in a dorm-like building and grew food that was used for the patient population. As an earlier posting said - that was in the days when the institution was self-sustaining.

The site at the corner of Lyons View and Northshore is Lakeshore Mental Health Institute, one of the state's 5 psychiatric hospitals. The others are located in Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, and Bolivar.

The only original building left on the Lakeshore site is now used as the Administration building. It was originally the center part of the original hospital building which was built in the 1880's.

Currently, only two buildings at Lakeshore are used for patients - one for acute care/short term hospitalizations, and one for long term care. The current patient population at Lakeshore runs is <150.  In the 1970's, prior to the deinstitutionalization movement, the patient population at Lakeshore was ~2500. 

 As the patient population decreased and the state stopped using buildings on the Lakeshore property, those areas of the propery have been given over to the City of Knoxville for  what is called "Lakeshore Park." 

The facility on Lyons View (Lakeshore) was called Eastern State Psychiatric Hospital, which most people just referred to as "Eastern State."  The sister state hospital in Nashville was called "Middle TN State" and the one in Bolivar was called "Western State." They are now Middle TN Mental Health Institute and Western Mental Health Institute, respectively.  The state hospitals in Memphis and Chattanooga are the newer facilities.

There are no children or teenagers admitted to Lakeshore anymore and haven't been for several years; it only has adult patients now. As someone said earlier, they wear their own clothes - no jumpsuits or hospital gowns.  Essentially all of the patients at Lakeshore are there by court order. They have either been committed on an emergency basis or indefinitely, OR they are there for a court ordered evaluation of their competency to stand trial and the insanity defense for criminal charges.





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My friend and I visited the site a few hours ago. Word of advice: DON'T GO! There are dogs guarding the site.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 44898     11/23/2009 2:23:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

Found both locations on satellite images. The abandoned area looks like it's in a tended field so someone obviously owns the property. There's also several different vehicles in the images at the new trailer.


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My parents worked at Eastern State, a therapist and a nurse, back in the late 50s through 1969.   My mother had a hand in that Midnight Raid.   I remember that place very well and it was scary, but I wasn't scared of the mental patients.   It was the staff you had to worry about.   I'm sure the grounds are full of ghosts and rightfully so! 

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 45347     12/4/2009 5:23:00 PM     Edit       Reply    


I dont know anything about Lakeshore but I seen the earlier posting of caves in that area. Does anyone know anything about those?  I'm always for finding new caves. If so, please email me at spelunkerchic1@yahoo.com.  :-)


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Okay hello people I'm Kandy.

Well, have you ever heard of the death tunel? Well here's a fact. My grandmother Marie was one of the head nurses there. Don't believe me well, look it up on the internet it says "the only person she told was her granddaughter Kandy". Well I think it is just completley messed up for people to think that people that go to asylums and what not, are crazy lunatics. Well that is not true, see I was in one all my life. Just got let out here recently. The reason I was in one is because I slaughtered many animals. But it's all good now, my problems are good and gone. The nurse that killed herself in room 502 at the Death Tunel, was my great great great aunt lindsay. I went up to the asylum a few times (thats where I go when I'm upset) and I talk to her, she tells me that she wouldve liked to met me. She was pregnant and she couldnt be cured, she didnt want the baby to come out deformed. Want the adress??

1123 Old Burxondo road. Please don't disturb my fammily, or else.!!!!!(: People say I still have problems, well I don't haha.


               Like      Dislike        Comment# 55757 ReplyTo# 46932     7/30/2010 9:42:00 PM     Edit          

ok Kandy, Im part of the public that says you are mixing up your stories. The nurse who killed herself who was pregnant in room 502 and talking about the Death Tunnel is actually Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville Kentucky. You must be getting that story mixed up with this Asylums name Lyons View. Looked it up on the internet and there was no mention of that...sorry.

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ok Kandy, Im part of the public that says you are mixing up your stories. The nurse who killed herself who was pregnant in room 502 and talking about the Death Tunnel is actually Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville Kentucky. You must be getting that story mixed up with this Asylums name Lyons View. Looked it up on the internet and there was no mention of that...sorry.

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hey everyone this is brian does anyone know if they have ghost tours or ghost hunting tours there an tell me how to find out the info for this place thank u

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 53629     6/28/2010 2:53:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

anyone go to a grist mill on the property

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 55721     7/30/2010 1:44:00 PM     Edit       Reply    

There is a tunnel, in front of the smoke stack (assuming it was the furnace building). The tunnel is directly underneath the street that leads to the oldest building (admissions) that looks like a castle. The tunnel is blocked up, with a few missing at the top, one can still see inside, the tunnel is filled in after about 15ft, so dont even bother climbing in. Im in the process of finding other tunnel entrances and exits, they are there.

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Last Seen: 9/10/2010 6:48:51 PM  
i was a patient of LMHI as a child/teenager,they no longer acept children or teens however when i was there they would let us the patients walk the track they more or less did it as a punishment but at night i would lay awake at night and listen to what sounded like very distant screaming and wailing. often when we got up at dawn to walk to the main building for breakfast i would think i saw someone in the distance in a old fashoned hospital gown or in old fashoned nurses gown. weither or not LMHI is haunted or not their are some weird things going on

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 58682     9/26/2010 10:45:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

i was a psych tech at lakeshore from 2002 thru 2006,i worked in both buildings that still housed patients.although i never saw anything out of the ordinary alot of people patients and workers had.I left lakeshore due to having my fingertip bitten off by a patient.anyways the adress is 5908 lyons view pk and the administrater is named r.lee.thomas,also the admin building is the only part of the original hospital left and it has disply cases inside with antiqe devices used to treat mental health patients,as well as newspaper articals containing strange events on the grounds some of them very old.if anyone needs further info feel free to contact me at jdenny865@yahoo .com

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 59111     10/3/2010 1:32:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

I'm in the process of getting an internship at Lakeshore, I'll keep posted though. I'm sure it's not as creepy as everyone's made it out to be.

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I worked at Eastern State from '73 until'76.  The building to the far left (looking from the front gate) was Cliffside, a medical unit, then Peterson Hall, a geriatrics unit, I forget the anme of the next building but it was one of the old ones and was torn down while I worked there.  Then there was the Employees Cafeteria and Commissary.  Going past it on the left was a new building, I think Baker, then the old one with the fenced enclosures at the top was Lonas Hall.  On the right was "The Hill" where East and West Wing and the Administration buildings stood.  That's the ones that a lot of the stories are about.  Next to them on the right was the Lakeshore Building, then on past there on the left was ITU, the admissions unit.  Then on the right was the Maintenance Shop and the rear gate was next.  Down on the flat plain along the river was "The Cottages" where young people and short-term psychiatric patients were kept.

I worked most of the buildings, but mostly Peterson Hall on night shift and Lonas Hall on days.  It was a real experience!!!!  Some funny stories...some scary ones, like the night we had an earthquake in Knoxville and I was at work on a ward by myself.  WOW!!!


(Rick Tallent)



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I believe the old haunted bldgs. were Baker house and hillside. this is where the lunatics and just plain ole crazy folk was chained to the walls in the basement.Rumor has it that the night watchmen refused to go in the places to make their rounds...

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 60181     10/15/2010 9:42:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

k peeps my friends and i went up there last night. we went twice actually the first time we saw shadows changing in the most upper window, the one leading to the roof. Also we saw a red light moving around in the gym window.  The second time we went there were dogs barking from inside the building. We walked to the door and stepped into the cafeteria area where we saw something standing in front of the hyroglyphics(egyption writing) on the far wall. We were terrified. Then we heard a car pull back there with its lights off. it pulled all the way to the door and then backed around to the side of the gym. we dipped. lol we ran so fast out of that building and as we left we heard a chain clanking really really really loud! LAKESHORE IS HAUNTED. JUST STAY HOME PEOPLE.

               Like      Dislike        Comment# 60182     10/15/2010 9:42:00 AM     Edit       Reply    

k peeps my friends and i went up there last night. we went twice actually the first time we saw shadows changing in the most upper window, the one leading to the roof. Also we saw a red light moving around in the gym window.  The second time we went there were dogs barking from inside the building. We walked to the door and stepped into the cafeteria area where we saw something standing in front of the hyroglyphics(egyption writing) on the far wall. We were terrified. Then we heard a car pull back there with its lights off. it pulled all the way to the door and then backed around to the side of the gym. we dipped. lol we ran so fast out of that building and as we left we heard a chain clanking really really really loud! LAKESHORE IS HAUNTED. JUST STAY HOME PEOPLE.

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Last Seen: 10/17/2010 8:08:48 PM  
Care to go back ??? I have been trying to locate info on a tunnel on the tooles bend facility for several years. I tried to go out the other night but i had a few friends with weak stomachs. Id like to go back and take my cameras and night vision to post some info on it. Let me know if you are interested

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I want to know what the old buildings on the back of Lakeshore were? One was made of wood and looks like its been burned/scortch in places and the other I think was made of concrete. They are both close to the utility box and you can see them as you pass Lakeshore on Northshore. What was the history on the buildings and what are they used for now? The rest of Lakeshore doesn't bother me, it feels more sad than anything but those two buildings give me the creeps!

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I just went there last night with a few friends to the old cafteria near the back of the grounds. When we entered the park we cut our lights off and drove to the back where we noticed numerous white cars parked in a row, after we passed the we parked and went in the cafeteria building where there was heiroglyphics...very odd lol. We walked past that room to a series of old hallways. The inside was in very rough shape and very creepy. At some points we heard sounds of doors shutting from a distance which freaked us out. To say the least this was very disturbing and if you're looking for a thrill then there it is. If anyone has anymore info about this building i'd be interested to know.

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Aye Email me We were just near it trying to figure out how to get in exactly or the best way Buuddddyy@gmail.com

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Eastern State....that's were my Uncle lived...on the hill in East wing then was moved to Baker...I've been there many times as a child...going with my Grandfather to visit my Uncle. He would tell us of very evil things going on there including the dungeon...that's what he called it....we now know it as the tunnel....my Uncle was very disturbed...claimed he talked to demons....claimed they told him to do evil things....I witnessed a few of his episodes. Ironically he was allowed to home visits to (my grandfathers house) where I was living at the time. He was an insomniac, staying up for days at a time...sitting in a chair, smoking endless cigarettes and talking to the demons...so he says. My grandfather was a Pentecostal street corner preacher. My Uncle would often dare him to come to the hill and preach...

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....and so my Grandfather never did....I never knew him to pass up a chance to preach. He would often go into his preaching rants just about anywhere..mostly in front of my friends...he always preached on the battle with Demons and an eternal Hell. He never preached at Eastern State...or when it became Lakeshore. My family have always known that there is paranormal activity at my Grandfathers house...because of my Uncle....my Mother sold his house shortly after he died...after having some very strange and disturbing occurrences.....to this day the people living there report the same things are still going on....the house is real and in my opinion haunted by something very evil...that came from Eastern State way back when.....'nuff said.

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Last Seen: 11/2/2010 2:42:39 AM  
me and my friends have been to lakeshore like 4 or 5 times the past 2 weeks. evey single time that me and my friends are in there we hear something in the very back room if you take left out of the cafeteria. never fails. we dont get a bad feeling about it... just that someone is in there. tonight we went and when we left the cafeteria we took a right this time. we were in section b. we found a room with the floor covered in patient files so we went in. the room is beside the nurses station and it was an examination room. we read alot of the papers.... ppl were legit crazy. when we left the examination room we took a left and walked down this looooooong hallway where we thought we saw a light at the end through a window. come to find out after getting closer that there is not even a window at the end of that hallway and we have no explanation for how this blueish greenish light is shining at the very end. there is nothing for it to reflect off of. so we all stood there and cut out flash lights off and just watched. the light would appear and dissappear then out of nowhere this really tall shadow looked as if it was crossing the hall from room to room so we dipped. we then passed the cafeteria again and went to the left of it. our friend looked throught a shattered glass door with his flash light and just froze there. he could not move. we kept telling him come on come on!!! but he luterally could not move. it was like someine was holding him there. he could not move until one of our friends had to literally shove him. as soon as he did this our friends started to run towards the exit so we all followed. he was scared shitless. we all started running because clearly something was going on and we were getting the hell out of there. i was the last one out the door and nobody at all was behind me but i felt something behind me pushing me out of the building and right before i ran out the door it sounded like someone kicked a bucket right towards us. scariest night there for sure. after we left the building me and all my friends were standing outside our cars talking about what just happened thinking what the hell!!!!! my friend had his camera and was trying to take pictures outside the asylum to see if we could see anything strange because we felt like we were being wathched. he pointed the camera directly at the building and took at least 6-7 pictures and every one of them turned out completely black. then he just took a picture of his truck and it came out perfectly fine. it made no sense. the only time his camera would not work was when we were trying to take pictures of the building. it was almost like someone had their hand over the lense. freaaaaaaaky. needless to say.. we wont be going back for a damn lil minute!! oh and ps i forgot.. when me and my friend were on our way to lakeshore we were at a stoplight and a black cat ran across in front of us. wtfuzzzzzzzz. weird night.

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There is a security guard that drives around and walks around the area, he guards it and they take turns from nightshift to dayshift. Me and some friends went into the old part, we saw on a door a little boys name with a teddy bear beside it, and a baby blue blanket laying in the floor. the hallways are very long and very dark. However, some rooms in there have lights on and some dont, when we would try to turn the lights on they wouldnt come on. We even found the electric shock room it even had the chair and the name tag on the door...the floors threw some hallway and rooms had like red stains and one room the stains went out the room and down the hall a little bit, like something was dragged...IDK it was very weird..we left that building and went down to the gym..the gym lights was on and there is doors where u can go out of the gym to other rooms..well we turned into the double doors and theres a long hallway all those lights were out as we kept walking down the dark hallway there was this nasty i cant even explain smell..OMG we about threw up so we turned around because we couldnt handle the smell..We got back into the gym and this creepy security guard was walking in and asking us how we got in there and we needed to leave..We got in our cars and he followed us out all the way back to the red light where u can get to the strip at! WOW that was a crazy night...

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my name is kenton and me and a couple friends broke in the day before graduation in may of 09, we snooped around for a bit and my girlfriends best friend had a panic attack becouse of the strangness of the place, i found an empty music record by the name of viva kenton, so i kept it as a souvanier. i got home and graduated the next day and went to a party with no sleep since the night i broke in the place.   i fell off a bridge that was over fifty feet high and almost died, now i have 11 screws and 2 plates in my hip and pelvic.  viva stands for live, when i almost died. it was as if lakeshore asylem was speaking to me. as uncommon as my name is the record said viva kenton, then the next day with no sleep at a party i fall 50 ft and almost died..  its creeped me out ever since. 


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SO last night me and my friend decided to run lakeshore. We stopped by one of the buildings next to what looked like a gym on the inside and found this metal gate. the gate was UNLOCKED! so we looked down and saw a staircase that goes down... and a door at the end that was open... tonight we are going and video taping it and posting it on youtube for all to see our adventure. stay in touch


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Greetings! I am a high school student searching for information concerning the history (1886-present) of Lakeshore, as well as any information about the conditions and treatment of the patients at the institution. If you know anything that you'd like to share which would be helpful to my research, an email would be greatly appreciated - izzy4991 @yahoo.com Thank you!


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Last Seen: 5/11/2012 11:33:57 PM  
My uncle was a patient there from the early 40's to the late 50's. He was trying to push a car out of a ditch in a rainstorm and fell hitting his head on a rock. He seemed to be ok at first but as time went by he started to do weird things. He lived with my parents and would leave the house in the night by pulling the top of the window down and climbing out. One night they woke to find him standing over the bed with a big kitchen knife telling then they were too good to live in a terrible world. They had no choice but to commit him. I was just a child and I hated to go visit him. He was in a building that had wire around the roof and patients would shout vulgar things at my mom and me. If I remember correctly it was an old building and everything was painted industrial brown and beige inside. Sometimes there was a man mopping floors with Pinesol. I hate the smell of that to this day and I am now 64. I also remember there being a veranda that may have been screened in, not sure. We would check in and someone would take us up these dingy stairs to the dingy floor he was on to a waiting area. I think he was in what was called a ward. The man which we always referd to as "the guard"  would open the door to go in and get my uncle and sometimes I could see inside. It looked like a large room with a lot of people in it. Some were sitting on the floor and others were wandering around with this blank look. Sometimes they were screaming or fighting . It would take him a long time to come out. My mom said they were probably cleaning him up because we never told them when we were coming. He scared the crap out of me. He had not spoken a word since shortly after he arrived there and it was years later. He had these dark glittery dead eyes that never seemed to see you. He had a very bad order to him that seemed to be imbeded in his skin, hair and clothes. We took him snacks and he would try to eat banana's with the peel on, candy bars still in wrapers and my favorite , balance an empty glass coke bottle on the toe of his shoe after he had drunk it in 2 gulps. We would talk to him but he never acted like he heard or saw us. He went through shock treatments and seemed to "fall" a lot as he usually had a lot of cuts and bruises. One day after about 20 years we got a call telling us there had been a change in his condition. He had been sitting and looking out the window when he turned around and said "where the Hell am I"? They had no clue what triggered it but he was talking. After a while he came home for visits and after about 2 years was released into society again under the supervision of family and local doctor appointments. He was never "normal" again but managed to have a decent life. He loved to argue and had a one track mind. He knew everything and was never wrong, could make you furious in 5 seconds or less! He lived into his late 60's and worked a simple job. After he became aware again he would talk about what it was like there. He said when we would bring him snacks the staff would keep them for themselves. Patients got in fights and the staff would watch them and laugh. Patients would pull their clothes off and no one covered them they just stayed naked. Patients stole from each other and nothing was done. They could be restrained for hours and mess themselves and have to sit in it. "Guards" were known to give very bad beatings in you ticked them off. I guess it was easy to cover up because families probably did not visit often. It was a horrible life for the patients and a lot of the "guards" most likely hated everybody and everything about the place. I live in Knoxville now but have not been there since around 1962. Pain and suffering as well as anger and hatred leave their residue so I think it probably does have it's share of paranormal activity in one form or another. I think I am going to go check it out.

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Are the cafeteria and the gym at the lakeshore facility on Lyons View, or Lyons Bend Road? Or are they in the same area as the building and such that are down Tooles Bend? And if they aren't on Tooles Bend, What are the building's that are on that peninsula?


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Last Seen: 3/31/2015 6:59:08 AM  
If anyone has any questions or interests, I am a paranormal investigator and have been in there alot lately. I have some very interesting stories and experiences. Ag.etghparanormal@gmail.com

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I have pictures of the Tooles Bend old asylum. I was allowed inside. Contact me at rbeilstein72@aol.com

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So if i wanted to get into the old building (what most say is the old farm) how do i get to it exactly? Is it across the street (on the left side of tooles bend) from the Beech Baptist Church? And is there even anything left to see? Or is it just ruins? And is the place still guarded? Im intrested in going there soon so please reply as soon as anyone has any comment on this! Ill be checking this forum often! Thanks!

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It's close to the church but you have to crawl through the woods or under the fence that says PRIVATE PROPERTY and then walk almost a mile down a dirt road and you will see it to the left of the path with a street light next to it. And yes there are people that live in a trailer literally right behind it maybe 50 feet away from the old building.

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I've worked as a nurse at LMHI on Lyons View Pike from 1995 til now.  The patients are all in the Chota building which is next to the Admin bldg.  Chota is modern and cheerful.  The cafeteria is modern, clean and bright.  Pts live 2 to a room.  There is nothing spooky here.  Peterson Hall, Cliffside, and a small school have been demolished.  Waterside which had a swimming pool is closed.  Lonas Hall which once house TN Tech school was demolished.  Only Baker Bldg and Chota building are left of the large buildings.  Small cottages still dot the campus.  It's a lovely place.  The staff are invariably kind and competent.  There are no chains, or tunnels here.  There were once; but not now.  The campus is Lakeshore Park now.  Once the hospital closes June30, 2012 there willl only be empty building and the park.  The buildings will be used for offices.

I work the night shift and in all my years have neither seen nor heard any ghosts prowling the buildings or grounds.

V Simpson RN


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- -
My buddy worked there for 25 years as many since and surcurity. Been through the halls while patients were there and once it became abandoned here in recent years till the state layed him off. He swears up and down it's haunted. Specially the gym. I personally have snuck in there many late lights with buddies for a good scare. And trust me that place is indeed haunted and if u don't think so u can't deny it's deffently creepy. but I know it's haunted by buddy who worked there 25 years knows it is and many people who have worked there know it is. Thanks for the discussion guys! And be safe place now has mold all in it and sharp stuff hangin from cellings. Still fun. I went there tonight matter of fact

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I really would not go in these buildings. Haunted? I don't think so But creepy yeah. However, so was the old baptist hospital. Anything abandoned and falling apart is creepy. Waterside and Keller buildings are very cruddy and falling apart. Chota and baker are pretty bare and the old boiler house is just that an old boiler house. Lots of sharp debris, falling in roofs, and broken glass in most buildings and ALOT or asbestos lying around or falling off ceilings and pipes. It's really not safe because of the hazardous debris. Literally I've seen the asbestos reports and it's not someplace you want to be walking through just saying.




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