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Concord Cemetery
Tullahoma, Tn 37355

County: Coffee County
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This cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of Sadie Baker. Her apparition has been seen on several occasions in the cemetery. This is one of Coffee County`s oldest known ghosts.

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Last Seen: 10/21/2010 6:47:01 PM  
me and a few of my buddies went the past two nights and me and paranormalcc went to one of the back corners of the graveyard and thought we heard something in the woods so we shined a flashlight over there then we heard it behind us and then infront of us again and as we turned around a loud unexplainable growling like sound come from the woods. A couple of our friends who were on the other side of the graveyard which is about a hundred yards away heard it and the video camera they had picked up the sound. The weird thing is that one time when my friend and his uncle went out there with the video camera it picked up the exact same noise but not as loud and then you hear foot steps running away from the camera. A couple of my friends have been pushed down in the back by the two old trucks i went back there and i felt like something was watching me the whole time and when i was walking away it feltlike somethin grabbed my arm.

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Last Seen: 5/19/2008 3:20:27 PM  
this place is scary i have been here with kc0279 we have herd this wierd hissing growling noise ...

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I went there sometime last year with about 6 of my friends. We sat out there on her grave for about 2 hours and a friend said that there was something moving in the trees. So, we left because the guy seriously freaked everyone out. And when we left down the side road I looked back and there was a dark figure that was walking towards the road. the 3 other people(not the driver) looked back and saw it too because I, of course, screamed my a** off.

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Whats up! I've been looking for this cemetery and i coulnt find an address or how to get there. I recently moved to Manchester Tennessee and im not familiar with streets. If anyone can help me find this cemetery i would really appreciate it. Thank you

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the cemetary i on concored rd it is like 3 mins away from the high school

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right off hwy 55. between tullahoma and manchester....be there by mid-night

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I've heard of this cementery before, and i'm fixing to go there in a couple days. I know what the growling noises are. Once a young girl had been malled by a big white dog. When the little girl was burried there the ghost dog followed her. So every night you can hear the dog so its not the witch making those noises. At midnight on halloween you can see the dog hopping on the graves. You can also see the witch sadie baker roaming the cementery, every night.

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Last Seen: 12/12/2008 11:13:05 AM  

My husband and I investigated this cemetery back in August. Unfortunately, we didn't see any figures or hear any growling noises. We did, however, catch some concrete evidence that something is there.We were doing an EVP session and had walked around the entire thing and were heading back away from the church side toward our car when I hit a massive cold spot (it was the middle of August, hot and muggy as all get out). When I hit it I said to my husband, who was walking about ten feet behind me) "The hair on my neck just stood up", then I asked "Is that you giving me the chills?" and heard nothing then, so I moved on. My husband felt the cold spot as well when he reached the place I had been standing. We headed for home and he was listening to the EVP session in the car, and when I asked the question about the chills, the answer, plain as day, was a whispered "Yes", like it was right up on the microphone. There is no way it was my husband. As I said before he was about ten feet behind me, and we were the only ones there. So I don't know about ghost dogs or witches, but there is something there. I plan on going back very soon to see what else I can catch.


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Last Seen: 6/12/2011 11:19:18 AM  
I visited this cemetery about dusk one day last year (2010), and picked up several anomalies with my Kodak Photoshare 4 megapixel digital camera. My youngest son reported that someone whispered his name. He didn' reply. I did get an orb image over Sadie's grave. I tend to feel that "Sadie" died as a child, and may have been the daughter of William G. and Salina Baker, born about 1869. She was 10 years old on the 1880 census. I am trying to research this family further..

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Last Seen: 3/3/2009 4:08:49 PM  
looking for proof wouldlove to meet you i live in manchester and go to concord frequently to investigate i have some strange evps too please comment back if you and your husband would like to talk

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Last Seen: 1/10/2009 9:15:33 PM  
I have not been there yet but my friend went not to long ago, and she said that her her boyfriend and her cousin put money on the grave and she kicked the money off and they went back and the money was on the grave in a straight line...tell me that is not creepy...but i live here in manchester i know exactly where the cemetary is my sisters school is right up the road from it i pass it every morning...so hit me up for more info

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Need directions, care to help? tammyneal_27@yahoo.com


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Last Seen: 3/3/2009 4:08:49 PM  
i live in manchester also not far from the cemetery im gonna guess your name is nicole and you were born in 89 by your name. i bet we might know each other

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i have been up there several times while it is a spooky place i have never had anything happen to me. i have been investigating for bout 8 years. so i know what im doing. i would love to hear one of the evp's or see a pic if there is one out there.

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I went there and i said we don't want to hurt you we want 2 help you and i picked up someone saying "who" those 2 old trucks i was walking forward and got pushed backed

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I was visiting my mom last summer n my uncle took me, his wife, and my step sister up there. we all walked in the gates, and my uncle decided to take me to the back of the cemetary to show me where this barn they supposidly tried to hang sadie baker at. my aunt n my step sister decided to go back to the car and wait for us. and when me and my uncle when back to the car, they were like: who was the last one in? and i said i was. and they asked me why i locked the gate behind me. and i said i didnt even touch the gate. so i guess someone or something wanted to lock us in. =/

-Sarah Belmore


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Last Seen: 10/21/2010 6:47:01 PM  
i honestly have never had an encounter with sadie baker but me and paranormalcc have been together and we have gotten a couple evp's of a little girl laughing, i have been touched on the choulder in the very back by the old trucks and paranormalcc has been shoved into me on the far right side of the cemetary, we also heard a weird noise over there. that's the only thing i have ever experienced while investigating that made me run. we did not have a recorder with us at the time but our friends were back by the old trucks across the cemetary with a video camera and the camera picked it up. Me paranormalcc my brother and paranormals brother went one night and me and paranormal saw a figure walking towards us and we thought it was one of our brothers but we got up and went and asked them if they had left their spot and they said no

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I have benn there on more than one occassion.The only thing that we have experienced is some 1800,s music that is the only thing that has happened. The old saying is if you go around the circle three times that the gate will open.We drove aroundthe gate three times nothing happened.They also say there is a little girl that will chase u it never happened.My husbands Grandparents r buried there also.I swear the only thing that goes on is in your mind.I know where the trucks are and i myself have never had nothing go on.So the stories are not true but believe what you want to.




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I have family that lives near there in Tullahoma and i may be going to see them soon so there is a good chance ill go there Hopefully i can buy an EMF detector and/or EVP

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I have lived in Manchester for about the last 10 years, maybe a little more, and have not until recently heard of Concord Cemetery. Checking MapQuest, they have no listing for it, so I just checked the map running down hwy 55 and saw Concord Rd. According to the map, shortly after turning onto Concord Rd, there is a turn off to the right which goes in a circle. I'm assuming that's the graveyard. My investigative group and I are going to check it out soon. I'll tell you all what we find.


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don't check it out and stay away from here

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December 30, 2009 me and my family was at concord cemetary looking for sadie bakers grave stone. When we found it we had put money on her grave stone .As we were leaving my mom had looked at her phone it said it was 1:30 and the radio said it was 12:30. No one else had brought their phone so we didnt know ecacly what time it was. When we were officially out off the cemetary my moms phone changed back to normal. We didnt know exactly what was wrong with the phone but we thought it might of been sadie baker haunting my moms phone for messing with her the night before.

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Its true i was with her! I pinky promise no crosses count!

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My grandmother knew Sadie Baker. My grandmother thought she was a mean witch. My grandmother moved to New York and came back and heard Sadie Baker died. No one knew how she died.

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can you give me info on sadie baker and the legend? im have lived here 7 yrs and just heard about her. thanks

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Sadie lived like 100 years ago and unless she is 100 she couldn't have. Just a big myth.  STOP Lying Dumb A**

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Im 32 years ole and live in manchester and never knew about this place.lol.im wanting to start a paranormal group locally but didnt know if i could find anybody interested.Im just starting out but am very eager and very open minded.I have never really had paranormal experiences but I still believe and have nothing but respect for the paranormal.I have been checking into places that are haunted around here and this cemetary seems to be quite the popular place.If interested in going to cemetary or possibly helping me get started with group just email me at carece2@yahoo.com.Thanks!!!!

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what can anyone tell me about sadie baker, her age, where she lived, why the thought she was a witch and how she died

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Last Seen: 6/12/2011 11:19:18 AM  
I think the "witch" thing is rubbish, personally. On the 1880 Coffee County census, 12th Civil District,  there are only two Sarah F. Bakers listed. "Sadie" is a nickname for Sarah, by the way. One was born about 1869, and was 10 years old at the time of the census. She was the daughter of William G. and Salina Baker, whom I have not been able to find after the 1880 census. This may be our Sadie, and could have died before 1900, and her family moved away. This still needs more research. Sadie is the only Baker buried in Concord Cemetery. The OTHER Sarah F. Baker was born about 1874 and married Jesse M (N) Wilder 27 December 1892, and was still living at the time of the 1910 census (I could not find them on the 1900 census).  The 1940 census will be available in April 2012, so hopefully, if the above mentioned Sarah F. Baker born c.1869 is NOT our Sadie, we will find her on the 1940 census. This is the closest I've found to a clue. I have checked marriage records, as well as the TN death index for Coffee County without success, so this person may have died prior to 1908, the first year death certificates were kept in Tennessee. Beginning in 1914, the decedents' parents were listed. There are no death certificates for 1913, due to a massive fire in the repository in Nashville, TN. Since she is buried next to an Asaph Sherrill, there is also the possibility that she was a Sherrill who married a Baker, but I have not found any such marriage record as yet.

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Last Seen: 6/12/2011 11:19:18 AM  

OK....dead end on the other Sarah F. Baker being Sadie. William G. Baker died in 1892 and his wife Sarina Cox Baker had died in 1881. The family of William G. and Sarina Cox Baker are as follows:

Children of WILLIAM G. BAKER and SALINA COX are:
i. MARY E. BAKER, b. 1862.
ii. JENNIE BAKER, b. Mar 1866, Franklin Co, TN; d. 08 Aug 1933, Franklin Co, TN; m. GEORGE W. HILL, 11 Jun 1906, Coffee Co, TN; b. Feb 1854, Franklin Co, TN; d. 28 Jan 1929, Franklin Co, TN.
iii. SARAH FRANCIS "FANNIE" BAKER, b. Jun 1869, Franklin Co, TN; d. ca 1948, Franklin Co, TN; m. GEORGE W. HILL, 26 Aug 1894, Franklin Co, TN; b. Feb 1854, Franklin Co, TN; d. 28 Jan 1929, Franklin Co, TN.
iv. WILLIAM "WILL" HENRY BAKER, b. 09 Sep 1871, Coffee Co, TN; d. 12 Sep 1945, Franklin Co, TN; m. ELIZABETH "ELIZA" J. HILL, ca 1892; b. 1875; d. 1952, Franklin Co, TN. Buried New Hope Cemetery.
v. DAVID A. BAKER, b. 1874; d. went to Texas.
vi. KINNIE "KEN" D. BAKER, b. 04 Feb 1877, Franklin Co, TN; d. 12 Jul 1953, Perrin, Jack Co, TX; m. NANNIE ANN HILL, 03 Jul 1893. Buried: Perrin Cemetery
vii. NANCY "NANNIE" E. BAKER, b. Nov 1880; m. GEORGE HILL. Note: George Hill married both Jennie and Nancy and lived with them in the same house at the same time. George was the son of William Hill and Melinda Perry of Franklin Co, TN.


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I use to date a girl in Manchester and we made a trip there(about '79-'80) and never heard anything but as we left we saw awhite figure about 10' from the car.Last time I was at the cemetary was mid '90's when a friends father was buried there.It was around 3PM so it was still light but I felt a hand touch my right shoulder a few times.Need to return to see(feel)anything.

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Last Seen: 5/1/2010 2:44:36 PM  
Ive been here and it was very creepy. I got an EMF spike near the shelter beside the church (it may have been some kind of electricity in the shelter). I went near the two trucks at the back and i heard what sounded like a footstep or something falling out of the tree and i heard a giggle.

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if anyone knows the story about it please email me tatadewayne@yahoo.com i just moved nesr it and wanted to know who she was or how i can find out

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my friend and i were there back in 2006 and we both were walking around with camcorders asking questions, when we got back to our own homes to go over our recordings, we were suprised, There was very loud gun shots that neither one of us heard when we were there. You can see us recording and hear several loud bang bang bangs. That was creepy.

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I went there last week and had a dream catcher when I got home I noticed it was missing we went back and along with a coin flipped over my dream catcher was laying perfectly on sadie bakers grave we also caught growling noises on tape

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I was there 3 times and couldn't find here grave. It is pissing me off. What the hell.

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Last Seen: 6/12/2011 11:19:18 AM  

There are a line of low flat markers towards the front of the chain link fence. She is buried next to Asaph Sherrill.


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Nothing to see. All the noises we make by me. I was back by the trucks. I've been having fun with this for years but people come and destroy things so its time to stop. The graveyard is NOT open to the public after dusk and it becomes private property. Law enforcement will be called and other means will be taken to make sure this does not continue to happen. This is a very nice warning, stay away from this place of rest.

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I dont know this cemetery. But there is one in tullahoma on olvacca road and it is said that there was a orphanage there a long time ago. The orphange burnded down and alot off kids caught on fire. They all didnt know stop drop and roll so the jumped in the lake. But all of them drownded.People say they here the kids jumpng in the water and screaming.And this white truck follows you until you leave.

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Last Seen: 6/12/2011 11:19:18 AM  
No, this orphanage had been build by the Knights of Pythion or something of that sort in the late 1800's or early 1900's. It as a home for widows and orphans, and once the Roosevelt Administration began the Social Security program, there was no further need for the orphanage and it closed in 1944 once all the last orphans grew up and left. Fox Hall did not  burn until 1963, at which time it was being used by the Methodists. There were no deaths or drownings of orphans at this location. So the entire story is pure rubbish. It never happened.

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Last Seen: 8/30/2017 5:28:54 PM  
Does anyone know anything about those 2 trucks in the back? My wife and I found somethings indicating a date back to 1999. The trucks look much older than that. Also, a license plate embedded underneath the gas peddle has an expiration date of 1982 if I remember correctly. I'd like to know more of Sadie Baker as well. Contact me at: NebelATstrangeusaDOTcom

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well me and a friend went there monday to pay respect then we went back real late and we was gonna pull in we both got a bad feeling so we drove by and my friend seen somthing as we drove by but we came back around i stuck my head out the window to look and i seen a figure in a white dress standing under a light pole in the corner of the cemetry well we went back with a couple of friends thusday night and the light pole was gone now tell me if that aint crazy lol we are going back tomarrow night



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I visited her grave today (after visiting Malinda Rhoton's grave) and nothing creepy happened at all.

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The six stones on Sadie's grave are to keep her inturd. She was deemed a witch and burried on hallowed ground in order to save her soul.

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Okay so I went to the grave tonight I was told many of my friends have seen her and I was going to check it out, three friends of mine went we were told to go to the trucks and touch them and come back and hopefully see somethin and so we did obviously nothin happened I thought it was rubbish untill my app on my phone supposedly helps you speak to ghost spirits etc. Well I thought it was rubbish as well it said "train" and "people" as well as "over" right as it said this someone drove over the tracks so I was extremely creeped out and we left, so I got back on my app and it said"wait" so we went back and took pictures and things messed around for a while and I took a picture I just got home and looked at what seems to be a face of some sort peeking over a light, I need some more info on all of this if your intrested in any of my experiences with this please contact me at kolynedwards@gmail.com

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Last Seen: 6/30/2012 12:53:12 PM  
I have been researching this story alot in the past few days. Sadie Baker was found wandering down the road looking for coins. She was wearing a dusty cape when she was found by "Olivia Shelton". As this story goes, Olivia took her home and washed her. Sadie was a very beautiful girl and had a very slimming figure. Olivia was known to be the most beautiful girl in town. Anyways, when suitors came, they wanted Sadie instead of Olivia which upset Olivia. Her mother went to the preacher and told him that Sadie must be a witch to be that beautiful. They stripped off her clothing. When they got ready to bury her alive, she finally spoke only saying that she was Sadie Baker. Supposedly she possessed Olivia and Olivia ran off into the wood to never been seen again. It is said that the coins left on her grave are not for protection or anything like that. People simply lay the coins there cause those were the coins she was looking for but when this is done, she does not bother them while they are at the cemetery.


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2 of my friends and I went there tonight to find Sadie Bakers' grave at Concord Cemetery. About 30 after we got there, when it got dark, we were at the back of the cemetery still trying to find her grave. I though and said "Hey, we never went and check the graves over by the chain-linked fence, so we walk over there and it's really dark. Both of my friends didn't want to walk over there because it was so dark, just to find a grave. I go "Well we all have our phone lights, and I have a led. flashlight, so we're fine as long as we walk together." So we all start walking torse the darker side to find the grave yard. And we all see this tall black figure move in front of us and my friends ask, "What is that?" and I said "Idk." and one of my friend goes "Shine your light on it." so I shined my flashlight on it, and we can still see the figure in my flashlight's light. And by the time I shined my flashlight on that thing, my 2 friends were gone to the car. And then the figure turns torse my direction. I ran like a tack star to the car that my friends were in and they didn't even wait for me to close the door, we sped out of there like a bat out of hell. Needless to say, we were pretty spooked.

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Can someone please tell me more info. on Sadie Baker? Thank you.

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I went to Citizens Cemetery today to look for the grave of a woman who was accussed or said to be a witch. We were told the grave was surrounded by a black iron fence. We found a grave there, when 1 iron fence pole sticking out of the ground. It is the grave of Malinda Rhoton, a member of magic circle 81. Was Malinda Rhoton a witch or was this Sadie Baker the witch? I did find a bouquet of old fake flowers on Malinda's grave, with a black flower and a black plastic spider attatched as well. Out of respect, me and my 6 friends, picked Malinda Rhoton's head stone up off the ground, we placed it back on the foundation where it stood. email me: xiaobarbar@yahoo.com, thanks Gary PS... the only info I could find on Malinda Rhoton was here: click on the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/caving/2986285185/




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