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Old Dixie Inn/ Grist Mill

Boneville/Bonesville, GA - USA

County: McDuffie
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Here is local history that I have researched both on Ancestory. com and Local hours at Thomson library


The Mill and House are actually older than that both date from the Mid 1840's When a group of investors from Augusta , Headed by a Man Named John Bones built a Dam to back up Emboss Creek there and Constructed the Mill.
The Early Mill was used to Make Cards which were used for spinning cotten into thread.
The Original Mill was a long Low building of Heavy Timber joined with out nails, its remains can still be seen down the hill from the old house.

The House may have been constructed sometime in the late 1840's or early 1850's as a residence for the Mill Owners as a small community grew up around the Mill ,named in those days Bonesville
The Mill operated until the Civil war though never as a great success due to its remote location.
I have never heard of slaves being used in the Mill but it is possiable , if so they were rented from local land owners .

In 1872 a new group of investors bought the Mill Property and House and incorporated as the Bonevill Manufacturing Company, they manufactured shoes, dry goods and operated a grist mill as well as opening a company store.
The original Bonevill Post Office was built at this time also and a rail depot.

Bonevill was also at this time a major shipping point on the Georgia RailRoad sending out the good made at the mill and hundreds of Watermelons grown in the area.

The Old House was converted into a Hotel and Boarding house in the 1880's to serve the Rail passengers. It soon became popular as a weekend getaway for Augustans who came to Picnick and swim in BoneVill Pond.

The Town grew to include Doctors and Bussiness men of all sorts and bosted of fine clothing shops its own Bank and restraunts ,it was a thriving community until the 1920's when the Rail Depot was discontinued.
The Hard Times of the 1930's finally closed the mill and Bank and most of the Business closed or moved away.

The House has long been rumored to be haunted , the story is that a despondent Guest at the Hotel once hung himself from the stairway rail,
Ledgend has it that if you stand on the stairway you may feel a hand brush against your cheek or feel someone push past you.
There is no mention in the Thomson Papers of the day of nay such thing ever happening in Bonevill but news coverage was spotty so the story may have some truth to it.

It is hoped that someday the Mill and House may be restored before they are lost forever.

Two men who still haunt this location could be the former owners JJ Morris or Wesley Smith.

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Georgia Paranormal Society

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Username: Libertyranch Posted: 2/22/2008            

I am currently researching the TRUE HISTORY of this location.

I will keep ya'll updated on MY findings.

I have been to this house on MANY occasions & do not feel it is haunted. BUT! We will see! I hope I'm right!

Username: Libertyranch Posted: 2/22/2008            
Comment: I have also emailed this "Georgia Paranormal Society" and nobody will contact me back! SOOoooo if ANY of you GPS folks see this PLEASE contact me! I'm writing a book on Boneville & need ya'lls help! TY

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 4/12/2008            
Comment: Haha, I just went there tonight, actually. We didn't see anything, but we did have some very unsettling feelings, and heard some strange noises. I know several stories about this place, and I would be happy to share them with you, libertyranch.

Username: georgia paranormal society Posted: 5/6/2008            

Hello there. This location is indeed very haunted. Im sorry that you feel that way. I am a respected paranormal investigator that doesnt run around just claiming places to be haunted. I also a gift, which i dont have to explain. That place is VERY HAUNTED>





Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/4/2008            
Comment: Me and some of my friends have started our own investigation group and we have been out here at least twice. The first time we got a few faces in some pictures and some recordings. The second time was the most interseting. We actually caught something on the digital camera that we can not explain. We also got several very clear recordings. We still have all this proof and will be posting it on the website that we are working on. So yes this place is very haunted and I wouldn't recommend going out there to cause problems because whatever we caught was not human.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 12/24/2008            
Comment: ive been and we didnt find nething out of the ordinary. i still dont believe its haunted... will be going back soon tho

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/22/2009            
Comment: I have been there a few times and did not see anything but I felt things. As soon as I walked into one of the room, I think it was the first one on the right, upstairs, I suddenly felt very, very sad. Standing on the balcony at the top of the stairs (the part that is outside) I got extremely dizzy, as did my mom who was with me at the time. I think there is something or someone in that house.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/2/2010            
Comment: grew up there and the only thing haunted was tyhe old indian cemetary and the other old cemetary. Could not get coon hounds to go into either place at nite. Camped out in the Dixie inn several times and the old mill like wise. Old mill fell down 2009

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/18/2010            
Comment: I've been to this house two nights in a row.. last night I went my mom, uncle, and aunt. We sat a flashlight on the stairs and turned out all the lights, and asked questions. (ex.."are you the owner of this house? if so, turn the light on") everytime we'd ask it, IT WOULD RESPOND! We heard random noises walking through the house. Doing some research on the history of the town and house, we found out the owner's names (Wesley Smith and JJ Morris) and me, my friend, aunt, and mom went again tonight. We had a little different experience. We decided to do the flashlight experiment again, and we asked if the person was Wesley Smith, to turn the light on. It did! As we asked "Wesley" questions, we began to feel the coldest ice chills ever, my mom felt something pull her hair, and my aunt began to panic and close her eyes. We took a break, and left the flashlight inside by itself and came out to the car. It began flickering and going on and off once again. Me, my friend, and aunt decided to go back in to ask more questions. We asked if he pulled my moms hair, no response. We asked if he was the cold chills around us, no response. We asked if he'd touched any of us tonight, the light came ON. Suddenly after that, we felt a presence behind us and something hit my friend's back as if a coach were patting their players on the back. We ran out of the house, leaving the flashlights and everything. THIS IS A SCARY PLACE! for you people that haven't seen/heard/felt anything, you are not trying hard enough! DEFINITELY HAUNTED. scary experience!!!

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/18/2010            
Comment: P.S.- to the comment above, if anyone wants to talk to me about this place or share their experience, you can contact me at :)

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 9/30/2010            
Comment: I'm not sure that its haunted but you do get a sad feeling come about you when you go inside the house . and also under the side porch , the one on the left hand side of the front door , you can see where they kept the prisoners . There used to be bars and the things used to hold the slaves .

Username: timberland1370 Posted: 11/2/2010            
Comment: so me and 3 of my friends visited the Dixie inn tonight. we got there about 1 in the morning. after we check all the rooms to make sure they were all empty we sat down upstairs in the hall way. i had a really uneasy feeling and was having trouble breathing. at the same time a train was coming through and me and my friends there was just this feeling of anxiety. not too much happened after that. just the usual noises of creaking and random temperature changes. at the end the 4 of us sat in the 1st room to the left at the top of the stairs. we asked questions to try to provoke the spirits (in a nice way) and i asked "Are you the one making it really cold?" and right after that something made a "blip" noise right in front of us. we asked it if was ready for us to leave and we heard a banging in the room. so we left. most of the pictures we took had orbs in them. there was one that struck me as odd. there was one with a blue orb in it and after i zoomed in on it, you could see what it look like an outline of a mans head and shoulders in it. we definatly had an experience there.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 11/12/2010            
Comment: AS of 11-10 No one is allowed to enter this property, besides myself "Georgia Paranormal Society" and my colleagues. ALL others will be trespassing and the police will be notified. Due to the efforts of restorations. Beth Dedrick

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 1/18/2011            
Comment: What about the night GPS was arrested in Milledgeville flor tresspassing? Is it kind of like that you fake you should be ashamed of yourself.

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/2/2011            
Comment: wow not right , others want the same ops you have, we went back inapril of last year and the room at top of stairs to the left  the door just suddenly slammed , no wind nothing got some sounds, on recorder,,,I guess we can contact someone about is as well,..been to rock house as well, and the johnson plantation, gonna get bak in touch with the lady that care for that so we can spend the night at the plantation.. who do you have to contact for the old dixie in

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/11/2011            
Comment: who is trying to restore this house or who is beth dedrick i have been studing the property for 12 years no one is trying to restorwe it. i would love to see this happen does anyone know who the owners are now. this beautful old historical sight needs to be saved. i would love to help

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/21/2011            
Comment: does anyone out their know who the owners are now of the old dixie inn or who to contact about this place. i have been very intrested in it for over 12 years.i have lived in dearing and now live in thomson ga. i have an unusal fasination to this house. when i visit it i feel at home like i belong. want to know all the history on this house and hope to see it restored. i would call it it real name the old dixie inn. will some one please contract me at thanks god bless

Username: H.ANSLEY Posted: 7/26/2011            
Comment: my grandpa hal morris grew up in the house as a young child, i didnt relize this until my mother came with me and some friends to the house. right when we pulled up my mom yelled out that this was my grandfathers old house. after further research we found that a person jj morris onced owned the house and that he was the sheriff of thompson.

Username: H.ANSLEY Posted: 7/26/2011            

if you want to know about this place you can ask me my grandfather lived there as a child so i know alot about it

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 3/21/2012            
Comment: there has also been many sitings of a little girl wearing a dress that will point towards the door then one of the owners wife threw herself out of the top story window sometime you can see a siloute in the window of her 

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/8/2012            


Amazing ginger how you stay Anyways yes you go there you will be arrested. Try it MRS anon. Also who do you think repainted all the walls over and cleared the grass and put the light on in front of it?? def was your group.. As for being arrested or set up for that fact. I got some pretty cool evidence that night. AS a LEGIT Paranormal investigator something you try to be but will never be. I will do what I have to.. too do my job..

 Im also not a Fake. Dont need to Fake evidence like the other team who copies my work.. Take care Im as real as it gets


Beth Dedrick

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/8/2012            
Comment: Hello there to those who were seeking the owners and the person(s) who were trying to restore the Old Dixie Inn. I am the one who had trying restoring/saving/or preserving the Old Dixie Inn. I know who the owner is, but unfortunately the owner which is a limited partnership out of California declined to my offer of restoring the Old Dixie Inn and being caretakers of the estate. Apparently he has other plans for the estate and local law enforcement is using the property and land for a shooting range/hunting grounds. The real owner has notified officials that anyone on the property not in uniform whether paranormal investigation teams or not, to arrest on site. It was sad for me as a local historian and investigator for my offer to be declined especially as beautiful and historical the old Inn is. As far as Ginger Yarborough's paranormal group, I highly do not recommend anyone to seek her assistance in anything. I know who she is personally and I personally know her family. She is a real fraud. I know this because her brother use to be my biological stepfather however I have nothing to do with them because their family are frauds as well and have been in the Jail Report many of times. I recommend anyone else except for Ginger's group. I have personally witnessed G.P.S.'s work and I can verify that their work and gifts are authentic. I also currently have a book on Boneville in the works. You can contact me via

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/8/2012            
Comment: Not only that but to clear up the matter on the whole Milledgeville situation in case anyone doesn't know, what had happened was that Ginger does not like competition and thinks she is also better than everybody. Therefore had somehow found out about GPS going to Milledgeville so she apparently had a couple of cops she was probably sleeping around with to go in and arrest them. Ginger is a very dirty person just like my biological stepfather was. If you are a real person then step up and take care of the situation without having to involve law enforcement in a civil matter and have some respect. I have no time to waste on drama and silly people's games. And Ginger you are 40-50 something so grow up and act like it. You will never be as real as I am or any of my friends. 


Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 5/8/2012            
Comment: One last thing, just because someone has money, power, authority, or connections to the previous mentioned does not make that person a better person it just makes them dirty and corrupted This applies to both the owners of the Old Dixie Inn and Ginger Y which is sad in Boneville/Old Dixie Inn's case. Boneville is a part of all of our's history. Without history we wouldn't be who we are today. Metaphorically the White House is a historical building and is being preserved because it is "Historical". The Old Dixie Inn is historical as you already know from the above article. I have attempted petitioning the owner and gave him many different offers towards saving/restoring the Old Inn. Many locals as I already know would love to see the place restored even local elders. However they have other plans because money is everything to them and have no cares or future hopes for Boneville except for renting the land out because the land holds no place for business except for residence. If I had the money I would buy Boneville back from the corrupted and evil owners and turn Boneville back into a booming town and the Old Dixie Inn back to its old glory. As my great great uncle General Martin Witherspoon Gary once said it shall not fade but may wither away. So lets not let this place fade nor wither away and make a move towards saving this place. But peace love and light to all of you in these prevalent times as my prayers are with you all to those who know me or not. 


Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 8/9/2012            

Im tryin to find the owner of the Old Dixie Inn... My friends and I are a very small group that likes to ghost hunt in our spare time.. We have been out there several times but the last time ran off by the cops.. We are not there to distroy anything.. And would love permission to go out with our requip. and ghost hunt... anyone has any information please contact me @ We would be very greatful for any information or the permission to be out there... Its amazin beautiful place that has a great history.. THANK YOU....

Username: AnonymousVisiter Posted: 7/17/2013            



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